Take a more spiritual view on equality and make today the day you begin to change your views and opinions on equality and what it means to you.

Everything in our world is connected. From the plants to the soil they grow in, from the sunlight and rain that nourishes them to the animals fed by them to the billions of people who depend on this same eco system for food and water. We all depend upon one another. So, in the universe, we are all interlinked and every part, every person plays an equally important role.

Recent news reports have thrown questions about equality back into the spotlight. It's perhaps left you wondering if there can ever be equality for everyone? It seems like such a complex issue. But from a spiritual point of view, it's really very simple: everyone is already equal and everyone deserves respect.

Using the moral framework of modern Paganism, here is a spiritual view on equality.

1) Everybody is equal

Every person is born equal. Every person is entitled to respect as a human being. No matter what your circumstance, you are precious and important as a person. You are equally as valuable in the eyes of the universe as the richest person, royalty or any spiritual leader. Human accolades, such as riches and status are meaningless in the eyes of the universe. You will be judged on the good you have done, not on the possessions you have accumulated. While we all begin from an equal point, it is your actions that raise you up, or lower you in life.

2) Everybody is male & female!

It might seem surprising, but in spiritual terms, you are both male and female. Both genders are dual aspects of you. It's not as confusing as it sounds, honestly! While your physical body is (usually) a single gender, you have both male and female aspects to your personality, thoughts and soul. What proportion you are male and what proportion female is down to your own unique make-up - it's what makes you, yourself!

3) Everybody needs both gender qualities

To be a balanced, emotionally and spiritually healthy person, you need to balance both gender qualities within your personality. Don't fight the ones you perceive as weak, that's exactly where people go wrong by unbalancing themselves. Instead nurture the qualities that balance out both aspects in your personality.

For instance:

  • Balance confidence with humility
  • Balance ambition with compassion
  • Balance courage with respect

4) Everybody needs to kick fear far away

Inequality is based on fear. The fear of not being good enough yourself, so you need to step on other people to prove you are better, more powerful and more important. To evolve as a spiritual being, you should work on recognising your fears so you can rid yourself of them. Here are some key fears that will get in the way of equality, if you let them, do you recognise any? If so, make the changes to free yourself from these fears. These fear are illusions but they can hold you prisoner and can ruin your life as well as those around you.

  • Lack of confidence
  • Lack of understanding of other cultures/ways of living
  • Lack of respect for the opposite gender
  • Need for power

5) Everybody has been both genders!

Paganism, like many world religions, teaches that you have past lives. This means that you lived in the past and will in the future. The idea is that your soul evolves during each lifetime until you no longer have to return to earth to learn, but can remain in the afterlife. So if you've had many past lives, the odds are that you have been both a man and a woman in the past! The more evolved you become, the less you will notice or fixate upon the difference between genders, in emotional, mental and spiritual terms.

6) Everybody has free will

One of the best things about being human is that you have free will. Every new day is a fresh chance to change your path in life. So make today the day you begin to change your views and opinions on equality and what it means to you. Treat other people equally and watch your own life improve as people respond more favourably to you and work better with you. It's your chance to do good. If you see inequality in action, call it out. Stand up for yourself so you become the change you want to see in the world.

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