If you think you might be a natural healer, you should try to develop your gift. To get started, read on to find out if you have natural healing powers.

Do you have a calming and soothing effect on other people? Do others tend to ask you for advice? If so, you might be a natural healer. Healing comes in many varieties from physical or mental to emotional or spiritual. For example, there's the caring doctor who takes extra time to find out about your illness, or the friend who turns up with chocolates and listens to your emotional issues, or the person who offers you spiritual support. Could you be that healing person?

Being a healer is one of the most important callings in life because you are helping others in a direct and impactful way. If you think you might be a natural healer, you should try to develop your gift by using it whenever you can. You could join a spiritual healing group, volunteer at a telephone advisory service, or train in a caring profession. Or take reki classes, which is a type of spiritual healing, or train as a herbalist or aromatherapist. Whatever you decide to do, you must try to develop and use your skills as a natural healer because it is a very great gift.

Some Signs That You Could Be A Natural Healer

1) People usually ask your advice

Your friends and colleagues know you will intuitively be able to make a situation better. You are the person they turn to for help.

2) You feel other people's pain

You have strong empathy for people and animals and are filled with the desire to alleviate this pain in others.

3) You put other people first

You are very sensitive to the needs of others. You are altruistic, which means you naturally look out for others with no gain for yourself.

4) You love nature

You feel comfortable and at ease outdoors. You love to spend time walking in the countryside or by the sea. You tend plants and flowers at home and collect natural objects, such as stones, shells or feathers. This is because natural healers innately recognise the power and importance of nature.

5) You are aware of your spirituality

Whether you use tarot, crystals or other spiritual guidance, you are connected to your higher self and interested in exploring your spirituality.

6) You can soothe people

You have a natural ability to calm heated situations and soothe frayed tempers. People like being around you.

7) Keeping healthy is important to you

You look after your physical body with nutritious food and regular exercise. But you do not obsess over your appearance.

8) You want to help others be healthy

You have a strong desire to help others become healthier. But your methods are gentle and nurturing rather than bossy and prescriptive.

9) You have strong intuition and insight

You have an uncanny ability to 'know' what is wrong with somebody. This is your natural intuition. Then you have the ability to advise them upon the best course of action to heal themselves. This is your insight.

10) Children and animals love you

Young children and animals are relaxed around you. This is because they can pick up on your nurturing and healing vibrations. They know they are safe around you.

11) You can feel tension

It's not always a welcome sensation, but you are very sensitive to tension or stress in people and places.

12) You often need to recharge your batteries

Because you are super-sensitive, it's important for you to have enough time alone, so you can relax without taking on the stresses of other people.

13) You love natural remedies

You are very interested in natural healing, such as herbs, acupressure, essential oils and massage.

14) You are creative

You find creativity to be an important outlet for your emotions and a great way to relax. You enjoy crafts or cooking or some other creative pursuit.