Do you life a life or purpose? Is your life full of meaning? Here are some questions you can ask yourself to find out.

There are many people who live life believing that there is a reason for everything. The belief that we all have a purpose, and are here on Earth to make a difference is usually the driving force behind wanting to know what your life purpose really is. If you want to live a life that is meaningful you may be wondering what you were born to do. There are a number of questions that can give you a clue.

Looking For Clues To Discover Your Purpose

A big part of life is to experience. It’s these experiences that help you piece together the puzzle of what your purpose in life is. Besides experiencing as much of life as you possibly can, you are here to follow your soul’s plan and to make a difference. Unfortunately not everyone is as interested in finding out what life is all about as you may be. A lot of people leave this planet without ever knowing the reason for their existence.

Breaking free of the programming and patterns of behaviour that control an individual’s thinking is the first step towards finding and revealing the greatness that you are here to be.

What Are You Passionate About?

When you are busy doing something that you are passionate about you are completely lost in the Universe’s flow. Your focus and concentration is 100% on whatever it is that you love. For some people this is being creative in the form of writing, drawing, painting, cooking, gardening, making music or using their hands to make something. Other people get the same buzz from sports, science experiments, or messy about with cars. When they are in the ‘zone’ time stands still and nothing else matters.

Whatever it is that you do, that makes you feel good inside, is a vital clue to what your life purpose is.

What’s Your Dream?

Everyone has something that they dream about having or achieving. Many people keep this dream secret and never share it with anyone. Some lucky souls are so perfectly vibrationally aligned with their dream that they are able to manifest it into reality. Do you have a dream? Is there something that you have wanted since you were a small child?

Meditation can help you tap into your subconscious mind to uncover the secrets that are hidden there. Your Higher Self already knows what your dream is, and is trying to show you how you can achieve it. Be open to listening with your heart. Your purpose involves you freeing yourself and becoming the authentic being who can make your dreams come true. Get into the habit of asking your Higher Self what you can do to make your dreams a reality.

What’s Your Cause?

The world is a beautiful, but messed up place. War, conflict, poverty, environmental issues, education, animal cruelty, politics and injustice, are just some of the things that can fire you up and motivate you to take positive action. We all want to live in a happy world. It’s everyone’s purpose to contribute to making life more harmonious and happy for everyone. If you are inspired by a cause follow the calling to help you reveal your purpose.

Get involved in your local area or community, or do what you can to help a bigger plan. You’ll meet other people, who like you, are also searching for life purpose clues. Together you will be able to join up the pieces of the puzzle.

Gain Greater Insight Into Your Purpose

If you're looking for greater insight into your purpose or if you have questions relating to any aspects of your life including your wellbeing or love life, then why not have a chat to one of our friendly and insightful psychics? See the psychic readers who are available to answer any questions you might have.