Having a wide variety of friends is an excellent way to surround yourself with positive energy.

Opportunities to experience spirituality are all around you. No more so than in the people you choose to gather close to you. Your friends! Your close companions offer you different types of spiritual and emotional support, depending upon their personality type. Each friend you have chosen is here to teach you a life lesson. That lesson could be pleasant and supportive, or brutally honest and sometimes even painful. Read on to discover the types of friends in your life and what spiritual lessons they can offer you.

1) Loyal Friend

The kind of friend everybody needs. A loyal friend will stand with you through everything life throws at you. They won't judge you. They will just be there as a moral support and shoulder to cry on when you need them. You might have known this type of friend since you were a child. But you can also pick up loyal friends later in life. A loyal friend knows your weaknesses but loves you anyway.

2) Honest Friend

You won't always like what they have to say but you should value it highly. An honest friend can be your best helper through life because they are willing to tell you the truth that others shy away from. Call on your honest friend if you are ever in doubt or need some new perspective on a situation. Beware, though, because there's a world of difference between an honest friend who has your best interests at heart and a 'friend' who uses 'honesty' to hurt you. The second type is a toxic friend, not an honest one!

3) Mentor Friend

Usually older than you, with a bit more life experience, a mentor friend can help you succeed in life, love and your career. If you have this type of friend in your life, you are very lucky because the wisdom they offer is invaluable. Patient and kind, this is a person you want to emulate. Listen carefully to their advice!

4) Carer Friend

First to rush over to your house with a box of chocolates and consoling words whenever you feel ill or have just been dumped by a lover. The carer friend might not have all the answers to life but they do have a gentle, loving energy that always makes you feel better. This friend will always be there to pick you up if you need a helping hand.

5) Fearless Friend

When you want to have an adventure, you turn to your fearless friend! Always full of exciting new ideas with a tiny hint of danger, a fearless friend will spice up your life. They will introduce you to new people and experiences, taking you on a wild ride that busts you free from your old routine.

6) Opposites Friend

Everyone needs a friend who is the opposite version of themselves. Opposite personality and opposite viewpoints. Because guess what? Opposites attract in a way that can open your mind to a whole new world that would have otherwise passed you by. If you stick with people who validate your beliefs and views, you'll never learn and grow as a person. You'll stagnate. So an opposites friend will jumpstart your evolution, mentally and spiritually.

7) Colleague Friend

Work can sometimes be a bit of a slog (ok, maybe lots of the time) but you can brighten up your day with a chat with a colleague friend. You spend lots of your life at work, so having a friendly face to confide in is very important for your wellbeing. Work friendships have the potential to develop into deeper friendships as you're likely to have lots in common with someone working in the same industry. If you're lucky, a colleague friend could become a loyal friend type or a mentor friend type.

8) Neighbour Friend

A friendly face or two in your local neighbourhood is a must for a pleasant, easier life. There's nothing like being able to turn to a neighbour to pet sit for you or to keep an eye on your house while you are away. While neighbourhood relations are sadly not always as tight as they used to be, you can change that with a smile and a friendly word to your neighbour. Start making friends!