If you’re struggling to make a shift in your reality, you may be making one of these common Law of Attraction mistakes.

You’ve probably heard or read about the ways in which the spiritual and universal Law of Attraction works to manifest your heart’s desires. Whilst some people seem to experience instant manifestation success, others fail to attract their dream scenarios. There are many reasons why your powers of positive attraction may be blocked. If you’re struggling to make a shift in your reality you may be making the most common LOA mistakes that hinder progress.

Resisting What Is

It’s normal to want to change your circumstances and situations if they make you feel unhappy. Being resistant to all that presently is in your life creates a block that stops manifestation success.

If you are impatient and are not grateful and appreciative of all that you already have, you are not fully living in the moment. Shifting your mindset, allows the Universe to create the perfect manifestation delivery time slot. In the meantime, it’s important to accept what you have.

Changing Your Mind

Manifesting wishes is a bit like browsing through a bumper sized catalogue. One minute you see something that you really like, and the next second you’ve changed your mind and now want something even better. Unless you are 100% clear about what you want to attract into your life you will be giving the Universe mixed messages. Meditate on your heart’s desires and write down a list of what you want to manifest. Look at the tick list often to remind yourself and to keep the dream alive.

Not Feeling It

To attract what you want you must be able to feel like you already have it. If you desire to have more love in your life it’s essential to be loving and giving, even if you presently have no one showering you with love. Raise your vibration frequency by feeling good about everything. Get into the habit of removing any negative thoughts and replacing them with positivity. Not only does ‘feeling it’ make you feel good inside, but it also helps you manage the impatience.

Not Believing It

If you put out a manifestation request, but deep down don’t believe that you can have what you want, you will simply get nothing. Believing that you are deserving of all that you want helps you to feel that you already have it.

Let go of the limiting beliefs, and stop believing those around you who tell you that you’re living in a fantasy world. Believe in yourself, and let the Universe prove your worthiness to you.

Not Taking Action

When the Universe is about to make good on a manifestation request what usually happens is that you experience a lot of synchronicities. These experiences and opportunities line up to point the way forward for you. This means that you have to take inspired action when the clues show up. If you’ve asked for the perfect partner don’t expect him/her to knock on your door. You will need to tune into your inner guidance and intuition so that you know exactly what to do next.

Rejecting What Shows Up

You’ve put in your LOA request and soon synchronicities start appearing. What usually happens at this point is that the manifestation is rejected. Most people limit themselves by dreaming small, and acting surprised when something they weren’t expecting shows up.

Provided that you haven’t changed your mind a hundred times, the Universe will deliver what you asked for. It may show up in a way that surprises you. Your manifestation appears as a sequence of stepping stones that lead you right to what your heart desires. This direct path is divinely orchestrated just for you!

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