There are a few reasons why you might not connect well with one particular psychic over another. Find out how to maximise your chances of working with the right psychic for you here.

Psychic tarot readings and spiritual readings can be entertaining and fun. The insights and guidance that you receive, from your spirit guides and angels via the psychic reader, can be hugely comforting in your hour of need. The information can also be empowering, if used to help you make forward movement on your spiritual path.

Not all psychics have the same skills and reading abilities. Therefore, not all psychic readings are the same. Two consultations with two different psychic tarot readers can provide you with two very different interpretations, insights and readings. This can be confusing and frustrating. You will now have to rely on your own intuition and judgment to decide which reading is likely to be most beneficial to you.

There are a number of reasons why you don’t always get the answers that you were expecting, when having a psychic tarot reading. There are also reasons why some psychics tell you what you want to hear…

You’re Not Ready

On your spiritual path of evolution there are many ‘tests’ that you will have to experience before you can move forward in life. Have you ever experienced a repetitive cycle that makes you feel you are stuck in a loop? You have to repeat the same experiences over and over again until you learn the life lesson.

If you’re currently caught in a cycle of repetition psychics won’t usually point this out to you. Doing so would be unhelpful for your learning experience. A psychic reader will offer guidance and will probably point certain things out, but they cannot give you information when you are not ready to hear it. Once you move beyond your current experiences, the psychic tarot reader can then reveal the next level of information that will help you.

You Have A Different Vibration

Just because a psychic reader is experienced in connecting with the spiritual realm and reading tarot cards, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more spiritually aware or awakened than you. You may have experienced calling a psychic reader and them not being able to ‘connect’ with your energy. Your ‘energy’ or vibration represents where you are on your spiritual path to awakening.

When you connect with someone who is on your soul’s level communication is easy, and you just click. When two people on two different levels of awareness come together often communication is out of balance. If this occurs when you consult a psychic reader you are likely to receive guidance and information that you feel that you already know. When nothing that you are told, during a psychic reading, challenges your thinking you have evolved to the next level on your spiritual quest.

Your Expectations May Be Too High

If you’re open to the wonders of spirituality, and have dabbled with reading the tarot cards for yourself, you may have raised your expectations a little too high. Not all psychic readers have the same level of skill or experience, and may not feel completely comfortable telling you how it is. Psychic tarot readers who give the ‘happy ever after’ version of potential events are doing so because their spiritual connection doesn’t allow them to give you anything else. It’s beneficial to you to do a bit of research when looking for a psychic reader who will resonate with you.

Divine Timing

Predictions are often given during a psychic tarot reading. This can be something that you have been longing to hear, or quite the opposite. Divine timing is what lines up the experiences for you to receive. If you are presently working on yourself and dealing with core issues, and letting of the past, a psychic reader may tell you what you want to hear so that you don’t give up. Your spiritual guides and angels are around you to guide and help you, but you need to learn things before what you want drops into your lap.

Feeling Ready to Work With A Psychic?

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