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0161 864 8555

Credit/Debit cards: £16.80 for 20 mins, £24.60 for 30 mins & £48.00 for 60 mins including vat. Terms and conditions apply. Money back guarantee on debit/credit card telephone readings (see help pages). Wallet readings available on this service.

Psychic Reader Profile: Lynda

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Lynda 's Methods: Tarot - Angel Cards - Psychic Medium

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About Lynda

About Lynda

I am an Experienced Professional Intuitive Medium offering readings of your choice.

I do what I do for the greatest and highest good of all, I work from the heart and with love.

Using Tarot & Angel Cards, Crystals and a Pendulum I will connect to family, friends and loved ones in spirit who will give you an insight into situations around you. This will help you make better informed choices, helping you to make decisions so you can enrich your life and bring about calm to your mind, body and soul.
Knowing that your loved ones are watching over you and guiding brings much reassurance and comfort.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy talking to and getting to know new people, no two days are the same, I am blessed to be doing what I love every day.

I am very passionate about my readings and holistic work, being able to do what I love lifts and inspires me. I never tire of what I do.

I enjoy talking to and reading for people from all over the world, I enjoy the relationships I build up with regular callers.

I enjoy helping people by showing the options available to them helping others help themselves.

How are you typical of your star sign?

As a Scorpio I am very intuitive and psychic I am a loyal friend, loving parent and partner and in tune with the fundamental forces of life and nature around me.

I like things to be clear, precise and accurate I never settle for second best, I can be a hard task master on myself at times where work is concerned but this is only because I want the best for myself, my family and friends and for every caller I give a reading too.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

From being a teenager I was aware of my abilities, I started seeing flashes of blue light from the corner of my eye, my ears tingle and itch this is spirits way of letting me know they are about and want to work with me, still to this day this still happens especially before I start giving a reading or performing a holistic therapy, I would know who was going to be on the end of the telephone, I would think of someone and bump into them the same day, I would dream about an event only for it to happen and unfold before my very eyes this still happens frequently too.

I bought my first Tarot cards with my first Saturday job wage and have developed myself through practice and hard work, I have never received any formal training on reading the cards I instinctively knew what to do I feel I have done all that I do in many past live.

I meditate whenever possible, working with my guides and trusting what spirit has to say is the way I have grown and developed.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Every reading is unique and different I have many memorable moments.

I have one moment that sticks in my mind, as I was doing my friends’ son a Reiki treatment I got a message through from a gentleman in spirit asking to be remembered to this man’s mother.

He went home phoned his mum and said “that Mr xxxx wants to say hello and be remembered to you “

His mum phoned me shortly after receiving the message only to tell me that Mr xxxx had only passed over the night before she was astounded but happy to have received her message.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a Holistic Therapist as well as a Medium I have been attuned to level 2 in Reiki and have found that since doing this my Mediumship has grown and developed with great speed.

I am a Crystal Healing Therapist I use crystals throughout my readings too as the energy and vibration of the crystals help with my link to spirit.

I am qualified in Hopi Ear Candling and Indian Head Massage.

I enjoy working as a Holistic Therapist and I find this compliments my readings perfectly, treating everything as a whole, therapies and readings bring about complete balance to the mind, body and soul

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

When having a reading come with an open mind don’t have fixed ideas on the outcome, as you may actually block the information that you need to hear.

Be flexible nothing is set in stone we all have free will and the ability to change our lives through careful choices and decisions.

Relax and centre yourself before your reading, be yourself, talk and ask questions throughout the reading but most of all have fun and enjoy.

My aim is to give people help and guidance to show them the options available to them and to pass on any information I am given so they can make better informed choices about their lives and situations.

I want people to call me knowing that they will come away feeling a lot happier, more at ease with themselves and that they feel like they have more direction in their life.

Most of all I want them to come away feeling like they have met a new friend who they can call and confide in whenever they want with the reassurance and knowing that I am really only a phone call away.

Lynda 's Favourite Psychic Sofa Story

As a Psychic Medium, Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Therapist I am really blessed to be doing what I do and grateful to all who I come across on a daily basis, I have many tales to tell and many experiences to share however the one that still rings in my mind is the story about the gentleman who came through during a Reiki session to let his friends know that he had passed to the spirit world safely, and wow did he come through quickly.

I was giving a gentleman a Reiki session and during this time a gentleman in spirit came through and asked to be remembered to the gentleman's (who I was giving the Reiki too) mother.

Following the session he went home, phoned his mother and passed on the gentleman in spirit good wishes.
Not long after the lady who received the message contacted me totally gob smacked as the gentleman in spirit had only passed over the night before!!
This is evidence that there is really no time as to when spirit will come through, they will come through when they wish and are able, there are no time restrictions a loved one could come through who passed over 300 years ago or even as soon as one day, many people report having seen their loved ones on the same day of passing, them coming forward and saying their farewells as they pass over offering you reassurance during this difficult time.

Again I feel very honoured and blessed to be able to do what I do and I look forward to hopefully contacting your loved ones, family, friends and cherished pets on your behalf.


Lynda xx

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