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How do I Know if I am Psychic?

How do you know if you're Psychic, and how to develop your abilities

So many people have asked us the question 'How do I know if I'm Psychic?'

To begin with, most people are Psychic to some extent or another. This doesn't necessarily mean we all see things before they happen, or have the ability to read someone else's future. But at some point almost all of us will have a psychic encounter. It may be brief and fleeting or it may be very strong from birth, and stay with you for all of your Earth life! The key is development.

If you find yourself wondering 'Am I Psychic?' The good news is you probably are! Some of us have dreams from out of the blue, or a strange sensation you could liken to déjà vu. But in whatever form it chooses to show itself, it is unlikely to be a complete mistake or misunderstanding. If you are wondering if you have psychic abilities, then ask yourself if any of the following psychic abilities apply to your experiences;

  • Clairvoyance, to see: This is a term used for having a 'sixth sense' or a 'third eye'. If you are Clairvoyant then you will simply be aware in situations, without there being an earthly explanation, this comes in for form of vision.
  • Clairaudience, to hear: This is similar to Clairvoyance, but as the name suggests Clairaudience is all about hearing and sound. Have you ever heard something and wondered where on Earth the sound came from? You may be Clairaudient. You can develop your skills through meditation and tuning into your natural gift. It takes practice, you will need to sit quietly and opening your mind without any disturbance.
  • Clairsentience, to feel: Have you ever been in a situation, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you feel something? Something that on review doesn't show itself, or become clear to you? Maybe you're Clairsentient. I can be a very delicate experience that most people think little of and simply dismiss. However with some research and development, Clairsentience is a very powerful tool for a Psychic.
  • Telepathy, have you ever 'heard' someone else's thoughts or even emotion? If so this may be a sign you're telepathic!

A superb way to advance your early Psychic abilities is to learn how to read the Tarot. Tarot cards are not only beautiful spiritual massages, they are known to be incredibly accurate when used properly and well understood. Although the cards have some form of preconceived meaning, a good reader will see an individual massage each time a card is revealed. In getting familiar with Tarot cards and their meanings you will no doubt lift your energies and become more in tune with your psychic abilities.

It's important to remember all Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums! A medium may start to 'feel' things from a very early age. Some of our readers have reported sighting and receiving messages from as young as 4 years old!

Although you can develop your Mediumship skills it is widely believed that you are either chosen, or not. Although some Psychics do say this is a gift that came to them later in their Psychic pathway, so if it hasn't yet, don't lose hope. Remember that the more in-tune you become with your psychic energy the easier it is for Spirit to come forward and communicate through you as a medium.

If you are looking to develop your skills why not visit your local Spiritual church? There you will be able to meet like minded individuals and get a great insight into the world of spirituality, Search online!

After many years of experience a psychic reader will be able to tune into energies using a number of techniques, but it will depend on their strengths and weaknesses how they choose to make the link initially. Having a reading with a Psychic could also reveal if you have a strong ability, as when a Psychic links into you, they may well feel Psychic energy back from you!