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I suppose I can't remember a time when I wasn't aware of my gifts.  As a child I would get into trouble a lot because I just "know" things I should not have known! Like when family members were pregnant.  What the gender of the child was and even names picked out.  I remember being able to see colours around people and knowing if they where going to be ill due to the change of colours or a fading away of colour from a certain area.  My hands would heat up and I wanted to place them on the person's body part that was ailing.  My mother had arthritis and a very crooked to finger due to this.  One evening, sick of her complaining about it, I stroked and stroked the finger Into a straightened shape.  It never hurt her again.  The look of amazement/fear on her face frightened my 9 year old self and I didn't do it again! I remember as I was doing it thinking this is easy all you do is make it new again.  During my life I have seen/heard and felt many things that have come true, and many times in my life I have shut down my gifts as the visions have frightened me.  It's not until my late 20s that I learned how to protect myself and channel these gifts into good for myself and other people.  This is a lifelong journey, one I embrace and am so excited to be on.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

There are many things I enjoy about giving readings to clients. The feeling of connection with each individual client is very special.  The comfirmation that "yes" I am connecting with spirit during a reading is amazing as it's proof to me that yes the "other side " does exist, as I am able to tell people things I shouldn't really know! I love the feeling after a reading when the client states that they feel better and more able to cope with their current life situation, due to the messages in the reading that have given them strength and optimism.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a very typical Saggittarius in that I am extremely independent and freedom loving.  Woe betide anyone who tries to clip my wings! I am curious about anything and everything and open minded to new ways of thinking and doing things.  I always have to be changing things and evolving, and really see life as one big adventure! I'm optimistic and always try to see the lesson in life when times are difficult and learn from it. I believe in a higher power and have a knowing that there is a lot more to life than what we can see with our physical eyes. I am a very spiritual person and embrace and nurture my spiritual side.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I remember being able to see colours around people and seeing these colours fade or change colour when the person was ill or unhappy.  My hand would tingle and heat up when I was near them and I knew that if I was to place them on the part of their bodies that felt the pain it would make them feel better. One evening my mother was complaining of the pain she felt In her hand. She suffered from arthritis and had a very crooked little finger. I was impatient with hearing her complaints and started to stroke her finger Into a straightened shape, thinking all the time this is easy, after a few minutes the finger was back to its normal shape and my mother was amazed at how the pain was gone.  I felt uncomfortable at how she and other family members where looking at me and never wanted to do it again.  Later on in life I learned Reiki - an amazing channel for healing energies, and I have never been afraid of my gifts since allowing them into my life as an adult.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have several memorable moments with clients, but a certain one comes to mind. I was reading for a friend of a friend.  Someone who I had never met before and who my friend only knew slightly. All I knew was her first name and that she worked at the same company my friend did. She arrived and straight away I connected to an older female relative.  Turned out to be her aunty who had recently passed over.  I was able to tell the lady that her aunty was happy and thanked her for doing a reading at her funeral, and she thanked her for the plant she had bought in her memory.  Her aunt had hay fever in life and appreciated the gesture that the plant represented. I continued to tell her that her house would sell in 11 weeks and she would move to the countryside and start a b and b business.  She seemed taken aback at this as she was planning to do just that and had told no one.  Her house did sell in 11 weeks as she texted me to tell me of this! I told her things about her family and her character which where correct and also tuned in to a cat called Toby she had lost as a child, describing the colour and how he had passed and how he was happy playing with a small black and tan dog. The dog she identified as one her father had lost the previous year.  This is memorable for several reasons.  Firstly I seemed to get all the information correct, but more importantly the lady left looking so much better than she had on arrival.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have practised yoga from my mid 20s.  I meditate on a daily basis, both guided and mindfulness meditations.  I am a qualified aromatherapist/massage therapist and reflexologist.  I have a degree in Complementary Therapies in Practice (This is whre I learned my massage /aroma and reflexology also mindfulness meditation).  I have read cards for friends since my early 30s  I changed from using tarot cards angel cards in the early 2000s, after going on a few angel card work shops and psychic development courses.  I am a qualified Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist and have my own practice at home. I also incorporate a card reading in a Reiki/Crystal treatment.  I practice yoga and keep my spiritual development up whenever possible by means of workshops and courses designed to educate and enhance my knowledge of all things esoteric.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I believe that there are several things to consider before having a psychic reading as I myself have had many during my life and can only draw on my own experiences. Firstly it has to be for entertainment, and cannot be used as a way to decide on important life changes. You can consider messages you receive, but really decisions are always an individuals, with many different aspects leading to individual life choices. Other things to take into account are not to have a reading when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  People's energies can change when using alcohol and substances and the reader will pick up on this and not be able to connect in a pure and positive way. If a person is highly stressed or grieving, or in an abusive kind of relationship I think the reader is better able to just advise and point the person In the right direction of agencies who are better equipped to help. Also the person wanting the reading needs to consider if they are actually old enough. I personally would never read for someone under the age of 18.

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you really helped me to see that it's okay to have issues to deal with, when i felt at my lowest ebb. thank you fir your good advice and asessment of my situation.

By far the best reader on psychic sofa Her ability to tap into the situation and whoever your person of interest may be is astounding Gifted kind lady who will absolutely amaze you with her accuracy Rena xx

Thank you Rosa for a calming reading. You gave me the name of an aunt in spirit, as well as connecting with my dad. The advice you channelled via spirit was spot on and helped me understand the complex energies around the situation. This was not about telling me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Excellent reading. Bless you. Sx

Rosa is truly gifted reader, she provides readings with in depth precision and accuracy that I have not experienced before. The level of detail that she gives is also met with warmth and is very grounded. I expect her to be extremely busy as she is brilliant at what she does! Will definitely be back!

Had a reading with Rosa and it was the most in depth reading I have ever had. The level of accuracy and detail Rosa has is astounding, she is also extremely approachable, warm and down to earth with her manner. Rosa was able to tell me things that no other psychic has before, she is 100% the real deal!

Absolutely amazing reading very fine details was accurate. This lady should have more feedback 5 star x

Rosa it was my mother in laws sister..........the blonde stout unattractive woman you saw with her........I suggested it may be a solicitor but you were right it’s her sister You were right about everything amazing reading will be back xxx

Fabulous x

Rosa, you are truely gifted. You picked up on all my situations and are lovely lady. Thank you again. I highly recommend her. Love the lady from Dubai xxx

Love this reader so spot on and connected right away!! Thank you for all of your help! Will keep you posted Xx Christal