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Trishie is honest and direct with her readings and connections and aims to give clarity to any given situations through her very individual readings. She can connect with the energy surrounding people and situations in your life, and connects with their thoughts and feelings which will help move you forward to greater understanding. Her skills are especially strong in relationships and connections around you. She can help find the answers you seek in situations where there is little movement and help give you confidence to bring about necessary changes in your life. She is a very empathetic reader who has many years experience, even at times being able to use her senses to feel how things can move forward for you. She has helped people through all walks of life and in addition to her psychic gift she has an instinctive understanding of peoples thoughts and feelings, through your choice if reading, through the skill of the tarot or psychic energy consultations, she also holds qualifications in NLP life coaching, integrated energy therapy and counselling. If you want a direct, honest approach to your reading with a very warm and caring lady then Trishie is the one to call. Love and light

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Trishie as always I really enjoyed my reading with you today. You always pick on things which are overlooked. Thank you for your assistance on my journey through my love life as I know that out of all this confusion will come joy. Thank you for people like yourself who have encouraged me to stay positive and focus. Thank you once again love and light, Annette


16th July 2012

the nicest lady I have ever had pleasure of talking to ....xxxx


4th July 2012

Hi Trishie. When someone is deeply spiritual it is sometimes difficult to convey to others exactly what it is you are feeling or trying to explain. It is also hard for others to identify with your many experiences. I have spoken with you many times in 2011 and a few times this year and throughout you have been able to understand and also to explain certain things to me. Time scales are never easy to predict and you are no exception. But because I am also of a psychic nature I know what you say is truth. Thank you so very much for how you have helped me. I know you give of your best xx.


3rd July 2012

What a star you are. I am on that plane in the next few days leaving behind the control freak. Your words of encouragement have been a great comfort for me. I will call you in a couple months to let you know what been happening. Give this lovely lady a call she is soooooo good. love to you, D


29th June 2012

what a warm lovelly lady ....incredibly truthful at reading others feelings and intentions .....league of her own ..amazing xxxxxxxxx mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


27th June 2012

AMAZING other word to describe this lady truthful ...In a league of her own ....xxxxxx


19th June 2012

Trishie I love you so much! Why? because you have taken the time to understand my lovelife by helping me not to deny my true feelings. Thank you for taking the time to go deeper into this situation and showing me how that this is truly a deep love story between two people that really and deeper care about each other. Thank you again Trishie for helping me to understand my situation you truly are an Angel Love and Light, A


24th May 2012

I had a long conversation with Trishie concerning my lovelife and she just blows my mind everytime. Trishie all that I have told you from the beginning about my lovelife, I'm glad that you have now put the pieces together so that everything makes sense. From talking to you last week I feel so much better and free. Love you lots you are the best!!! Love and Light A


22nd May 2012

I had a reading with Trishie and I found it wonderful. She picked up on things within the first minute and from there the advice she gave was very relevant and precise and not just what i wanted to hear. It was what I needed to hear. She has a warm caring air about her and I would recommend her as she is honest and to the point. love and light.


16th May 2012

Wow wow wow ...had chat with this amazing reader on Tuesday...Told me I’d be moving soon, mentioned was thinking of it but nothing definite. Within 24 hrs had letter from landlord stating needed me to move as he was selling ...phenomenal lady.....xx


3rd May 2012

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