Do You Know about the Laws of Psychic Energy?

Vibrational energy transcends time and space in order to bless us with higher knowledge. Here are the 7 laws of psychic energy, and how to interpret them.

Do you know about the 7 laws of psychic energy?

The traditional, secular scientific understanding of the Universe is changing.

It is now becoming increasingly common for the scientific community to accept and confirm ideas what were once branded as New Age and pseudo science, with most scientists now conceding that vibrational frequencies, energy and resonance of all visible matter really is all what our world and understanding can be reduced down to.

Vibrational energy is real.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that science has finitely proven other aspects related to vibrational energy. Scientists still believe in the accurate and physical measurement of things under laboratory conditions for something to be proven, after all.

So what does this mean about the lesser understood non-physical energies as explained by chakras, vibrational medicine practitioners and paranormal activity?

Vibrational energy, or psychic energy, has been discussed throughout time by numerous civilisations and in various different manners. But regardless of its name and definition –chi, chakras, auras, extrasensory perception- one thing still remains the same... the laws of psychic energy.

Human experience transcends time. Knowledge is forever passed down from generation to generation, and from culture to culture. The laws of psychic energy, something which may not be explained through current scientific reasoning, have still remained the same throughout history regardless of this fact.

So what are these laws of psychic energy? What do they mean, and how can we interpret them in today’s society and use them in our everyday life? Here are the 7 laws of psychic energy and their meanings.

Law 1 – All Solid Matter Is Vibrating Energy

Everything is energy. From the very bones that support us to our brainwaves, thought patterns, dreams and everything in between, everything can be considered in terms of vibrational energy.

This law doesn’t just relate to the metaphysical however, it can also be connected to other waves, such as gamma, microwaves, x-rays etc.

Understanding our connection with these vibrational frequencies is of uttermost importance for our existence. We are all connected to each other on a vibrational level.

By opening our minds and becoming aware of outside vibrational stimulus’ we can help expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us, and how we can live together in closer harmony.

We are all cosmically linked to each other. We transmit and receive energy frequencies from each other, at all times.

Law 2 – Our Minds Are Receivers and Transmitters of Vibrating Energy

Think of our minds as a walkie talkie device. As everything is energy we are susceptible to the energy sources around us. Thus we can receive inbound energy frequencies as well as send outbound energy frequencies.

On top of this, we also wield the power of mind to change this inbound energy.

One energy frequency (be it a thought or image) received from one thing/person can be internalised and transmitted to another in a different form – known as telepathy.

Telepathy can also extend from our own plane of existence, and transcend into other dimensions allowing us to connect and communicate through vibration (thought) with otherworldly entities (Spirit).

Law 3 –The Spiritual Body (or Soul) Resides Inside the Physical Body and Can Survive Physical Death

Energy can never be destroyed, it can only transform into something new. It can only be displaced and passed along.

What does this mean for us?

Life is eternal, just not in the form you may recognise it.

Consciousness, thought and Universal truths can be passed along the Universal web. Knowledge can be shared throughout time and space without any need of a physical form.

When our physical body dies, our spiritual energy - considered by many to be our soul – transcends to a vibrational domain similar to the one it was in previously.

Depending upon how much you nurture your soul in this life will determine where your soul and spiritual energy end up in your “next” life.

So do yourself a favour – become spiritually awakened!

Law 4 – Different Levels of Vibration Determine Levels of Spiritual Awakening and Being

 Buddhists call it the path to Enlightenment. Others see it as our level of spiritual awakening and emergence. Whatever you call it, we are all on a journey during this lifetime.

When our soul is released from this body it will move on to a new level similar to the one it just left at the moment of “death”.

However much we nurture our spiritual soul in this dimension determines the level of vibrational frequency.

By rule of thumb, those who are more spiritually awakened work at a higher frequency than those who are just starting out on their spiritual awakening.

Learn to raise your frequency in this dimension to ensure that your soul transcends to a realm full of more evolved entities.

Law 5 – The Higher the Frequency the Brighter the Aura

Increase your chances of spiritual ascension by balancing your chakras.

Most lightworkers and chakra practitioners will comment on the brightness of one’s aura.

In terms of psychic and etheric energy, the general rule is that the brighter and more noticeable one’s aura is, the higher their frequency, thus the higher their level of spiritual awakening and resonance.

Law 6 – Lower Frequencies Manifest and Materialise into the Physical World. Higher Frequencies Dematerialise  

In simple terms, the more spiritually advanced you become (therefore the higher your frequency) the more likely it is that you will transcend the physical plane of existence and dematerialise into the non-physical plane of existence in your next “life.”

Law 7 – For Every Action There is a Reaction – Karma

Energy can only come from other sources of energy. This is the basic principle of existence in this Universe. Karma is the act of reaction from a previous action taken – that is, everything in life has a consequence.

When speaking of psychic energy, we must understand how our own energy affects those around us and the things around us.

If we put negative energy into the world (energy that runs on a lower/negative frequency) we will in turn receive that same, negative energy.

We must endeavour in this life to attract the energy and life force we wish to be. That is, we must try to only attract and expulse positive energy which in turn will accelerate and heighten the rest of the Universe’s frequency.

We must all work together to expand human consciousness.


What do you think about the laws of psychic energy? Do you think any other laws should be added? Do you disagree with them? Let us know in the comments!


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