Psychic Sofa Wallet

10% Extra Minutes FREE!

You can now buy minute bundles to use on Psychic Sofa whenever you like. Whether you want a quick 10 minute reading or a longer 90 minute consultation, minute bundles are flexible and put you in control.

What is the Wallet?

There's no easier way to call our psychics than with your very own wallet bundle - an account where you store your purchased minutes and use them every time you ring. No need to pay for each new reading. No having to input credit card details each time you get in touch. Anytime you want a call, just give our psychics one, enter your assigned pin and enjoy some much-needed guidance. When the call is complete, the minutes will be automatically deducted from your wallet. It's really that simple.

What’s more, you can top up using your phone or your online account, which you can set up here. We know how important it is that you can contact our network of psychics quickly and effectively, so that’s why we’ve created a system that allows you to do just that!

So whether you’re looking for a Tarot Card reading, want to contact a lost love or need some clarity from a clairvoyant, with the wallet, you can find all you’re searching for and more, without fear of being cut off.


Current Minute Bundles

We provide our clients with a great range of minute bundles ensuring that everyone can benefit from psychic guidance at a fair and reasonable price. Not only this, but every bundle comes with an extra 10% free minutes, providing real value for money when it comes to your psychic needs. That equates to an extra 48 minutes free if you choose our biggest bundle, which is also one of our most popular options.

Together with our invaluable service level, the accuracy of our psychics and the reputation that our business holds, these are bundles not to be missed!



+12 free mins



+18 free mins



+24 free mins



+30 free mins



+36 free mins



+48 free mins

Top Up Methods

Running low on minutes but have an important call to make? Don’t worry - it’s really quick and easy to top up, meaning you can be making that call in a matter of seconds!

There are 2 top up methods for you to choose from, which are:

  • Using the phone service that you normally would use (excluding premium rate numbers).
  • Our online payment page (which can be found in the Psychic Sofa member’s area).



To top up by phone, simply call 0161 864 8555 and follow the instructions to use the new payment option. If it's easier, you may register the phone number you use to call the service, and then in the future, will only be asked for a PIN to access it.



To top up online, simply log in to your existing account, or create a new one, using the helpful buttons below.

You can then create a new wallet, or link an existing one and top up using our secure payment form. Instructions are provided, so you can't go wrong.

If you require any assistance, then our customer service team are available from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday and are always happy to help.

Our Psychic Services

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings can reveal great truths about yourself, and guide you on your path to happiness. Picking up on those all-important spiritual connections, as well as deciphering your past and present, our readers can tune into energy and figure out how you can achieve everything you’ve ever wanted, and more.

From Clairvoyants (who can channel information about a person, object, location or event) and Mediums (who relay messages from our deceased loved ones), to Tarot Card and Angel Card readers (who provide clients with the knowledge they need to make beneficial life choices), our network is full of friendly, professional and supportive psychics who want to provide you with all of the answers that you are searching for.

We know not everyone has the time for a face-to-face reading, so give one of our psychics a ring today to learn what your future may have in store for you.

Clairvoyant Readings

Finding it hard to move on from past hurt, and feel this is negatively impacting your life? Wondering if a certain event influenced the position that you are in now? Our clairvoyant readers use their third eye, as well as guidance from the spirit world, to detail people, locations, images and objects that relate to you during your reading. Confirming events that have already happened, and suggesting how this may alter your future, these readings can help you decide whether your current path is the right one, or if you should take another one.

Giving you love advice, career guidance, dream interpretations and a look into your future, our clairvoyants use clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing) and claircognizance (clear knowing) to make your world seem so much clearer.

What will one of our clairvoyants uncover about you?

Love Advice

Tired of making the same mistakes when it comes to love? Wondering why your relationships never seem to work out? Need guidance on where to meet your true love? Your friends can be a great comfort, but sometimes, you need some impartial advice from psychics who can analyse your love life, suggest positive attitudes and behaviours that can make all of the difference, and ensure that when the next person comes along that you truly like, that they see the best version of you, falling head over heels in love.

Make those heads turn with some expert love advice.

Tarot Readings

Tarot cards comprise 78 cards: 22 Major Arcana cards that represent life's karmic and spiritual energy, and 56 Minor Arcana cards that symbolise the struggles of daily life. Going deeper, the Minor Arcana cards include 4 suits: Pentacles (symbolising the physical world); Wands (representing the spiritual world, ideas and growth); Cups (associated with relationships); and Cards in the Sword (related to conflict). It's been said that every single one of life's lessons can be learnt through these cards, and at the time they are drawn, we are taught the lessons we need to learn to change our path and find happiness within.

Helping you to make sense of what's going on in your life, you can find out what's in store for you next. A new partner? Career progression? A move to a new city? Why wait for fate? Let our Tarot Card readers reveal what's next in your life’s plan.

Angel Card Readings

Not sure about whether to invest in your friend's new business venture? Wondering if you and your partner can go the distance? Whether you have a specific question in mind or just want some clarification, our Angel Card readers can access the spiritual energies of angels who support and protect those who call on them.

Don't let that niggling feeling cloud your judgement. Don't rush into a decision that may end in despair. Let our Angel Card readers take the reins and guide you on your life’s path.


Just because those we love may not all be physically on this Earth, it doesn’t mean that they aren't watching over us, and taking part in the important moments of our lives. We miss them dearly, but these special people aren't ever too far away, and still want the best for us. A medium can act as a mediator between Earth and the spirit world, relaying messages, and letting you have the closure you may need from any unfinished business. Though we can't promise that you'll receive the answers that you want, we can let your loved ones know how much you care and miss them, so that they truly know how much they will always mean to you.

Send a heavenly message today with one of our supportive mediums.


Do you have a lucky number that has special meaning to you? Do the same numbers keep cropping up at key points in your life? If you’re wondering why you’re drawn to these numbers, or what influence they’ve been having over your life, then let one of our specialist numerologists assist you in uncovering the truth.

Revealing everything from your life path number, expression number and soul urge number to your personality number and birthday number, you can learn about the opportunities and challenges that may be coming your way, hidden talents that you could use going forward and learn more about who you are and what makes you so unique.

Talk to one of our numerologists today.

Why You Should Choose Psychic Sofa?

  • Whether you buy a bundle of 120 minutes, 300 minutes or 480 minutes, you'll be charged some of the best rates in the industry, and receive the highest standard of service.
  • Regardless of the bundle you buy, you'll receive 10% of those minutes absolutely free - that's up to 48 minutes if you pick our popular 480 minute bundle!
  • It’s super easy to top up should you ever be running low on minutes. All you need to do is call 0161 864 8555, or login to your existing account and top up using the payment form.
  • We offer exclusive rates for loyal customers, appreciating their repeat business and need for support.
  • Our psychics truly are some of the best in the industry, having been chosen due to their specialist skills, supportive nature and dedication to our clients that we feel each and every one of them deserves.
  • We have the largest collection of psychics out there, so we're certain that you'll find one that you love. If, for any reason, you don’t feel connected to your reader within the first 5 minutes of your call, we offer a full refund, no questions asked.
  • We know that guidance may be required at all hours of the day, so we have psychics available 24/7, 365 days of the year. That means that there's always a superb psychic available to answer your call.
  • We also have a UK-based customer service team who can help with any queries, questions, concerns or issues that crop up, and offer guidance on using your account and accessing our range of readers.
  • We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction, and our glowing testimonials speak for themselves. Whether complimenting our psychics' abilities, our value for money or the comfort provided, our clients just rave about our psychics and can never wait to call back again.


How Does The Wallet Work?
Our wallet service is free to use, and is a flexible way to contact our psychics. Your wallet is your very own account where you can store purchased minutes. Instead of having to pay for a new reading every time that you call, you can use the minutes stored in your wallet.

Each time you call, you select your wallet, enter your pin and you’ll be connected straight away to the psychic of your choice.

What Are Minute Bundles, And Which Do You Offer?
Minute bundles allow you to purchase hours’ worth of minutes at a time, which are stored in your wallet. Our minute bundles come with 10% extra free minutes and include:

  • 120 minutes, costs £96.00 (with an additional 12 free minutes)
  • 180 minutes costs £144.00 (with an additional 18 free minutes)
  • 240 minutes costs £192.00 (with an additional 24 free minutes)
  • 300 minutes costs £240.00 (with an additional 30 free minutes)
  • 360 minutes costs £288.00 (with an additional 36 free minutes)
  • 480 minutes costs £384.00 (with an additional 48 free minutes)

Our rates are among the best in the industry, meaning you have access to some of the most sought-after psychics at a fraction of the cost.

Besides The Wallet, What Other Ways Can I Get In Touch With Your Psychics?
You can reach our selection of psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, Tarot readers, Angel card readers, Masters of Numerology and Crystal Ball Oracles by phone, text or email, though for regular callers or those who need a long chat, we always recommend our minute bundles due to the savings that can be had.

What Benefits Does The Wallet Provide?

  • A simple way to get in touch with our readers, without the hassle of entering payment details each time you call.
  • 10% free minutes every time you buy a bundle.
  • Access to high quality psychics that only have your best interests at heart.

What Do Our Clients Think About The Wallet?
Our clients regularly comment on the ease with which they can access their wallet and can use pre-purchased minutes, instead of having to pay each time they want a new reading. Our range of bundles, and the simple top up process adds to their enthusiasm, as does the range of psychics that they can speak to.

"I've never experienced a service that comes even close to Psychic Sofa. My reader is the most gifted lady I have ever spoken to - she truly gets to the heart of my concerns and provides great insight to matter the situation. Because I speak to her regularly, I find the wallet extremely helpful. I'm not a fan of giving my credit card details out on principle, so the wallet works wonders for me." - Jessica J.

How Can You Get The Most Value From Your Wallet?
To get the most value from your wallet, we recommend working out how regularly you'd like to call in in a given month, and how long your calls will be. You’ll therefore discover how many minutes you’ll need on a monthly basis, and which wallet is right for you.

For example, if you work out that you call your us approximately 3.5 hours per month, then the 240 minute bundle is the right one for you.

What Is The Maximum Reading Length When Using The Wallet?
The maximum reading length for a wallet-based call is 90 minutes. However, should you wish to continue the call, you have the option to extend the call by a further 10, 20 or 30 minutes, so long as the reader is available.

Do My Wallet Minutes Have An Expiration Date?
Any minutes that have not been used within 6 months of purchase will no longer be valid for use, and will be deducted from your remaining balance. Please note that wallet minutes are non-transferable, and can’t be used on any other service than those provided by Psychic Sofa.

What Is Your Refund Policy?
Because we offer a 'No Quibble Money Back Guarantee', we are more than happy to provide you with a full refund should you ever be unsatisfied with our service.

Should you fail to connect with a reader, then please end the call within 5 minutes and contact our customer service team within 48 hours of the call. We will ask for details on the time and date of the call, as well as the reader you tried to connect to, and the mobile or home number that you used.

We will then credit your wallet account with the minutes you have used for that reading. Failure to comply with these rules may result in no refund being given. Should you be unhappy with a reader and want a refund, you must provide a valid reason as to why.

How Is Data That You Collect Kept Protected?
Because we value client happiness and safety above all else, we take your privacy into all business decisions that we make, and would never sell, share, disclose or rent out any of your personal details to any third party. All information that you provide us will stay confidential, and only used to provide you with the services that you wish to engage with.

We may at times send important emails regarding changes to our services, as well as special offers, newsletters and horoscopes. You can opt out of this communication however, by simply changing your subscription settings or contacting the office on 0161 607 3013.

Contact Us

To learn more about our psychics, our wallet and our minute bundles, give us a call today on 0161 607 3013 and a friendly team member will be happy to answer all of your questions.

You can also contact the team via email ( or by sending a letter to RJ Media LLP, PO BOX 338, Manchester, M22 2EH.