How to hear your angels

Hearing the voices of your angels and noticing the signs

According to Doreen Virtue many light workers report hearing a high-pitched ringing sound in one ear when their angels are trying to make contact with them. It has been described as a shrill noise that can be intrusive! The ringing has been recorded also with a pinch or pulling sensation at the earlobe. In fact, some people even report their ears are burning! Which goes back to the old saying that someone is trying to get hold of you!

You don’t even need to consciously understand the sound or feeling attached to your ear, you really, just need to acknowledge it. Because once you have acknowledged it, you are a few steps away from receiving important daily messages. It’s just more often than not we  put noises down to irritancy when it really can be angelic communication!
Doreen Virtue explains that the ringing we often hear in our ears is the energetic frequency of the encoded information that originates from a high place of divine love.
How to increase your sensitivity to sound
Simply start by taking time out each day to notice sounds around you such as the birds, the sound of children, a clock ticking away in the corner or the church bells ringing. Try and note what each sound does for you and really take its vibration in. What this does is heighten your sensitivity to the voices of the angels
Leave your mind open to signs
You may see a feather or a coin on the floor but choose to bypass it, when this is your angels way of connecting with you. You may even notice that an object in your room has changed or that something has been misplaced – again this is the calling of the angels. But signs are not just visionary, they're also auditory and we can hear messages through the people in which we choose to communicate with. For example, you might be feeling incredibly anxious but then hear the word “safety “ during general chit chat, the chances are, is that if you have noticed the word or meaning in the conversation then it is more than likely that the message will be for you personally!

Many people also describe messages that have been passed through radio shows or TV programmes. For instance, you might be thinking about a certain topic and then turn the TV on and see a programme about it. You could even hear a song repeatedly over a certain period of time. For instance: “Here comes the Sun” the song could be an indication that the things are about to get brighter!
 Imagine that you can see angels
Try and imagine what it would be like to see your angel, imagine how they would dress, how they would present themselves to you. You may prefer to recall your childhood image of an angel or a scene where you thought you may have seen one. Visualise colours, atmospheres and surroundings. You may want to imagine a powerful white light wrapping itself around you or a beautiful image of one of the Archangels. Lots of people find that angel cards empower them and help them to feel closely connected to their guardian angel. If you draw or know someone that draws, spiritual art is a fantastic tool to help you connect. We are often afraid of what we might see when we ask to connect with our guides or angels but most of us will know when the time is right by feeling the divine power from within, to help bring our guides forwards to us we can affirm the following by repeating:
“I am now ready, to see, feel and hear my angel, I am ready to connect and leave myself open to the signs”.

Remember that the angels and Archangels teach us so much about giving and loving unconditionally when we allow ourselves to open up and receive some of their gifts. We all carry the magic of the divine pulse within us and sometimes we respond to opportunities simply because we are in tune without actually knowing it. It is always important that we leave ourselves open to spirit and show gratitude for what we have. We may feel abandoned or lonely on our journey, but constant communication and receptivity is key when trying to hear the voice of your angel.

If you find yourself endlessly frustrated however because you feel as if you are talking to a wall then remember there will be a very significant reason, rather like when we apply for a new job opportunity and the head of department has not yet had time to consider our application or weigh up the pros and cons of what it is we are asking for exactly. Some times we think we are entitled to something, when actually the time just isn’t right yet!
You never lose until you give up! So stay open!
With love and light x x x 
References- Doreen Virtue


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