Surround yourself with beauty!

Beautiful things make us feel great!

Sometimes when we surround ourselves with beautiful things it automatically puts the spark back into our souls and makes us feel good again. Even simple things such as seeing a flower or a rainbow can work wonders for the mind, as the beauty reminds us that we are special and our part of an amazing creation. Research also suggests that when we look at things we consider to be beautiful the activity in the pleasure and reward centre of the brain goes up. Dopamine is the “feel good” neurotransmitter and this is basically stimulated when we attach ourselves to beautiful things and simply let go.

Things to help you feel good:


Jewellery has a habit of making us feel rather special. It also adds a personal statement about our individualities. For example, the colour of a particular stone or the energy symbol of a crystal. Jewellery is by no means all about self image and ego; many people wear something beautiful because it gives them a strong sense of identity and vitality. You may even wear a particular piece of jewellery out of sentimental value. In fact some people even claim that they tend to have a better day if they wear something that is meaningful to them.

Pick a gem stones or crystal

Crystals and gemstones are fascinating because they have such diversity, they are natural to the earth and come in a range of different colours and are also used for healing. Having a crystal by your bedside is sure to make you feel good about life again.

Whenever we come into contact with any sort of crystal our natural instinct is to pick one up and hold it in our hands as they radiate such beauty and some indeed our very rare ,such as Lapiz Lazuli which is a beautiful dark blue and known to be the stone of friendship and truth. Blue Lace Agate is another beautiful stone and can aid nerves and comfort you. If you wanted to reconnect with beauty as a whole then rose quartz, which is pink in colour is fantastic.

To find out what crystal works for you simply go on line or go into your nearest spiritual shop. Your instinct will naturally respond to colour, so take note of the first crystal you are drawn to, as they have profound healing qualities. Always ask for help in choosing crystals if you are using them for healing – many people forget just how powerful their energy can be!

Stare at a painting or keep a beautiful picture by your bed

Art is said to be healing. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but sometimes we are able to meditate on a beautiful piece of art and find personal meaning in it. Eve if art isn’t usually something you would go for, try looking into a painting and feeling the beauty that it presents to you. This could be anything from your mother’s picture on the bathroom wall to an unusual painting that you find in a quirky shop that means something to you. If you don’t like the idea of art then why not keep your favourite picture by your bed? This could be a photograph of someone you love? Or it could be your favourite tarot card or an angelic message card.



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