The Power of Affirmations

Positive affirmations are statements which can help us look on the bright side of life, and feel good about ourselves.

Do you tend to dwell on the negatives in life? Perhaps you've got into the habit of always fearing the worst? If so, it's time to get in control of your fears and turn your thoughts in to positive ones. Doing this is much simpler than it sounds because you can, literally, think yourself happy; by using the power of positive affirmations, you can influence real events and improve your life. Incorporate the simple spiritual technique of affirmations into your life to find future success and happiness.

What are affirmations?

An affirmation is a simple, short statement of positive intent. It describes an emotion, feeling, action, or outcome that is beneficial for you. Affirmations are spoken or written in the present tense; they are personal and they are always positive.

For example: 'I am happy', or, 'I am successful'

The idea is that the more you say and write down your affirmations, the more they get impressed into your subconscious, so your desire becomes your reality.

The embedding in your subconscious of a positive desire may lead you to believe this desire is more achievable, which means you are more likely to take action to make your dream a physical reality. In other words, once you strongly believe in something you are more than halfway there to making it real.

Remove negativity

Most people are so used to affirming self doubt and fear in their everyday life that they find positive affirmations a difficult concept to grasp. We are all used to being self depreciating - it's part of the British sense of humour. But constantly repeating the idea that you aren't good enough or you can't achieve something can be very damaging, as we begin to believe it. So your subconscious mind accepts these self imposed limitations as truths. Some spiritual teachers believe words carry energy; so negative statements will attract negativity to you. But if you use affirmations, then the positive energy of these statements will influence your life.

When you find yourself slipping into negative thoughts, such as ‘I can't cope’; ‘I am not good enough’; ‘I feel unhappy’, or, ‘I will not succeed’; stop this thought pattern by replacing it with a positive affirmation. Repeating positive ideas will focus your mind on what you want to achieve and help you to feel it is attainable.

Pick positive words

Choose your affirmation words carefully. You should ensure the phrase you are repeating is totally positive without even a hint of doubt. For example: 'I am not failing' or 'my relationship is getting better'

Although these phrases point towards the positive, they still dwell on negatives. So swap them for: 'I am successful' or 'my relationship is loving'.

The Power of Affirmations

1) Think about what aspects of your life you'd like to improve. Pick an affirmation that is meaningful to you.

2) Repeat you affirmations as often as you can throughout the day. For example, while you are travelling on a train or bus, while you are queuing in a shop or while you are walking to the office.

3) Relax and be calm as you repeat the phrases. Affirmations are a form of meditation and you should think of saying them as a spiritual practice not just a string of words.

4) Don't just run quickly through the phrases in your mind - you need to think deeply about the meaning of the phrases: wanting and believing that they are true for you.

5) Set aside ten minutes per day to write your affirmations down. Record them in an affirmation diary. Write slowly and consider every word.

Choose your affirmation

Pick three affirmations from the list that resonate with you. Or even better, make up your own personalised affirmation. Repeat it every day using the technique detailed above. Really believe in what you are saying and watch your positivity levels increase!

*I am in control of my life

*I can create a positive future

*I am healthy

*I am happy

*My business is succeeding

*I am thankful for the good things in my life

*Today I am joyful

*I have only good thoughts

*I am using my talents

*I forgive those who hurt me

*I release the past

*I like myself

*My relationship is strong and happy

*I am a creative person

*I am successful

*I am content

*Life is good

*I have courage

*I am strong

*I am confident

*I am blessed

*I count my blessings

*I am thankful for my friends and family

*I am open to love

*I am at peace

*I am a spiritual being


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