Autumn Affirmations To Help Boost Your Creativity

Autumn is the perfect season to think about your own, individual creativity for it is the season of romance, art and beauty.

Autumn is the perfect season to think about your own, individual creativity for it is the season of romance, art and beauty. Is it any wonder that the peak of Autumn is in the season of the Sun sign Libra? Libra is ruled by the love planet Venus, which connects with those very things, art, romance and beauty. You may feel sad that the Summer is now finally over but Autumn offers a new beginning. As we watch the leaves fall we can appreciate the colours that contrast from deep reds to golden browns and perhaps take it in as a shredding process of things we no longer need in our lives. Perhaps it’s time for you to turn over a new leaf? Is there something you want to change or perhaps you already have a hidden gift that you wish to embrace?

Now is the perfect time. Everything is so fruitful and full of harvest as we see the apples hanging off the trees. Why not pick an apple for yourself? Or if not an apple just a piece of fruit you feel drawn to. You can use this piece of fruit for an affirmation or prayer to help you with your creativity or changes you feel you need to make. It can be any piece of fruit that you feel represents you or your creativity.

Once you have found your piece of fruit, think about what makes you individual. Think about both your strength and your creativity. Anything can make you creative, it can be singing, sewing, drawing or just making something new. You don’t even have to be any good at it! The idea is that the creative process sets you free and inspires you and you never know where it could lead to! Autumn is the perfect time for digging a little deeper and unravelling hidden talents.

So here we go:

•Go outside into your garden or a place you feel safe in. It must be earthy and meaningful to you
•Hold your desired fruit in your hand and think about what you would like to change or achieve creatively
•Speak to Mother Nature and thank her for everything that she has given you

Now affirm:

“I am thankful for all of my gifts
I now seal up any wounds and any rifts
I wish to expand, I wish to lift
I let go of old energies and welcome in the new
I know within my heart my desires are true”.

Now make that wish – speak to Mother Earth, tell her what you want or what you want to change. You can write it down or speak it, and as you do, plant your fruit into the ground. (If you have written your words down you can bury those too!) If not, then trust your spoken words.

Always leave with love and light. Now you feel fantastic!


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