Spiritual places to visit this Summer

Some interesting ideas and inspiration

Many of us have a fascination with spiritual sites, buildings and English history.
Visiting somewhere during the holidays can be a great way to lift our moods, relax and enjoy the beautiful English Heritage such as an old Church or a Cathedral. Not only can we take the children but we can also release our own inner child. Learning about the history of our culture can often make up for what we missed out on in childhood or spark up an inspiration to start something new in our lives. Outdoor environments are a perfect opportunity to let our spirits run free, allowing us to stay in touch with nature and enhance our general wellbeing.
[1]Interestingly, JournalPersonality and Social Psychology Bulletin discovered that even the most minimal exposure to nature such as keeping simple plants around the house makes us demonstrably more caring and in tune with day to day living.The details included three to four studies where participants were exposed to images of either natural or non-natural environments while listening to a guided imagery scripts that instructed them to tune into their environments, taking note of colors, textures, sounds and smells.

Before and afterwards, they were asked to describe their life goals (which the researchers refer to as "intrinsic aspirations" (personal growth, intimacy, community) or "extrinsic aspirations" (money, image, fame)—before and after the presentations. In the fourth study, participants were asked to come to a lab that was either free of plants or was furnished with four plants. All four studies were then performed at New York’s University of Rochester. What the results revealed was that the participants exposed to nature—either via slide-show images or the presence of live plants in the lab setting, valued intrinsic goals more, and extrinsic goals less, than they had before spending time in the presence of nature. The study authors believed that  this is because nature can remove individuals from their daily pressures, and help them tune into themselves in the moment.
Summer is the perfect time to try out as many different environments as possible, it doesn’t even have to be anywhere big and you don’t even need to book a holiday! You can simply take a day trip to somewhere that belongs to the National Trust or research somewhere spiritual or historic that you might find relaxing. You may decide to go to your local museum, park or lakeside.
But here are just a few ideas to get you thinking:
The Stonehenge is located in Somerset and said to be the most prehistoric monument in Britain and stands as a timeless monument to the people that built it. Today is stands in full and was said to be completed about 3500 years ago. It has attracted countless visitors and many people that do go talk about the experience of  spiritual energy by being connected to mother nature. Many people see the stones as a huge Sun dial, whilst others feel there is a deeper meaning behind it. The spiritual vibes that people encounter could be due to the[2] Aubrey holes that form the circle around 284 feet in diameter – excavations have revealed cremated human bones in some of the chalk filling which are not there for the purpose of graves but as part of the religious ceremony. But on the whole
Archaeologists believe the construction of the site was carried out in three main stages, which have been labelled Stonehenge I, Stonehenge II and Stonehenge III. The highest attraction point for Stonehenge is the mystery of the stones, it is extremely popular for sunsets, solstices’, Full Moons, rising suns, sunsets, rainbows, snowfalls and many more. Tours are available along with a shop and grassy areas to eat.
Rievaulx Abbey
[3]The abbey of Rievaulx is situated in North Yorkshire and  was founded as the first Cistercian outpost in the North, and was to be a centre for White Monks to reform and colonise the North of England and Scotland. Its foundation was instigated by Bernard of Clairvaux and planned with military precision. The Abbey itself offers peace and tranquillity for a great family day out, the grounds are said to be breathtakingly beautiful with the chance to explore the history [4]of nearly 900 years  in the interactive museum, displaying unique archaeological finds, you can also explore the Medieval pilgrims and take in the surrounding energies. There is also the chance for walking, cycling and horse riding trails followed by a wind down in the tearoom.
St Michael’s Cornwall – Archangel Michael
St Michael’s Mount is considered to be an extremely spiritual location and is situated on either side of the English Channel, perched upon beautiful coastal rocks  - the famous medieval oilgrimage shrines. Here you can find an energy and vibe that will lift your spirit entirely as visions of the archangel Michael are said to be seen here during the fifth century. The history of the two shrines are closely connected. This is the perfect place to find a sense of inner peace.

[5]An interesting Legend says that a mythical giant named Cormoran once lived on the Mount, and he used to wade ashore and steal cows and sheep from the villagers to feed his gargantuan appetite.One night, a local boy called Jack rowed out to the island and dug a deep pit while the giant was asleep. As the sun rose, Jack blew a horn to wake the angry giant who staggered down from the summit and – blinded by the sunlight – fell into the pit and died.  Some people are fascinated by this legend and some people just prefer to take in the religious roots of such a mysterious site.

Perfect for two people or a family and friend outing.

Even if you decide to take a stroll in the woodland, the park, or a small trip to the seaside enjoy the nature and love that surround you by spirit.

With love and light x x
Rievaulx Abbey
 St Michaels Mount


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