Aquarius Season Is Here!

Take a look at our recent article to find out when Aquarius season is and what’s in store for your sign in 2023!

Ah, it’s Aquarius season! The holiday festivities are over, and the weather is becoming just a little bit warmer for some of us. With spring almost on the horizon, what’s in store for you this Aquarius season of 2023?

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Your Guide to Aquarius Season

Despite being represented by the water-bearer or cup-bearer, this Zodiac sign is actually an air sign! It’s regarded as one of the oldest constellations to have been documented, first recorded by Claudius Ptolemy in the 2nd century

In Greek mythology, Aquarius appears in a few myths and legends, one of which sees Aquarius as the son of Zeus, commanded to pour water from the heavens onto the Earth to destroy humanity

Lasting from January 20 to February 18, this season is all about embracing your creative energy. Ruled by the planet, Uranus (in modern astrology!), Aquarius is associated with innovation, unpredictability, and of course intelligence and curiosity. 

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Aquarius Season 2023 – How the Zodiac Signs Will Be Affected

So, what’re the 2023 astrological predictions for each Zodiac sign this Aquarius season?


For those born under this fire sign, now is the perfect time to unleash your fierceness and channel that into your relationships. Focus on spending time with family and friends, initiating gatherings or making plans to go out with them. If you’re in a romantic relationship, express how passionate you are with gestures and even handmade gifts! 


Aquarius season for Taurus may be a challenging one, especially since this season brings change and unpredictability, and this earth sign certainly doesn’t like that. However, something they do have in common is that Aquarius season is all about looking forward to the future - and Taureans excel at this! 

In particular, if you’re a Taurus, you may need to start thinking about whether you’re on the right track with your career, what you envision for yourself in the future, and whether - in the present - you’re on the path towards this.


A fellow air sign, Geminis are well-known to be social butterflies. Aquarius season amplifies Geminis’ intrinsic curiosity, which makes it the ideal season for all of you Geminis to learn a hobby that you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to it. Whether that’s learning how to play an instrument, knitting or crocheting, or playing sports, this time of year is perfect for it.


As a water sign, Cancers are undoubtedly emotional and empathetic, with an innate urge to nurture and care for others as its planetary ruler is the Moon. With this in mind, Aquarius season is all about learning how to take care of yourself. When was the last time you took some time to simply lie back and relax? Self-care is especially important during this time for Cancers, so don’t forget that you deserve some love too. 


Leos, creative energies are soaring this Aquarius season, meaning that you – the confident and fiery Leo – will benefit from spearheading that project at work, or even developing a project of your own outside of work. Regardless of whether that’s an individual project or a group project, your creative juices will be flowing continuously. 


For the perfectionist Virgo, your high ambition is truly commended. This Aquarius season, place your ambitions in going out of your comfort zone. Do something thrilling that you’ve never done before, but it has always tickled the back of your mind. Skydiving, zip lining, parachuting, or simply going on a roller coaster ride!


Ruled by Venus, Libras are romantic, flirtatious, and affectionate. When the Sun enters Aquarius, it’s time to let loose and bask in the romance. Socialise, go on dating apps, and go on dates! 

If you already have a special someone, make sure you let them know how loved they are! Plan romantic dates and show them how much you care about them.


Scorpio, let your mystique intensify this Aquarius season by minimising the time you spend online. Don’t bother with scrolling through social media and seeing what other people are doing. 

Instead, spend time with family, friends, and your significant other, focusing on in-person experiences and allowing time to slip away whilst you’re having fun without being on your phone. 


Aquarius season is the best time to socialise, Sagittariuses! Your Aquarian adventurous spirit isn’t lost during this time – in fact, embody it to help you network and foster connections with just about everybody. You’ve got the charm and wit to impress anyone you come across, so use it to its full potential to possibly expedite your career.


Before the Sun moved into Aquarius, it was in Capricorn – the star sign that epitomises determination and persistence. Now that it’s Aquarius season, Capricorns need to start thinking about your goals in life and how you plan on achieving them. Make a list of things to achieve before the end of 2023, or start a bucket list!


Since it’s your season, Aquarius, your sense of independence will be the highlight of this time of year. It’s time to do some adulting – focus on learning how to do things by yourself, whether that’s cleaning, cooking, or simply taking yourself out on a date.


As one of the most intuitive signs in the Zodiac, Pisceans are sensitive, kind, and gentle. Pisces, you probably enjoy being kind to others and helping them out in their time of need, which is what makes this Aquarius season a great time for you to express your generosity to others by giving them small gifts (simply a cup of coffee would suffice) or offering to help with even the smallest of problems. 

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