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23 Jul - 22 Aug

Daily Horoscope

8 December 2021

With your mind working overtime it is easy to let your imagination run away with you. There's little time for relaxation when as soon as you come up with new ideas you will want to act on them there and then. Problems with a neighbour will soon be solved as you decide to keep well out of a controversy which doesn't involve you anyway.

Weekly Horoscope

Week beginning 6 December 2021

You're ready to move ahead with plans recently discussed. Results will be quickly seen and this will make it possible to get even further ahead with this later in the week. You are justified in feeling proud of your efforts when you hadn't expected to make such good progress. Other people will benefit from the decisions you are now making and because of this you won't be short of support to help you achieve your aims. In fact, help is always at hand when you need it.

Monthly Horoscope

December 2021

The New Moon on the 4th could pave the way to a passionate romance or rewarding creative project. An experienced partner will give you the courage to take some risks that are incredibly fulfilling. Hard work will be a theme in the middle of December; you could be putting in long hours for the sake of a demanding project. If you're unemployed, you may plunge into a rigorous interview process. The Full Moon on the 19th marks the conclusion of a stimulating group project. You'll miss your colleagues, who have become integral members of your social set. Try not to take out your frustrations on your romantic partner or work associates in the second half of December; they're just innocent bystanders.

About Leo

Do you always take charge when it comes to a group project, a family event or a holiday with friends? Do you love being the centre of attention, and don’t mind putting yourself out there when it comes to things you truly want? Well, if your birthday also falls between the 23rd July - 22nd August, then that must mean that you’re a Leo. The astrological symbol of the lion, your ruling planet is actually the sun - which explains your fiery personality infused with passion and a zest for life. But what else encompasses the Leo personality? What makes this Zodiac sign tick? Who are Leos compatible with? If you’re not a Leo, how can you attract a Leo man or attract a Leo woman? These are lots of great questions, and if you’re looking for the answers, then this Leo-filled page can help. And should you want a telephone psychic reading to discuss Leo in more detail, then our trusted psychic readings are the way to go, and we encourage you to get in touch with us today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152 to learn more.

Leo Personality Traits

Leos are ruled by the sun, and their personality can sure light up the room. They are enthusiastic, passionate and fun-loving, always looking for the best in every situation and wanting to ensure that everyone has a good time. Known for their self-confidence and outgoing personality, Leos love being the centre of attention, showing off their humour, big ideas or insight to gain favour with those around them. A king needs his/her loyal subjects after all. 

Extremely protective and loving towards those they care for, a Leo’s loyalty knows no bounds. Believing they are the head of the pride, the Leo personality feels that his/her family, friend group and even partner are under their ‘rule’, and therefore, the Leo feels responsible for others, especially those they see as vulnerable. They can’t abide by bullying or predators, and will stand up for those that need saving. You wouldn’t want to mess with a Leo when they’re in protective mode, as you may not come out alive.

A penchant for luxury and the high life, Leos want to experience everything that life has to offer, taking part in cultural activities and truly learning from their adventures. Going to the theatre, admiring an art gallery or going to the latest exhibition at a nearby museum are all food for the soul for the Leo personality, as is visiting foreign lands where they can roam free and relax in the sun. Never settling for the ordinary, the Leo personality has expensive tastes and always goes for what they want.

Firey and courageous, Leos make for great leaders, blazing that trail wherever they go and forging a strong reputation that sees them go from strength to strength. Never backing down from a challenge, a Leo knows what’s needed to come out on top, and will stop at nothing to be victorious.

What Are Leos Weaknesses?

Leos have both positive and negative traits. Though their confidence is something to be admired, their huge ego can sometimes hinder their chances of success, especially when it comes to promotions at work. Their big ego doesn’t take criticism well either, and they often take constructive criticism as an attack on their personality. Leos should try to take this feedback in their stride, as personal development benefits everyone in the end.

Dominance is another negative trait that many Leos find hard to shake. Leos like things done their way, and find it demeaning to take orders from others. A Leo likes making their own decisions, and they always want to have the last word. Prepare for arguments with Leos if you disagree, and just take their passion on the chin.

Because a Leo usually knows what they want, they want it now. Leos are not patient people and if they have their heart set on something, they will want it immediately. They don't like waiting around. They have adventures to go on after all.

Who Are Leos Compatible With?

Leos may be leaders of the pack, but when it comes to love, they like having their partners by their side. Fiercely loyal and committed to their partners, they love wholeheartedly, being open and honest about their feelings and never afraid to show their partner how much they care. As a fire sign, Leos tend to get on well with the other fire signs - Aries and Sagittarius - as they are all bubbly, social and are highly motivated to achieve their goals, sparking inspiration in both of them.

 Let’s take a look at Leo’s compatibility with star signs such as Capricorn, Pisces and Libra:

 Leo and Virgo Compatibility: The quiet and reserved Virgo may seem like an unlikely match for the outgoing and assertive Leo, but the way they play off each other can create real magic. If Leo can draw Virgo out of their shell, and Leo can learn to stop and think before acting, they can bring out the best in both of them and together, appreciate each other's perspectives and personalities.

 Leo and Libra Compatibility: When a Leo and Libra fall in love there will be parties, fun nights out on the town with friends, intimate dinners, and passionate times. A Leo and Libra in love make a glamorous, exciting, and decadent couple that is socially in demand.

 Leo and Scorpio Compatibility: Leo and Scorpio both crave power, so a relationship between these two can either be red hot, or a constant struggle to come out on top. Both goal-oriented and looking to make their way in the world, a Leo-Scorpio couple has the makings of two sensational people, but who may drift apart if life gets in the way.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility: Both Leo and Sagittarius are fiery, passionate, loyal, and playful and these common personality traits create a strong bond between the two star signs. Being fiery isn’t without heated debates and arguments at times, but so long as they respect each other, this relationship will last.

Leo and Capricorn Compatibility: Both Leo and Capricorn enjoy comfort and pampering, but they also know how to work hard to achieve their goals. Because both star signs are so determined, they sympathise with each other when times are tough. A lovely pair who only wants the best for each other, they have the makings of a couple that lasts.

Leo and Aquarius Compatibility: Always at odds with one another, a Leo and Aquarius don’t exactly make the best pairing, unless they find their differences appealing. They don’t tend to have a lot in common, and this can make finding shared activities difficult.

Leo and Pisces Compatibility: Leo and Pisces - what a fantastic couple! They both strongly desire love and affection, and they have the potential to be blissfully happy together. They both need to tread carefully in the beginning of their relationship however, as coming on too strong may deter their partner.

Leo and Aries Compatibility: Leo and Aries make for a wonderful couple, as both admire each other’s strength, determination and loyalty, and love wholeheartedly. Leo may at times try to become a dominant force, but so long as Aries knows how to bring their partner back down to earth, then all is bliss going forward.

Leo and Taurus Compatibility: Leo and Taurus have the kind of passionate relationship movies are made of, and this flows through their devotion for one another. Their passion can sometimes fuel their fiery exchanges, but Taurus and Leo will discover that what doesn't kill their bond makes it so much stronger.

Leo and Gemini Compatibility: Gemini and Leo can't help but be attracted to each other. They share similar values and interests and have a mutual appreciation for one another. Both are theatrical individuals who like attention and want an audience. At the very least, their relationship will be a dramatic, playful, and fun one.

Leo and Cancer Compatibility: A Leo and Cancer couple both value loving and long-lasting relationships and are prepared to have everything out in the open, to prevent troubles later down the road. They may not always agree, but as they say, love conquers all when it comes to true love.

Leo and Leo Compatibility: Are there ever two leaders of the pack? The need for adoration and to be the centre of attention can cause internal struggle if one partner feels the other is always trying to steal their thunder. Though they may admire each other’s confidence, at times, it may get a little irritating. Better as colleagues or friends.

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Who Should Leo Marry?

Leos are bold, confident lions that are never afraid to roar if they have to, fighting for what they believe in, and protecting those that matter the most. A Leo’s bravery aids their romantic side, never failing to tell their partners how much they care for them, and showing them through romantic gestures that won’t be soon forgotten. With so much to offer, Leos should marry people who appreciate their commitment and care, and want to return it in kind.

With Leos’ adventurous streak providing the opportunity to indulge in life’s pleasures, Leos need partners who are up for trying anything, with an open mind and a good spirit. Some days things may not go as planned, and Leo's fiery temperament may come to the fore, so an understanding nature is also needed in order to tame the lion, and bring them back down to earth.

Ultimately, a Leo should marry someone who appreciates their confidence, shares their love for travel and likes the finer things in life. Protective and considerate, passionate and strong - a Leo should marry someone they know has their back.

How To Attract A Leo Man or Leo Woman

Smiling because you can’t get a Leo man or Leo woman out of your head? We don’t blame you - Leos are pretty wonderful. They exude confidence that is hard to ignore, and their protective nature is a real turn on. But how to get a Leo’s attention? Well firstly, like the big cats they are, Leos like to look good, so making an effort with your appearance is a good place to start. Get your hair done, choose an outfit that highlights your figure and ensure your beautiful personality shines through.

Leos are lovers of luxury, so good ideas for dates include spa days, fancy restaurants and taking a vintage food tour. A trip to the theatre or races will never go amiss, and so long as you pamper your Leo with care and affection, they’ll feel special. Leos are also big fans of humour, so if you can make them laugh, then they’ll think you’re a real winner.

Leo Astrology Report

Interested in learning more about the Leo personality, Leo star sign, and who you are destined to become? A Leo astrology report could teach you the ways of your zodiac sign, letting you dig deeper and really get to grips with everything that encompasses being a Leo. Going beyond the star sign, an astrology report takes free will, personal development and growth over a lifetime into account, providing you with a useful source of information.

A Leo astrology report can include a natal report, - based on your individual characteristics, personal strengths and weaknesses - a compatibility report which identifies and analyses the connections between two people, and a forecast report which determines where the planets are today and how their position could be affecting you, and your destiny. Based on this information, Leos can make enlightened decisions based on the guidance of the stars.

Your astrology report can offer great insight into your life as you know it, leading to potentially life-changing revelations. If you’d like an astrology report by a trusted psychic reader, then we encourage you to get in touch with one of ours today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152.

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You wonderful Leos are confident, sassy and protective of those around you, but there is a lot to learn about your life path and what the stars have in store. Whether you’re wondering about your perfect love match or you’d like to discover more about your personality, here at Psychic Sofa, we can help. For telephone psychic readings you can depend on, please call us today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. Our trusted psychic phone readings will open up a whole new world to you, providing psychic guidance and spiritual support too.

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