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Who Are Psychic Sofa?

Psychic Sofa is still family run, and we have a combines 50+ years’ experience in delivering affordable, professional psychic readings over the phone. We pride ourselves in providing clients with advice, support and the confidence to make important decisions that benefit their lives. Boasting a network of professional, compassionate and trusted psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, Tarot readers, Angel card readers, Masters of Numerology and Crystal Ball Oracles who make our business the success it is - we are not only positioned as the finest psychic reading services in the UK but are also one of the busiest and most reputable telephone reading service found throughout the whole of Europe. All of our readers have been carefully selected for their skill sets, both spiritually and emotionally, ensuring they provide their clients with the high level of customer service that this company was built on. Our goal is a simple one – we want you to enjoy the process of a psychic reading and come away from your session feeling UPLIFED and EMPOWERED! Our readings are offered in a relaxed and informal manner, so please... Enjoy the journey!

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The Benefits of Psychic Readings

There are literally hundreds of benefits of having a psychic reading, which include:


Gaining clarity on your future, especially in times when you’re feeling hopeless and confused. What may seem like a dark time could turn out to be a blessing in disguise, and a psychic reading can help find that light at the end of the tunnel.


They can help you to discover your talents and utilise them for your advantage, putting you on the path to success. These hidden skills could open up a whole new world for you, and potentially change your life for good.


An expert psychic reading can provide validation for decisions you’ve made in the past, providing an honest assessment of the choices you’ve made - whether that concerns your career, relationship, family or investments.


Connecting to the spirit world, and being offered an opportunity to pass on any messages you have to those no longer with us. By talking with an expert you’ll receive the closure you need, especially if there are things that were left unsaid.

Along with being more affordable than face-to-face readings, there are many advantages of psychic text, psychic phone and psychic email readings. Why not discover them all for yourself by getting in touch with one of ours today.

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