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Reader profile image for Bernicia PIN: 4006
Hello, I'm Bernicia. Thank you for visiting my profile. I have been a Spiritual Medium and Psychic for many years. I work with all the Clair's sight, smell, hearing, taste. My guides help me to give a...
Reader profile image for Astrid PIN: 4177
I always felt close to nature and the magic within it as a child and had many events that my parents would put down to coincidence. As I turned 17 however, there was no denying that it was psychic abi...
Reader profile image for Brandenberg PIN: 4783
For many years I was an electrical engineer, but I am now retired, during this same period I was also a professional horseman, my horses were with me for some 27 years, until they passed. I have alway...
Reader profile image for Gayle PIN: 4395
Hi my name is Gayle and I have been an International Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor for 35 years.I have travelled, and lived abroad for over 20 years reading for clients in Dubai, USA, Spain, Canary I...
Reader profile image for Indi PIN: 4201
Hi, I am Indi, an experienced clairvoyant psychic tarot reader, with hereditary gifts that have been passed down through successive generations of my family, and I have been reading for many years. I ...
Reader profile image for Ava Rose PIN: 4614
Hello, I am Ava Rose i will be your Spritual Guide.The tools that i have is a Tarot deck, one Angel Oracle deck to help with manifesting and one Angel Answer deck that allows short and definite answer...
Reader profile image for Ava PIN: 4162
As a child I was aware of spirit which felt totally natural to me, as my family were also spiritualists. The gift flowed through from great grandparents and mostly followed the male side. In my format...
Reader profile image for Athena PIN: 4074
Hi, I am a 4th generation psychic Mother, & Grandmother, & Great Grandmother, I used to sit with them when they cast the card's as well as using the runes I also use a crystal ball & loss ...
Reader profile image for Helaine PIN: 4213
I was granted and aware of my gifts as a child. Life as a Ballerina my gifts were constantly being used wherever I was in the world. To be able to guide and help others all my life to understand ...
Reader profile image for Truth Seeker PIN: 4985
Truth Seeker
My Grandma 'Hazel' was a medium and the gift has been passed down to me. I have always been able to read people and see things before they happen, I actually thought everyone can do this becau...
Reader profile image for Mike PIN: 4867
I have worked as a professional Psychic since 2004 after working in the corporate world for 20 years. I love helping people with insight and knowledge of a situation. I find information helps with emp...
Reader profile image for Simon PIN: 4880
I am a clairvoyant medium. I work with Spirit communication alongside the angel and tarot cards. I realised I was a medium from a very young age but did not develop until about 20 years ago. Sinc...
Reader profile image for River PIN: 4913
I have always lived in the countryside I have been lucky enough to be able to do this my whole life so far , being near nature is very important to me. Animals have always been in my life from wh...
Reader profile image for Angelica PIN: 4142
Hello my name is Angelica. I am a psychic tarot card reader. I use the tarot as guide lines to my readings combining voice vibrations to pick up spiritual situations around you. I will give a clear re...
Reader profile image for Gracelyn PIN: 4433
Welcome! My name is Gracelyn. I am a natural clairvoyant and clairsentient specializing in Tarot Card readings. I read angel cards, auras and use the Crystal Globe.What do you like most about giving r...
Reader profile image for Mother Miranda PIN: 4711
Mother Miranda
I am an experienced Psychic Tarot reader with over 30 years of experience. I am 5th generation psychic on my father’s side and have been privileged to read for hundreds of clients all over the world...
Reader profile image for VioletMoon PIN: 4384
‘Violet Moon’  International Clairvoyant Psychic Medium Tarot Counsellor Dip.P.P., F.Inst.P.P., F.Inst.F.P. I am a Psychic Medium working clairvoyantly and clairsentiently.  I...
Reader profile image for Charlie PIN: 4491
I am very sensitive and have worked with energies since I was a child. I am a natural healer, and have had many angelic experiences.  I nearly died in a car accident when I was 16, where I was sh...
Reader profile image for Willow PIN: 4986
I've been a reader for many years and have worked on the lines now for over 10 years. I predominantly use tarot to tune into my clients and my guide Vylene fills in the gaps.What do you like most abou...
Reader profile image for Sara A PIN: 4067
Hello my name is Sara A, and I work with my spirit guide Chief Running Bear who is a Native American Indian, he was my brother in my last Native American life. I am a direct reader and a com...
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Experienced & Gifted Psychic Readers Available Now

At Psychic Sofa, we understand how daunting a psychic reading can seem - especially if it’s your first time. But we promise you, that with our trusted psychic readers, you will always be safe, protected and provided with the spiritual guidance you need to live your life to its full potential. Don’t let fear hold you back. Start living the life you want to. With telephone psychic readings from Psychic Sofa, you can start doing this, and so much more.

Do they love you? Is your career right for you? Is now the right time for you to move house? Our psychic readers can provide you with the answers to all of life’s burning questions, to ensure you’re on the right path. With support, love and psychic advice, our psychic readers will help you in any way they can, regardless of whether they are a medium, clairvoyant, Tarot Card reader or Angel Card reader. Every single psychic in our network truly cares about our client, and promises a fantastic service.

Therefore, if you’re in need of a telephone psychic reading, please get in touch with our talented psychic readers today.

What Are Psychic Phone Readings?

Psychic phone readings are - as the name suggests - psychic readings that happen over the phone. Ensuring that clients can gain the spiritual guidance they need from wherever they are, at any time, psychic phone readings provide another avenue for comfort and support - aiding clients on their lifes’ journeys. One minute you could be as happy as Larry, but then the next be faced with a life-changing decision that needs to be made. With our psychic phone readings, no decision has to be rushed, and no decision is rash. We can help to determine what life has in store for you from the comfort of your own home, ensuring you receive the psychic support that you may desperately need.

Psychic phone readings also provide you with a wealth of psychic readers to choose from - allowing you to go more niche. For example, you may want to speak to a psychic medium to pass on messages to loved ones, but then a Tarot Card reader to discover the best way forward with your life. You don’t have to travel miles out of your way to do this. With Psychic Sofa, you have access to psychic readers including clairvoyants, mediums, Tarot Card readers, Angel Card readers and more, so you never have to look far.

Our trusted psychic readings can answer your life’s questions, providing you with the confidence you need to move forward in life. There’s no need to suffer in silence, or live with regret. With psychic phone readings from Psychic Sofa, you’ll be able to live your best life, ensuring it’s one to remember.

How Do Psychic Readings Work?

At Psychic Sofa, we make telephone psychic readings easy, providing our clients with access to a variety of gifted, supportive and intuitive psychic readers, who can provide guidance on your love life, career path, finances and so much more! 

Step 1: Choose the psychic reader you would like to speak to by visiting this page, and taking note of their PIN. You can choose from clairvoyants, mediums, psychics, Tarot card readers, Angel card readers, numerologists and astrologists.

Step 2: Call one of our numbers (local to your country).

Step 3: When prompted by the automatic service, enter the reader’s PIN. You’ll be connected shortly.

Step 4: Your reader will introduce themselves and ask you how they can help. You will not only be provided with a caring and supportive reader, but with a psychic phone reading that will leave you feeling brand new.

You also have the option to extend your reading by a further 10, 20 or 30 minutes at the end of the call should you wish to. All you need to do is follow the voice prompts when your telephone psychic reading ends.

"I felt instantly at ease when talking to Arcadia. She connected with my situation instantly. When she mentioned my partner’s name (which isn’t a very common name) that’s when I knew she was the real deal. She is very relatable and very flowing as she reads. I’ve had troublesome times and called many readers but she’s been the only one who has put me at peace with my situation with my relationship. Since speaking to her I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. That all the worries I’ve had don’t seem as dramatic. She’s a true blessing and I would recommend her to anyone who wants a real and straight up reading. Thank you Arcadia you are the angel I’ve been praying for to guide me.">Sarah K.

Telephone Psychic Readings & What To Expect

There’s no telling what you may discover with our telephone psychic readings, but we can tell you what you expert. At Psychic Sofa, you can expect a high quality psychic service provided by trusted psychic readers. Our psychic readers truly hone their psychic abilities to provide you with psychic readings that you can rely on and depend on, every single time. When you use our telephone psychic readings service, you’ll be greeted by a psychic reader who understands the importance of confidentiality and spiritual guidance, and will never lead you astray with false hope and promises. Our telephone psychic readings offer insight into your psychic energy, your life’s worth and the paths that lay before you. Maybe you’re at a crossroads in your life, and you’re wanting to make a change? Perhaps you’re wondering whether you should follow your heart when it comes to your relationship, but there’s something holding you back? Or maybe you’re trying to choose between two lovers, two jobs or two opportunities? With Psychic Sofa by your side, our telephone psychic readings can provide you with all the clarity you need to go confidently in the direction of your dreams, and make positive life choices that will garner success.

With Psychic Sofa, you should expect psychic readers who will support and guide you. With Psychic Sofa, you should expect a good value for money service that puts your needs first, without judgement or hesitation. Giving you the time you need to talk, our psychic readers will listen, encourage and motivate, so that you know how valued you are and can start placing value in the parts of your life that matter the most.

Our Trusted Psychic Readings

When it comes to psychic services, we understand that there’s an issue with trust, and that many are determined to undermine the spiritual guidance that psychic readers can provide. We know that the media has aided this perception. We know that some can’t see the benefit in things they can’t explain. At Psychic Sofa, we respect everyone’s opinions, but have seen firsthand the positive effects that our telephone psychic readings have had on the lives of our clients, and will continue to shout about their accuracy, positivity and support through our trusted psychic readings.

Our trusted psychic readings are used by clients looking for all kinds of psychic guidance - whether that’s through a psychic medium, a clairvoyant, a Tarot Card reader or an Angel Card reader. Along with numerologists and astrologists, we can connect you to psychic readers who can provide you with the spiritual guidance you need, whenever you need it.

Everyone’s life path is different, but one thing holds true. Our psychic readers can help you find the path to happiness, and point out the challenges you may face along the way. The road to happiness may not always be smooth, but with our trusted psychic readings, you can navigate it far better. A missed love connection may have been for the best, and Mr Right may be around the corner. A job opportunity could take you to places you’ve never even heard of, but could provide you with spiritual teachings that make you a far more rounded individual. You’ve only got one life to live (at least as you are now), so why not make it a great one? For telephone psychic readings you can rely on and always trust, please call one of our trusted psychics today using the telephone numbers at the top of the screen.

Telephone Psychic Readings Vs Face To Face Psychic Readings

You may be wondering how psychic phone readings can possibly give you the insight you need when it comes to your life - especially when it comes to love advice, career guidance, astrology readings and Tarot Card readings. You may be surprised to learn that a psychic connection is not limited by distance or time, and so long as a psychic reader can tune into your energy and aura, they don’t need to be in the same room as you. In fact, many of our telephone psychic readers have claimed they find phone psychic readings easier - because they don’t have the distractions of facial expressions and clients watching the clock weighing them down.

Telephone psychic readings are also great for those who live in isolated areas, or are homebound due to an illness, which makes leaving the house difficult. Phone psychic readings allow you to keep some privacy between yourself and your psychic reader, which we here at Psychic Sofa completely understand. Our telephone psychic readings ensure professionalism, confidentiality and support - giving you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, your life path and your future, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Are you wondering where Mr Right is? Considering whether now is the right time to switch jobs? Facing a difficult decision and need some guidance on the road to happiness? You don’t need to figure this all out on your own. Our psychic phone readings can offer clarity and support with many benefits that face to face psychic readings can’t provide.

What’s more, with psychic phone readings, there’s no chance for cheating, as our psychics can’t read your body language, or make assumptions based on your age, what you’re wearing or how you come across. This makes for more trusted psychic readings, as our psychic readers can focus more on their psychic abilities rather than on biases that can’t always be controlled.

Not only are telephone psychic readings far more relaxing because they take place from the comfort of your own home, but they are also far more convenient. If you have a busy schedule, or life always seems to get in the way, with our psychic phone readings, you can call from anywhere, at any time, using your trusted mobile phone or landline. Whether it’s 3am, 11pm, Christmas day or a bank holiday - our psychic phone readings will continue to give you the psychic guidance and psychic support you need, so that you can live a confident and happy life. You can’t go knocking on a psychic’s door at 3am in the morning after all!

So if you’re looking for an accurate psychic phone reading from a psychic reader you can trust, then look no further than Psychic Sofa. Our network of psychic readers span mediums, clairvoyants, Tarot Card readers and more - ensuring we provide something for everyone. For your telephone psychic reading, please call one of our trusted psychics today using the telephone numbers at the top of the page. If you don't have one local to your country, you can check our International Numbers page.

Why Choose Psychic Sofa?

  • We make telephone psychic readings fun. We know that you’re looking for spiritual guidance and psychic support, and we provide this with gusto and entertainment value. When we need to be serious we will be, but we like to provide psychic guidance in a light and comforting way where possible.
  • Even if you can’t sit face to face with our mediums, clairvoyants, Tarot Card readers or Numerologists, our telephone psychic readings ensure that you receive a better standard of psychic service than you would if you were. Tuning into your psychic energy, our psychic readers can get a real sense of who you are, how you’re feeling and the spirits that would like to help you.
  • We thoroughly vet any and all potential psychic readers before allowing them to join our psychic phone readings network. They must care deeply about providing their clients quality, trustworthy psychic readings and abide by our company values of customer duty and care.
  • We offer a ‘No Quibble Money Back Guarantee’, providing you with a full refund in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with our service. Though, if our glowing customer testimonials and excellent psychic feedback is anything to go by, we’ll be surprised if you are. Mentioning everything from our psychic readers’ intuition and clairvoyancy skills through to the direct contact with the spirit world that put their minds at ease, there’s no end to the support our psychic phone readings can provide.

How To Prepare For Psychic Phone Readings

Telephone psychic readings can provide you with insight you never thought possible, but this prospect can be daunting for some. It’s always best to prepare for psychic phone readings, so that you can take on board what has been said during your psychic readings, and use the information to your advantage. To reduce any feelings of stress or unease, we here at Psychic Sofa suggest calling from somewhere quiet and comfortable - a place free of noise and the distractions of others. This ensures that both you and your authentic psychic reader can both concentrate during your psychic phone readings, and that they can provide you with the most accurate and reliable psychic readings.

If your nerves start getting the better of you, take a deep breath, make yourself a refreshing drink and listen to your most favourite music before having a psychic reading. Try to relax, find calm and think positively. You’re calling our reputable psychic readers for a reason, and there’s only one way to find out what that reason is!

Because you may find out some mind-blowing information, or cryptic messages that need deciphering, we suggest taking notes during your telephone psychic readings, so that you can go over them as you wish, and reflect on what you’ve learnt. Use your own intuition to find meaning in these hidden messages, and consider the impact this could have on your life. If it doesn’t seem to connect right now, it may mean the answers are yet to come!

What Psychic Abilities Do Your Psychic Readers Have? 

We’re very lucky here at Psychic Sofa, as our professional psychic network comprises a range of good psychic readers. From mediums and clairvoyants through to Tarot Card readers and Angel Card readers, the psychic abilities and spiritual powers that our authentic psychics possess are truly beautiful. If you’re looking for insight into your life, then you really don’t have to look further than psychic phone readings with Psychic Sofa. From psychic love guidance and psychic career advice through to help with tough decisions and financial endeavours, our telephone psychic readings could be the answer to your prayers.

The psychic abilities our reputable psychic readers possess include:

Clairvoyance: Clairvoyance is the psychic ability to see beyond the five senses and tune into extra-sensory perception, such as the ‘third eye’. Using their third eye, clairvoyants can describe locations, images, objects and people that relate to you, and by confirming events that have happened to you in the past or present, Clairvoyants can help you to deal with them, and move on for a better future.

There are various types of Clairvoyants: clairaudience (hearing voices), clairvoyance (seeing images), clairsentience (recognising feelings), and claircognizance (knowing). For example, clairsentience is the psychic ability to touch an object, stand in a specific place, and/or touch the body of a person and sense the energy surrounding that person, location or object. 

Interested in speaking to a clairvoyant? Contact one of ours today!

Mediumship: Being a psychic medium, or mediumship, is the psychic ability to connect with the spirit world, and those loved ones no longer with us. Bridging the gap between the physical world and the spirit world, a medium uses their psychic abilities to see, hear and feel things that occur there. Mediums can pass on messages from the dead and pass messages to the dead too. Mediums can’t always guarantee that they’ll be a message waiting for you, but they can pass on yours, providing closure, comfort and allowing you the freedom to move forward in life, with those loved ones always in your heart and watching over you with love and support.

Let a loved one know you’re thinking of them with a medium reading today. 

Tarot Card Reading: Tarot Reading is a fascinating psychic ability, and one that many clients enjoy during their telephone readings. The Tarot deck is made up of 78 Tarot cards: 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The Major Arcana cards relate to events that can influence and impact your life, whereas the Minor Arcana cards relate to the daily life we all lead, and the struggles this can entail. Every one of these Tarot cards has spiritual lessons to teach us, and from their teachings, a Tarot reading can greatly impact our lives.

Have a Tarot Card Reading today.

Angel Card Reading: Angel Card Reading is a psychic ability that channels the spiritual energies of angels that only want to love, support and protect those that call on them. Offering spiritual guidance on all aspects of life - such as finances, careers and relationships - Angel Card readers can provide you with insight into what the spirits above think is best for you. These Angel Cards evoke emotion and meaning and through their wisdom, Angel Card readers can help you to decipher them. With complete honesty and unending empathy, Angel Card readers here at Psychic Sofa will ensure the true outcome is passed along to you during your telephone readings and guide you through next steps.

Have an Angel Card Reading today.

Numerology: Numerology is a fascinating psychic ability, drawing on the powers of numbers to reveal special meaning from them, and to determine what this means for your life. Numerologists can reveal various things about you, such as:

  • Your life path number, which relates to who you are and who you could be, as well as revealing what opportunities and struggles may lay ahead.
  • Your expression number, which considers your capabilities, desires, dreams and goals.
  • Your soul urge number, which reveals hidden truths that get to the core of who you truly are.
  • Your personality number, which considers personality traits and the way in which you present yourself, and appear, to others.
  • Your birthday number, which reveals your gifts, talents and your whole life’s purpose.

Learn what meaning numbers have in your life today.

You can sure gain a lot of useful insight and information from a numerologist, clairvoyant, medium, Angel Card reader and Tarot Card reader. To discover their psychic abilities for yourself, we encourage you to get in touch with them today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. With competitive rates and highly valuable guidance, you’ll find your telephone psychic readings enlightening and well worth the price.

What Kind Of Psychic Reading Should I Get?

Psychic readings can answer a variety of questions relating to love, life and the world around us - and the spiritual world that houses our spiritual guides. However, the answers you seek will determine the type of psychic reading you should get.

When it comes to love, relationships and finding the perfect partner, then an astrology reading is always a good choice. Determining compatibility between yourself and your partner, our love psychics can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship, and provide you with guidance on whether it’s the right one for you. Some people wish upon stars. Here at Psychic Sofa, we use their knowledge for your benefit.

If you’re looking to connect with a loved one no longer with us, then a medium reading is what we’d recommend. Acting as the messenger between the physical world and the spiritual, our psychic mediums can pass on messages to your loved ones, to let them know that you’re thinking of them, along with anything special you’d like to add. Our psychic mediums will do their best to relay any messages back to you too.

What about big career moves or decisions that can change the course of your life? Well, Tarot Card readings are a good place to start, as they can teach you the lessons you need to learn to make informed decisions about your current situation, helping you move forward in life. Sometimes we can feel rushed to make decisions without really considering the consequences. But with a Tarot Card reading from Psychic Sofa, you can take your time, get the answers you need and feel happy with your decisions.

Along with Angel Card readings, Clairvoyant readings and Numerology readings, you can gain real insight in your life and the direction in which it is heading. 

How Often Should You Get A Psychic Reading?

Our clients regularly ask us, "How often should you get a psychic reading, for the best insight?" It’s a good question, and the answer truly depends on the spiritual guidance you seek. There is no limit to the number of telephone psychic readings you can have, or that we recommend, because every situation is different. You may want psychic readings to discover more about yourself and why your relationships just don’t seem to be working out. You may require telephone psychic readings to discuss a big decision in your life, and the Tarot Cards may hold the answer. Life has this funny way of creeping up on us and throwing us all curveballs, but with psychic phone readings from Psychic Sofa, you can gain spiritual guidance as often as you would like.

Our psychics are available 24/7, 365 days of the year, meaning they can guide you no matter the time, day, or number of psychic readings you feel you may need. Without judgement, our psychic readers can give you the confidence you need to make the right decisions on your future. If you’re in need of a psychic guide, please call one of ours today.

How To Know If Psychic Readings Are Real

At Psychic Sofa, we understand the hesitation and scepticism that comes with psychic readings. We’ve all heard the taunts and the questioning, and we know that unfortunately, there are fake psychics out there. But because we know this, we do our utmost to provide our clients with authentic psychic readers that can truly make a difference - using their spiritual gifts and psychic intuition.

All of the psychic readers, mediums, clairvoyants and Tarot Card readers - along with our numerologists, Angel Card readers and astrology readers - are thoroughly vetted before being allowed to join our psychic network. This must be eager to show and share their spiritual guidance, and only want what’s best for our clients. At Psychic Sofa, we’re dedicated to client service and duty of care, aiming wholeheartedly to provide you with telephone psychic readings that truly make a difference to your lives. Our psychic readings are real, authentic and trustworthy, as our testimonials and feedback showcases. For example:

‘’I spoke with Christina today, and the only thing I can say is excellent. We went straight into the reading and everything we spoke about made sense. I can't thank Christina enough. The way she picked up on my situation was great. Please if you are reading this then give Christina a ring. She is so good and speaks with clarity, honesty and there’s no messing about xx’’ - Francesca P.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a real psychic reading that gets to the heart of who you are and provides you with spiritual guidance from the spirit guides above, please get in touch with one of our trusted psychic readers today.

What Can Psychic Phone Readings Uncover?

Psychic phone readings can uncover a lot of interesting information, and provide you with spiritual guidance that only psychic readings can provide. Our psychic readers get asked a lot of varied questions, and have been asked to use their intuition to uncover things such as:

Psychic Love Questions:

  • What does my love life have in store for me?
  • Is my partner right for me?
  • How can I make sure my relationship lasts?
  • Does he love me? / Does she love me?
  • Why did we break up?

Psychic Career Questions:

  • Is my career the right one for me?
  • Am I on the right career path?
  • Is there a promotion on the horizon?
  • Will I ever find happiness at work?
  • Am I ready to start my own business, or is now not the right time?

Psychic Future Questions:

  • How can I best use my talents to help myself and others?
  • What opportunities lay ahead for me?
  • Is there anything I should prepare for?
  • Do my spirit guides have any insight to share about my future?
  • How can I make this year the best one yet?

These are just a handful of the questions our psychic readings can provide the answers to. If there’s something on your mind, get it out in the open with psychic phone readings from Psychic Sofa. From love advice and career advice through to what the future holds, our psychic readers can help with it all. Contact them today using the telephone numbers at the top of the page.

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