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I am an experienced Psychic Tarot reader with over 30 years of experience. I am 5th generation psychic on my father’s side and have been privileged to read for hundreds of clients all over the world from all walks of life. I am also a spiritual life coach and psychic empath, which makes me intensely sensitive to other people’s emotions, pains and energies to the extent that I sometimes experience them as my own. I have also been blessed with the gift of retrocognition, which affords me the ability to conduct remote viewings and the ability to infer knowledge of past events.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love providing clients with clear answers to their questions and help them make sense of things happening around them, address the roots or blockages that may have them stuck in a rut and gain new perspectives. I am a grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, wife who has seen pretty much everything in life. So, no judgments will be made. Whether they are looking for a specific answer to a specific question, an insight into their love life or career, or an in depth reading that gives them insight into their future, they can call me, and I will be delighted to help them.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am extremely direct and never sugar coat things. I always believe it is better to know the truth. I tell it as it is and do not waste time. I guess that is a typical Aries approach.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was made aware of my gift at the age of 5, when I was visited by the spirit of my grandfather who unknown to the family had just passed away 300 miles away. All my life I have “known” things were going to happen before anyone else. From the age of 6 I use to stay at my grandmother’s and watch her do readings to local people using tarot cards and runes.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are so many, that having to choose one is rather difficult. One of my favourites was a client asking about his love life and spirit kept showing me this wardrobe, which I was struggling to connect with the other messages. It showed me a false bottom of sorts. In the end I told the client about it. He called me back the following day. He had purchased a second-hand wardrobe from a lady whose elderly father had passed. After the reading he went to check the wardrobe and found a false bottom at the back. Inside he found over 1000 Dollars. He immediately contacted the lady who had sold him the wardrobe and she was shocked but not surprised as her father had the habit of hiding money around the house, as he did not trust banks. She decided it was only fair to split the money with my client as a thank you for his honesty. In this interaction they got to know a little more about each other and realised they were both single. Fast forward 1 year and they got married. This is one of the reasons that no matter what comes up, I always tell my clients. The wardrobe was obviously crucial in this love connection, even if it did sound rather strange to me.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a spiritual life coach and psychic empath. I also have a lot of life experience. I am a grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, wife who has seen pretty much everything in life. I have lived in 5 countries and have friends and family from a diversity of cultures. Most of all I love people and truly believe our mission in life is to help each other

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

They must be prepared to hear the truth and keep an open mind about what is being reveled. Sometimes it is very hard to hear certain thing, so be sure you are ready for whatever answer before you ask the question. Also keep an open mind a have a pen and paper to hand to jot down some notes as sometimes a message may make no sense at that precise moment but become clear at a later time. Furthermore, try and be in a quiet, comfortable place without fearing being interrupted.


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What our customers say about Mother Miranda

Wow amazing ! What she pick up on is astonishing and accurate Will update after the July date Thanks Rajinder ,

- Rajinder

9th June 2024

Absolutely fabulous reading, love her style!! She was spot on with so many details. Simply brilliant!!!

- Louise

5th June 2024

Mother Miranda is astounding in a very soul healing way. I don't have words to explain the gift this lady has, Its different in the best way. Its not what you expect but you are sure to know you needed that. She's like a soul alchemist who can operate with different dimensions of the universe including time. She is the voice of the universe embodied. Very few people on this site can read and heal and she definitely on the top of that list. Ive read with her a few times and each time was more than worth it. This is probably the longest review i have written and i don't write reviews randomly, just for my go to readers sometimes. I have surely never written a review after a few readings because i need to proof someone first for some time to review them, she's definitely the exception because she's indisputably that good, in a very humbling and centering way. Even as i write this I'm aware that her giftis truly genuine, pure and has a purpose on this earth. Im a born healer and for her to render my energy to that depth is something that many people have failed at and she did that seamlessly.

- Cedella

1st June 2024

Hi Miranda we got cut off yesterday but wanted to say thank you and leave a review. Fantastic reader, really accurate and her insight is mind blowing. Lovely to talk to as well, give her a call you’ll be amazed at how good she is. Tracy xx

- Tracy

24th May 2024

Fantastic reader, really accurate and lovely to talk to. Thank you.

- Kathy

19th May 2024

Simply amazing! She has a great sense of humour but also she reads you like a book! If you want honesty go for her.. no fluff no bulking up the reading with foolishness just straight spiritual truth! An asset to the site! Love her!!

- Anon

17th May 2024

Such an amazing sense of humour. Loved the reading, knew my situation from someone new entering my life and picked up the old person trying to get in the way. looking forward to everything coming to fruition. Ill be back to update xx

- S

15th May 2024

Absolutely amazing and accurate. Highly recommend and no idea why she doesn’t have more testimonials, she got right to the heart of any issue we spoke about. Very accurate with personalities and situations. Thank you again Miranda x

- Tracy

26th March 2024

Second reading and all I can say is i am amazed at the detail she picks up! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

- Anon

12th March 2024

Amazing reader. Very accurate and clear. Highly recommend Miranda. Thank you ❤️

- Allison

12th March 2024

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