6 Habits of Naturally Positive People

What sets naturally positive people apart from everyone else? Why are some people happier than others and can we learn to be happy ourselves?

Have you ever come across someone who just seems so laid back and happy in life that they make you feel kind of envious? Do you ever think to yourself, “What is their secret”?

Happy people tend to have their own guidelines they follow when it comes to life and it often sets them apart from their sad and wallowing peers. But what makes them so different?

I hate to say it, but the problem all stems down to our modern way of thinking, or rather – society’s odd fixation on focusing on the negative.

And sadly this negativity has also worn off on to the hoi polloi, en masse.

We now live in a society that places so much focus on the negative throughout our everyday life that we often overlook positive moments and instead reflect on the happiness that could have been if we didn’t think of the negative all the time...

It’s a wonder that any of us are happy at all!

That’s not to say that most of us can’t be happy however, just that it’s far more easier not to be.

Think about how you spend the average day, whether it’s spent in work or at home. How often do you judge yourself in a negative manner? What type of language do you use to describe things? Are you simply living to survive or are you actually out there living and experiencing all what life - and happiness – has to offer?

I almost guarantee that unless you’re one of these lucky people who have embraced the secrets of natural happiness, you have been caught in the midst of this peculiar societal depression.

But if you are willing to break free and let go of what society expects of you then there might just be hope for you yet. Here are a few hints about the habits of naturally positive people, and how you too can learn to be a more naturally positive and open person, by making a few simple changes.

People who are naturally happier also tend to be naturally more creative. Get happy and think outside of the box.

#1 They Don’t Overthink

Are you an over-thinker? Is your mind a ticking time bomb of ideas, longing and regret? Well then I hate to say it, but you’re damaging your own happiness and levels of positivity!

Okay, so not all overthinking is that bad, but for the majority of the time unless it’s simply overthinking about the next Netflix marathon you’ll be having... it’s going to be the bad kind of overthinking.

We’re talking about over analysis of yourself, past mistakes, regrets and your next action plan in life.

By spending so much time in your head thinking about events that happened in the past or might possibly happen in the future, you’re forgetting to focus on the here and now.

Happiness starts by living in the moment. Stop overthinking and let whatever may happen, happen. And let sleeping dogs lie.

#2 They Support Others...

just like they support themselves.

People who have a positive frame of mind don’t always see the world as competition. They understand that by helping others they can also help themselves progress – mentally, spiritually and quite possibly professionally.

So stop framing your world view as if everything is a competition you must succeed in. Once you stop looking at everyone else as the opposition you might just find that the world warms up to you.

Does the everyday and mundane get you down? Then perhaps you're thinking of the negative a little too much.

#3 They Disregard Negative Thoughts

Are positive people capable of having negative thoughts?

Of course they are - they’re only human after all. The only difference between naturally positive people and naturally negative people is how they choose to interpret and think about negative thoughts and behaviours.

While a negative person might dwell on and overthink (see #1) these points, a positive thinker will simply observe, accept and move on.

They don’t let their heads get bogged down with such negative things.

#4 They Also Disregard Negative Lifestyle Choices

Would you rather step at the foot of a mountain or fester in front of the TV all day?

I know, watching the latest cake disaster with Mary Berry can be fun every once in a while...

but if you spend most of your free time not engaging your mind, body or spirit in activities then you’re not only negatively impacting on your mental and physical health, but you’re also jeopardising your chances of being a naturally positive person.

Just like they can detect negative thoughts, naturally positive people can also stop themselves from partaking in negative lifestyle choices before they become engrained into their daily routine.

Fight back. Spot your negative lifestyle choices before they bite you in the butt!

#5 They Don’t Hold Grudges

Do you easily forgive and forget? It’s one of the most necessary things we can do for our own happiness, but unsurprisingly our society has fostered hatred and resentment amongst the many.

Holding a grudge means that you’re also holding onto resentment, which in turn means that you’re clutching onto negative thoughts... Are you starting to see the pattern here?

Let go of that grudge. The person you’re holding it against doesn’t care. So why should you?

It's okay to be by yourself. It's also okay to follow your own path. Don't live for everyone else's expectations. Live for yourself.

#6 They’re Not Sheep

We’ve touched upon the idea of society holding us back before, but have you ever considered the sheer gravity of the situation?

Humans as a species enjoy the idea of social conformity and cooperation. If one person goes against the grain, they tend to be ousted from the group.

This basically translates in modern times to – “you better do what I want and tell you to do or else you’re an outcast!”

And nobody likes to be the outcast, do they?

Or so we’re told.

People with a naturally positive mind frame understand that this is simply a lie to get us to conform to the social stasis. They aren’t sheep. They break through barriers because they understand that living the life we want to live is the key to true, natural conformity.

And most of all, it is the key to happiness.

The take home?

Be yourself, accept yourself, live the life you want to live... and most importantly? Disregard the bad and focus on the good.


Can you think of any more habits of naturally positive people? Maybe you’ve made a positive change for the better you wish to share with others?

Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments!



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