Morning Affirmations for Every Day of the Week

Help kick start your day in the most positive of ways with these daily, morning affirmations.

Morning Affirmations for Every Day of the Week

Have you ever just woken up at the start of your day and thought to yourself, “Nope!” before snuggling back down into your duvet? Yep, we’ve all been there. 

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can be tough. If your frame of mind just isn’t geared up for the day ahead then even the most simple and mundane of tasks can be daunting and put you right off your routine. On top of this, did you know that our waking hours are some of the worst for dealing with pangs of anxiety, stress and worry? That is why our morning routine is so important to not only our day, but our mental health. But worry not! The trick to defeating our morning anxiety and lack of enthusiasm lies simply within ourselves, and can be overcome with one simple method – affirmations.

Every single day, millions of people are battling their lacklustre moods with a simple, positive affirmation. By focusing your attention on a personal, positive intention you have taken charge of your day from the moment it starts, and in the most optimistic of ways. Now, I’m sure there are a couple of you thinking to yourself, “what even is an affirmation?” Simply put, an affirmation is a life affirming thought and statement. It is an idea, a concept, a feeling that has intention behind it. Think of an affirmation like that of a mantra. You repeat it to yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly basis; or even just the once. But in that short moment, you have put all your intention and will into that idea. You give birth to that thought and let it guide you and motivate you when your sail is down. It’s encouragement from your very heart bringing you forward.

What a better way to start your day, huh!

And do you know what makes this method of positive thinking even better? It’s one of the simplest life changes you can possibly make; and one with some of the most benefits, too. Did I mention that it’s easy! No special preparation needed, no expensive gadgets necessary; even time isn’t especially important. All you need is yourself, a statement, and the belief that you can achieve.

I used to be really sceptical of such things. Would a cheesy statement really help me become a happier person? I doubted it. But then I started to practice. And then I practiced some more. And now I’m proud to say that I was wrong. Affirmations can and DO help. Positive thinking works. From feeling down on my luck and believing that the world was against me I soon trained my brain to stop looking at the world in a negative light and actually, for once, believe in my own self worth. I chose to stop listening to all the unconstructive thoughts in my mind and instead replace them with life-affirming thoughts. My Monday Blues vanished, as did my resentment towards #HumpDay Wednesday. I learnt to accept and believe that I could persevere - all from just repeating one positive affirmation in the morning.

Now, I suggest that you all go out there, grab a pen and paper and start writing your own affirmations! I really encourage this. The more personal the affirmation the better, in my opinion. The key is to make sure that your statement is positive, first-person, present, and active. By doing this you are living in the statement. It is for the here and now. It is active. You are acting it.

For those of you who might find it a little more difficult getting started, here is a small collection of my personal affirmations that I have tailored for every day of the week, helping you to get through that depressing Monday morning commute, that Thursday morning drag, and even that less than energetic Sunday. So without further ado; read, internalise and repeat my morning affirmations for every day of the week:


 “Today, I am in control. For tomorrow, I am rich in joy, love and life!”


“Today is my day to shine! The time is now and I intend to make the most of it. Seize the day!”


“Today, I am reborn. My soul is rejuvenated and I am the source of powerful change.”


“Today, I am grateful for all that I have and will achieve. The more I see, the more I do, the more I will appreciate every breath.”


“Today, I am a force to be reckoned with! I am healthy and alive, and I have all that I need to do something incredible!”


“Today, I am ablaze! This is my life and I choose to see hope and optimism around every corner. I have the power to achieve anything.”

Sunday“Today, I am serene. I breathe in the pure white, healing light, and I breathe out any remaining negativity inside myself. My thoughts belong to me. I am in control.”


Do you have any positive affirmations that you wish to share with us? If so, why not leave a comment underneath! We always love to hear from you.


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