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About Amber

Hi all, I'm Amber, I have been reading and learning about tarot since I was 13 years old for myself and others! It always fascinates me how much the cards can pick up on your situation and what is to come. I absolutely love tarot and love learning about it and giving readings. I have always used tarot for myself to help prepare and get through the challenges life throws at us and now I aim to extend that help to others. I aim to give a holistic approach in my readings where I look at each client individually and help to advise them in their circumstance.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love being able to help other people in their circumstances it is genuinely such a rewarding experience. I feel that readings can empower us to make the right choice for us and they help us see the path that is meant for us. I love being able to help others see this.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a Sagittarius so I am very straight to the point and honest! I will never sugar coat the truth and I say what I see and feel whenever I perform a reading. I am a very open minded person too so I will never judge you. I am also always looking to expand my knowledge and skills and have a passion for learning absolutely everything!

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I remember having a lot of dreams that predicted the future and a lot of 'precognitive' dreams too. I remember dreaming of my friend calling out to me and then that exact same friend waking me up by calling me on the phone. It made me realise that we are all connected on a psychic and energetic level. Also, in general, I have always been able to pick up on the general 'feeling' of an environment and how someone is feeling quite strongly so this has always been a sign to me that I am clairsentient.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I remember once advising someone to look out for particular signs and one of these signs included a particular flower that I saw on the card. It turned out that it was their favourite flower and they even had a tattoo of it so it made total sense that it was their sign! I had never used that interpretation before and it wasn't even something that was relevant to the card meaning but I strongly felt the need to point this out - it reminded me how important it is to follow your intuition in readings and to not rigidly go by the book all the time!

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a degree in Philosophy so I am very open minded, think about things on a deeper level and I am always looking at things from new perspectives and angles. I feel this is largely how most readers help their clients, they help others to see beyond the surface level and help others to see things in a brand new light and I am very good at doing just this!

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It is really important to keep an open mind and to not go into a reading with any pre conceptions. This is especially true for future predictions, sometimes what is seen to happen in the future may not make any sense in the present but more often than not things can turn out in a way that is somewhat unexpected.

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