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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy being able to use my insight to help people at difficult or unclear times in their lives. I am especially gifted at helping with relationship problems and difficulties, as well as those times when people find themselves at a life crossroads. The pleasure and satisfaction I feel when clients return time and time again and say how accurate and intuitive my readings are to them, make it so worthwhile to me. Being able to talk to so many people from such diverse walks of life and having the opportunity to bring greater clarity to them in times of worry, makes this such a worthwhile occupation.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I consider myself to be a typical Cancerian in many ways. Being very much a warm, homely girl, I am very sensitive and in touch with my emotions. A trait of my star sign is being very analytical and looking deep into the meaning of things. My warm character puts people instantly at ease when they may be at a time when they need a friendly voice to reach out to. Cancerians are excellent listeners and are often psychically gifted and coupled with their warm personality, make excellent readers.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have always considered myself to be a very spiritual person from an early age, but realised I was spiritually gifted in my early twenties when my mother gave me the Tarot cards that I use to this day.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

This is a very hard question to answer, as I have provided so many readings that have proved both rewarding and memorable - it really is difficult for me to choose one. I would have to say that if pushed, the most memorable is a lady client who I have been speaking to for many months on a near daily basis, and whereby the accuracy of events and the advice I have given, have helped her make some very difficult decisions in what is an emotional time in her life.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have attended Psychic seminars, read many books on the subject, along with a life that has been full of its own ups and downs. This has helped me have an understanding of the problems of others, and how they may be feeling in their own time of need.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I would actually consider there to be two things to think about and prepare for. Number 1 is to have a clear idea of the type of reading you require (e.g., relationship / finance / work related etc.) and the questions you would like answered. The 2nd is to be prepared that those answers may not always be exactly what you may want to hear, but they will be the honest answer/s as the reader perceives them at that time and through whatever method is used.

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What our customers say about Andrea

Andrea I do want to talk to you. Can you please log in more often. Thanks you are brilliant.

- NA

19th August 2016

Love love love her!! Just what I needed!! So honest, so truthful, says it as she see's it. Would highly recommended a reading with her. Worth every single penny. Will defo be back. Got my situation to a T. Thank you so much xxx

- Sarah

28th May 2016

I've had 3 readings with Andrea in the past 18 months. Every time the predictions have come true. I was so shocked, Andrea picked up my type of work, the fact my ex-girlfriend worked with me, and even give me her name. No one had ever done that before in any reading I have had. I can highly recommend Andrea to anyone. I hope things are picking up for me by the summer time, I will be back to give you feedback. Thank you, L&L Daniel

- Dan

11th May 2016

Ah Andrea, you are so funny, I had an excellent reading on a lot of things. I will let you know how I get on when it all unfolds, I could talk to you all day, definitely had a great connection. Love and light xxxx

- Beverley

8th May 2016

So glad I managed to get Andrea today. She is absolutely fabulous! Tunes in quickly and gave me positive answers, no waffle and not what I wanted to hear. So if you want the truth give her a call. If you can catch her. L&L S xx

- Susan

24th March 2016

Andrea is truly amazing, her readings give so much detail, clarity and validation. She is simply the best a true godsend and a truly fantastic psychic.. I feel so much comfort and peace when I speak to Andrea and David her guide, she genuinely cares and is very honest, no sugar coating.. Thank you so much!! Sxx

- N/A

20th February 2016

Amazing!!.... Had a few readings with Andrea!... Absolutely spot on.... Her reading are so accurate they have left me lost for words!!! As it has been said she doesn't sugar coat, you get the truth, she is very understanding and caring and doesn't judge.... Love her to bits.... Please have a reading with Andrea you won't be disappointed!!.... Xxxxx C

- N/a

12th February 2016

I've been having readings with Andrea and she is one in a million! Amazing 10/10. I trust her guide David and she's never judgemental. She is my life coach :) We always have a laugh on the phone and Psychic Sofa you are very lucky to have her! Best wishes, Sarah xxx

- Sarah

8th February 2016

I had a reading with you today 13th Jan 16, OMG Andrea you are truly one of the best psychic's I have ever spoken to on this site and in my life. As like with many other people, we tend to keep calling and speaking to psychics to keep telling us things we sometimes want to hear, or to make ourselves feel better, when we are felling down. Your reading today has blown me away and left me speechless. The information and validation you gave me, as left me shell shocked; You described the person, family situation, our situation with such accuracy; when I put the phone down, I still couldn't believe that you were able to pick up so much information and have given me so much clarity, without me saying anything. You are and your guide David are very special, gifted psychic/medium and earth angel. I'm honestly blown away and still trying to take in everything you said; you even knew the letters I was going to use in my business name, I haven't even registered it yet!!! On top of which you have put the pieces together on matters I was only partially aware about, I look forward to the next few months, thank you so much.. I cant explain to you how much calmer and focussed you've made me feel; and I know your not sugar coating anything, just saying it as it is.. I have also spoken to some lovely readers on this site, but nobody has ever picked up on what you did, I will definitely be coming back in the future for further guidance. Thank you Sxx

- N/A

13th January 2016

As far as accuracy goes, Andrea is far and away the best reader on this site. This is from someone who has tried LOTS of readers over the past year or two. Andrea's predictions for me a month ago weren't the same as those I'd had from other people about me and my beloved over the Christmas period but, guess what, she was the only one who got it right. I look forward to seeing whether predictions for further ahead are also spot on. Judging by the accuracy of previous readings, I have reason to hope that they will be. Amazing. xxx

- Margaret

6th January 2016

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