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Specialises in: Clairvoyant Psychic Medium

Angie is a stunning Clairvoyant, she picks up on what is going on in your life through channelling into your voice vibrations and tells you in detail your current situation. Angie is intelligent, fresh and very articulate. Angie has a reputation for giving amazing readings as she is able to connect with everyone she speaks to. Angie specialises in relationships and career.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My main aim is to ensure that when the client has ended the call that they go away feeling much better about their situation as in most cases a client will ring as they have a problem/situation that they need answers to. Whilst I may not always be able to give them all the answers I will endeavour to make sure that they at least feel a weight lifted off of their mind and able to cope. My main gift is picking up on voice vibrations and a simple "hello" can guide me to how a person is feeling. I get job satisfaction knowing that I have helped someone.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am a very typical Cancerian, very homely, warm and sensitive, and due to this people are drawn to me. I am very intuitive, loyal and protective over family and friends. I am 'the oceans of emotions' sign. As a water sign I absolutely love to be near the sea and could sit for hours and hours watching the waves. Also as a typical Cancerian I am able to identify with the situations of others.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have been aware of my gift since the age of 18 but ignored it until my early 30's when it appeared to become even stronger. My spirit guide is my grandmother who was also psychic and when I feel the need I go to her graveside for my guidance. The messages I am given by her are spoken to me in my left ear and when they are personally for me they are in my right ear. She appears to have no concept of time however and tries to talk to me in the middle of the night! I feel that I am very blessed.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

My most memorable experience was a friend who rang me and was talking about an ex partner that she still had feelings for. She hadn’t heard from him for several months and I was chatting to her over the phone and was being told by spirit that this man would be in touch that day and it would be very soon, and also he would wish to come and visit her to talk. When I told her this she really doubted it and her reaction was "I hope not I have not washed my hair". Well she should have listened as two hours later she rang to say he had done just that and was on his way round still not leaving time for her to wash her hair!!

Needless to say, she always tends to listen now!

What our customers say about Angie

Another prediction has come to pass.. you said that my daughter will not go to Japan but she will take on a new jpb here in the line of her teaching with speech and guess what my daughter said like last night she has a new job and will start Monday through NHS will work on office and teach special needs children from Monday. You said timings of Nov... you are sooo good.. X thank you

- F

10th October 2020

Angie predicted communication to come thru by email end of Aug, my daughter going to Japan, job coming thru within CO end of August and they guy to start to come in the office around August time and guess what all has come to pass.. x thank you Angie

- F

2nd October 2020

Angie is an amazing psychic, she connects quickly with spirit and picks up on what is going on around. She is compassionate and down to earth and gives a clear insight into people and situations. Thank you for your guidance Angie. A very genuine person xx

- Tracy

26th September 2020

Just like you predicted my daughter will not be taking on the role in Japan.. X

- F

4th September 2020

Lovely reading with Angie. She described in minute detail characteristics of the person I was asking about and the timing of contact came through when she said. Lovely lady. Kind and considerate and more importantly extremely accurate. Enjoyed speaking to her and will be back xx

- Ceri

23rd June 2020

Dear Angie, Thank you for your reading Tuesday 5th May, it's always lovely to hear your voice. Stay safe and well. Much love to you Sarah with the boxes. X

- Sarah

12th May 2020

Angie, big thank you as always. Didn't get a chance to say this, time went past so fast. I'll wait and see what happens Out to the garden for some work and sunshine CH

- Cynthia

6th May 2020

Angie is so accurate with her perdictions her timeing is also pretty close. I have had many many readings with her over the years regarding love life and work and she has been spot on. Recent perdictions on my love life has just come true and I love the way she delivers her message in a direct and kind way. Thank you so much Angie.

- Lady

3rd May 2020

My fav she is amazing and on of the best on here she is so funny with a funny sense of humour she relaxes you and makes you feel at ease thanks G x

- Georgina

7th April 2020

Angie, you lift me up when I feel like giving up, you are truly amazing, thank you for all the times you have been there for me, absolutely spot on xx

- Jacqueline

2nd April 2020

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