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Freya's Profile

I am Freya, an experienced Tarot card reader and psychic. My abilities blossomed during my teenage years. After a great deal of meditation, I was led to Tarot, and I utilise the power of these cards to advise and guide my clients. I now have over 20 years of Tarot experience and use a bonded deck to guide you. My psychic and Tarot abilities work together to give sound advice and guidance to my Clients.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I most enjoy the comfort I provide for my Clients - during every reading, my entire focus and attention is completely devoted to my Client and supporting them through their joys and difficulties. Offering support, advice and guidance - my cards offer empathy and sound advice and their guidance is a source of great comfort to my Clients. My cards never fail to surprise me with the depth of insight they provide. I gain a tremendous sense of well-being every time I read for my Clients. 

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am a healer, and devote my time and energies to healing others. I am also creative and somewhat whimsical - I can certainly be indecisive when considering events in my own life, so I certainly understand the importance of seeking spiritual advice! I am all about restoring the balance in every aspect of life. I am most drawn to my Justice card as she represents balance, fairness and, of course, Justice. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I started to foresee and dream of terrible events in my early teen years which turned out to be predictions. Usually in dreams, these events unfold anywhere from a day to a week later in the news or indeed in my own life. I still experience these dreams today. When I first saw the type of Tarot deck I use today, I knew immediately it was meant to be and dedicated years to mastering my cards and bonding with them. I could not imagine being parted from my cards. I found that my psychic abilities enhanced my card-reading abilities, and now I utilise both talents in a harmonious symbiotic relationship.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I cannot reveal too much information, after all my readings are completely confidential - however I do remember one Client who had for a long time had things go terribly wrong in their life, terribly so. My Client was getting very close to giving up, and was becoming depressed. My cards revealed that one person the Client had considered to be a friend had been envious of my Client, and had been sabotaging my Client for some time. My cards also revealed one awful act the 'friend' had committed that the Client hadn't been aware of. I gave the advice and support the cards offered and the reading ended. My Client contacted me a week or so later to let me know the cards had been entirely correct and the Client had been able to begin repairing the damage the 'friend' had caused. 

This was a particularly memorable experience as the Client had been at their wit's end, and had been completely demoralised by the repeated setbacks and failures they experienced. I spoke with the Client several more times over the next few months, and they had completely turned their life around for the better.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I work with my Spiritual Church and fellow psychics to enhance my abilities and my understanding of them, all with the goal of better being able to assist my clients and heal others. I read often, and find that my cards often still surprise and amaze me. I meditate often and take Retreats 'away from it all' to recharge myself and get in touch with my energy. I devote a lot of time and energy into understanding my cards and maintaining my bond with them. They are part of me and my knowledge and ability with them has been hard-earned.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To be as calm as possible - very strong emotions can indeed affect readings negatively. I find in particular with Tarot that the cards respond poorly to anger and other very negative emotions. You and your emotions will be the source of the energy required for the reading, so do try to keep that energy as positive as possible. 

The best thing to do is to briefly remove yourself from the situation which is causing the negativity and try to relax and get your thoughts in order. When you feel calmer and more in control, have clear and concise questions in mind before you call. Have a frank discussion with your reader before you begin to advise them of your needs and desires. 

Freya's Testimonials

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It was lovely speaking to you Freya. I am very happy with my reading and will update you as things unfold. Not long now, I cannot wait for this !!!! L & L Susan xx

Loved both my readings with Freya. We covered my work with the first reading and romance potential with the second reading. She covered heaps of ground and offered tonnes of insights and information, especially around the work/career/job questions. We discussed generally about my job opportunities, short term and long term, as well as specific people and what to look out for on the negative side so I wouldn't take the wrong path with my career. Really solid advice and reading. Thank you. AG 1/5/19

Hi Freya, loved your reading so much....if you are able to put online when you will be online that would be amazing! Thank you so much and can't wait to catch you soon. Lots of love and thanks to you. Sam xxxx

Freya you are truly fantastic! I wrote a review earlier but not sure if it was submitted so I'm doing this one too! You are the best reader I have ever had! I love the way you read! You remember everything throughout the reading and are so kind and great! I,am so happy to have found you tonight. I really needed a lot of answers and you gave me them all,with wonderful insight and advice. I feel so empowered now to go ahead with what I need to do. Before my reading I was afraid, now I feel strong and know what is going on behind the scenes. You are truly magnificent! Sending you lots of love and thanks and blessings xxxxxx

I actually don’t have words to say how beautiful your souls is and my God the information you gave me about my situation and the way you picked up every thing around us unbelievable. You are a real gem . Loads and loads of love x (Shahab)

Fantastic reading,Freya is outstanding she is exceptionally gifted and really picks up on the past and present, very thorough and is full of guidance to help you get on the right path for the future thank you from the lady who didn't get one reversed card! x☺

Had a reading with this lovely lady a couple of weeks ago. She said something very specific was going to happen but at the time it didn't make any sense to either of us. It now makes sense to me as it happened yesterday. I will be back in future & totally recommend a reading with her. Thanks Freya! xx

This lady is brilliant! Such a fantastic reading, helped me out so much in more ways than I could of imagined! Can't wait to come back and let her know how things unfold! Thank you Freya for your kind and wonderful wisdom I appreciate it ❤ love Leanne xxxxxxxx

My second reading with Freya who remembered me, much to my amazement. She's really easy to talk to and gave me lots of hope. Highly recommended. Thank you Freya. Take care.

wow, amazing reader, highly recommended, very detailed, will definitely call again

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