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Tarot and Oracle card reader (Reiki Master Techer, Lightworker/Energyworker, Working with ascended Masters can be clairvoyant/clairsenitent.)

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Luna Rose pin 4446

Tarot and Oracle card reader (Reiki Master Techer, Lightworker/Energyworker, Working with ascended Masters can be clairvoyant/clairsenitent.)

Luna Rose


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Luna Rose's Profile

I grew up in the beautiful countryside in which I have now returned to, and always had a strong connection to nature, the earth, the moon and the spiritual dimension to things....which captivated and enthralled me with experiences as 'real' as anything I had felt on the physical plane. I have been clairvoyant and clairsentient since a very young age a particular time that stands out for me is knowing about a house move and seeing the for sale sign at the end of our drive 6 months prior to my parents ever suggesting we may look to move when I was 7. I didn't understand or try to develop my gifts as I was discouraged from this type of spiritual connection being brought up within a Methodist tradition but church never 'fit' and never felt real or genuine. Having had quite a lot of very difficult experiences in life, I have a strong sense of empathy and understanding which has been hard earned but which now perfectly complements my intuition I was gifted with. It is over the past 10-12 years that I have recognised and nurtured these gifts, relying heavily now on my strong sense of intuition as well as the guidance I receive spiritually. I spend time daily in personal practice, meditation, Reiki/Shamballa channelling, creating art, working with crystals and sound, performing rituals....and of course reading cards.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

For me the energetic connection that is established when reading cards for someone is just beautiful, seeing how the situation is reflected within the reading and how that works out in their life currently ... but probably I like it most when something in the reading allows the client to see through the veil and reveals an element or viewpoint which they hadn't previously considered, and which allows them to take definite positive action towards their goals and dreams. I also enjoy seeing how the cards can disclose different aspects of themselves when they are drawn for different people and within different positions in the spread.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am not a typical Capricorn other than my very strong sense of justice, so if you look at the Sun Sign alone it doesn't make much sense to those who know me....but when you know that I am a Capricorn with Libra Ascendant and Taurus Moon signs then the picture begins to look a bit more like me! I do have the Capricorn tenacity and determination; it was just tempered at times by my distractibility! However my Libra ascendant fits, being the version of myself as perceived by others, or how I would also like to be seen....I get along well with everyone and enjoy helping and encouraging others.....and my Taurus Moon sign balances everything nicely although can mean that I tend to bottle up my emotions if not careful.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I had recurring dreams as a child and also believed I could travel through the very large dressing table mirror where I would be welcomed onto the cobbled streets on the other side with a glass of orange juice and digestive biscuit before embarking on solving whatever problem it was I had gone there to work through before returning the same way back to my bedroom - this experience was so real and so frequent that my older sister defended me and it's truth when I was challenged on it in the playground aged 5 or 6. I felt connected with nature, with all that is, and felt sure I must be able to think my way inside the body of another person if I could just manage to align my thoughts with theirs in exact unison....I spend many hours in pursuit of this! I have always felt a strong intuition, a knowing, being guided, signs and synchronicities....even when I felt unable to pursue them due to the constraints of religious institutions...but before I had it knocked out of me, I knew there was more and it felt magical.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

The most memorable card reading I had was with a Reiki client who had been struggling with her self-worth because of the very difficult relationship she was in that she kept returning to and defending even though it was clear she was hurting and that her partner had been using her. She asked for a reading following an emotional release during a Reiki treatment, so it was about a week later that we had the reading. I used a simple 4 card tarot spread and also pulled her a single card from an Oracle card deck.....I can't quite remember the exact tarot cards other than that they spoke clearly of new opportunities and growth available to her if she chose to take them, it is the Oracle Card that was so memorable...I was using the Cosmic reading cards (a 36 card deck) and Pulled the Card number 27 SELF WORTH! (Her birthday I found out after was 27 May!) I also read her the author's interpretation of the card as it was so fitting and empowering.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have spent the past few years studying and developing various disciplines, I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamballa Master Teacher, Tarot reader, Oracle card reader, I work with Crystals and Sound, Energy work, Chakra balancing and Aura cleansing. I work with the moon cycles, astrology and ancient teachings. I am also studying for a degree in Philosophy through the Open University. I have a Reiki business, create Art and Photography and live with my kids and dog in the beautiful north Yorkshire dales. I started reading cards around 7 years ago firstly just for myself then in the past couple of years also for some of my reiki clients who requested such having had a taste when I have used Oracle cards at the end of a Reiki or Shamballa session. I find I have a real connection with the cards and that they offer us a reflection of the situation we are enquiring about, allowing us to step back and view things more objectively through the story and symbolism of the cards whilst giving space for the cards to reveal deeper truths as well.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I would say the most important thing to consider when deciding on having a psychic reading is whether it is a general reading for interest or whether this is something specific or important that you are directly enquiring about: For anything other than a general reading, I would say it is most important to consider what your expectations are of the reading, i.e. what you hope to achieve, or what you are going to do with whatever you get out of the reading. Gaining information or insight is one thing but consider your intention...why do you want or need clarity or insight? How will it help improve things? Will you feel more able take positive steps moving forward to implement positive change within your own situation? How will you feel about seeing things from a different point of view? Once you have considered these things it might help you hone in on what it is exactly that you want to consult the cards about allowing for a much deeper more situation specific reading than would be achieved in a general reading.


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