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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love using my psychic ability to help client's find a way forward in any given situation. A reading should be a happy and positive experience, delivered with accuracy and should leave the caller feeling full of hope. To achieve this I use my psychic ability and link in with own spirit guide and angels that also like to pop in and help. It is wonderful being able to deliver information and guidance specific to each and every caller.

How are you typical of your star sign?

Scorpios are highly intuitive, and I am very much like this side of the star sign.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I only became aware of it being "different" when I was aged 6. I was made aware of this by my friend's. My family are accustomed to this as I come from a long line of Irish psychics and mediums. To me, being psychic is as natural as breathing, I was aware that there were people who walk along side me since as far back as my first memories, in fact being aware of this is my first memory as I recall being surprised that other people, although in the same room as myself, could not see the same things I could.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There are many but the main was a call from a student, who travelled by car many miles to study, and needed a car to do so, due to mobility issues. I was asked where the car was as it had been stolen, would it be returned, and also would it be useable if and when returned? I was able to describe the car, model and colour and was being given a name, which I advised the client of. The name of course meant nothing to me, but the caller said she knew the name of a street, with the same name I had given her. I knew the car would be found, I also knew it would be driveable. I then received a call back a few days later from the same student, the car had been found, on the street named after the name I had provided. The joy from the caller was immense, this car was not simply a means of transport, it was a vital lifeline for this lady, and to know that I had helped the lady find it was delightful, I said a thank you to all guides and angels helping me with that reading.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have been doing readings for over 20 years, I have been advised that a reading from me is like chatting to an old friend, and leaves you feeling positive. I work very closely with my guides and angels, this all helps provide an in depth accurate reading for the caller. A reading should always be relaxing and my sense of humour and ability always helps achieve this. I am chatty and upbeat with a positive outlook on life, this allows any caller to feel at ease to allow them to relax and enjoy their reading.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

What are looking for from the reading? What questions they may have and where guidance may be needed. It is always good to look at the available reader list and feel who they may be drawn to. Choosing a reader they feel comfortable with will allow the caller to feel more comfortable.

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What our customers say about Dani

Brilliant reader, tuned in immediately, no questions asked. Messages and guidance were exactly what I needed to clear up lots of confusion about my path and direction. Excellent validations and lovely, kind reader. Many thanks.

- Ang

10th November 2020

Had a lovely reading with Dani today (30/09/20) clear and accurate, presented in a lovely warm and friendly manor. Looking forward to the predictions to unfold. Thank you Dani xxx

- Julie

30th September 2020

I had my first reading today with Dani (02/11/16) and all she asked for was my name and what I wanted to look into and went straight into it, didn't ask for the gentlemans name, just picked him up and confirmed what my intuition was telling me...no prompting for me, just validated what she picked up then asked for guidance! Very gentle and positive in her delivery... you won't be disappointed so call her before she becomes super busy on this line! L&L x Usha x

- N/A

2nd November 2016

Amazing reader - full of insight, compassion and knowledge. Dani knew things I was thinking and about my projects and former and future partner. Quite phenomenal - there are very few readers who have such clarity and vision. I will be back. Love n light. Ni

- Nick

24th October 2015

What a lovely lady. So insightful and she picked up on my situation straight away with no prompting. Also talked of things there is no way she could have known. Careful not to offend me and she still got the message across to me. Incredibly accurate. Thank you Janine. Hx


29th May 2013

Dear Janine. That was the loveliest reading. Thank you so much for lifting my whole day. You connected with me so well. I could have talked to you all day!! Please give this lovely lovely lady a call. So kind and non judgemental. Money well spent. You will not be disappointed. Thanks a million. X x x S


12th June 2012

Amazing reading, thank you Janine! So insightful. You have really put my mind at ease and have seemed to know so much about me! Youve given me faith, thank you :)


14th May 2012

Just had my first reading with Janine . so easy to talk to and very caring. answered all my niggling questions ever ones i havent asked about. Feel more positive now thank you Janine. x


11th May 2012

Janine you are really amazing! Thank you for a really insightful and in-depth reading both on my past and current love-life! It was really nice talking with you as you gave me a lot of reassurance and confirmation with a lot of things. Love and Light Annette


10th May 2012

Hmmm not sure but I enjoyed the reading, very warm and positive lets wait for the predictions later on. Thanks Janine xxxx


23rd April 2012

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