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My name is Benita, and I work both internationally and here in the UK as a medium. I am Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, and psychic. I enjoy giving readings as I love being able to help with people’s concerns. As we all know life can be very difficult at times, but my genuine guidance will help you deal with concerns or help answer any burning questions you may have. I work from the energy of your voice, and from there I work with my guides and yours. Having worked with many large audiences and individuals for over 35 years, I have helped many people in many different situations, and as everyone situation is unique, then so are my readings. I always make sure I show compassion and fulfil my client’s needs from the reading as much as possible.   

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

There is not one particular aspect of giving a reading that I like most, as it’s a combination of connecting with the client and bringing it all together in a way the client can connect their life with, giving proof that I am connecting the reading to them. So, it gives me great satisfaction when I can clarify events and unravel any confusion they might have, which in turn gives my client satisfaction that they have had a good reading. And being able to help people gives a great feeling of achievement.

How are you typical of your star sign?

My star sign is Aries, and Aries are known to be enthusiastic in what they do, and I love this work, which makes me even more enthusiastic. I am self-driven and confident, and I love helping people...if my clients are not happy, then I am not happy, so I like to work hard to give them an honest, factual reading. I find it so easy to connect with people, which I feel is another good sign that I am a true Aries, as they are known to be strong and mindful of others and their needs. 

When did you first become aware of your gift?

The first time I went to see a medium, she told me things that no one else knew. Because I was so shocked at what she told me and how accurate she was with what happened in my life, I decided to go back to see her, and it was at that time she told me that I had the ability to heal, and see, hear, and feel spirit. I eventually joined a weekly Psychic meeting, and I have never looked back since. I then went on to give readings to large audiences, one to one readings and telephone readings.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I gave a reading to one lady, and she told me afterwards that everything I told her and about her son came true, from my guidance and help, so it was satisfying for us both, and that is why I love this work.   

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have empathy for people, and compassion because I have had a lot of experience that have brought me to this point, so the experience I had along the way has built up my ability to work and do what I do.   

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing to consider is to feel relaxed, because when you feel relaxed the psychic can pick up on your energy, and then the readings flow more easily. So, my message would be to relax before you make the call. 


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What our customers say about Benita

Lovely reading! Well recommended thanks so much.

- Mari

4th December 2021

Just had a reading with this lovely lady ! Validations given were spot on ! Predictions given so look forward to those to manifest ! Thank you ! Will be back to give update x

- Anon

6th November 2021

Very good reader. Honest and accurate. Highly recommend Benita. Thank you, Allison x

- Allison

20th April 2021

Thank you Benita for a deep and insightful reading. You were so accurate about everything you picked up and I highly recommend you as a reader with a true gift and integrity. Allison x

- Allison

15th April 2021

Very accurate reading, she helped me to understand certain things which was vital to me. Thank you

- Ayse

3rd January 2021

A very nice lady and a very good reading. Very spiritual and understanding. Made some good predictions I look forward to. Thank you

- Kelsey

24th August 2014

Just had a reading, loved it. You are very calm & gentle. Thank you x love & light x

- n/a

31st July 2014

Thank you, Benita, for your reading today! I feel that I can find the right support for my spiritual journey, you are a true, sincere, natural reader ! After your reading I feel stronger and it brought me back to my centre self, much appreciated!

- Ncy

17th July 2014

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