Angel Scents

Angels are heavenly beings whose mission is to protect and guide you. But because you can't usually see angels, these spiritual beings communicate with you in other ways.


Is there the whiff of an angelic presence close to you?

Imagine the mouth-watering smell of baking bread, or your favourite cake straight out of the oven. Or think about the fragrant aroma of a bunch of roses given by a loved one. All types of scents have the power to evoke strong emotions, taking you back to a treasured moment in time. But scents also have a spiritual impact, as well as an emotional one. Spiritually speaking, a scent is said to be the essence of something. So the scent of a flower, for example, is the soul of the plant communicating directly with your senses.

Angels are heavenly beings whose mission is to protect and guide you. But because you can't usually see angels, these spiritual beings communicate with you in other ways. Most frequently, angelic communication comes in the form of scents. Angels will send you messages of hope, remembrance, support and guidance through aromas. Scent is linked to your intuition, thoughts and feelings, so this is why angels choose scent to communicate with you. If you catch the scent of a pleasant aroma, when the source of the scent is not visible, this could be your angel talking to you. For example, if the scent of roses fills your living room when there are none of these flowers nearby - this is an angelic communication.

To decipher your angelic message, recall your thoughts and feelings when you detected the angelic aroma. For instance, if you were wondering whether to take a new job, or move to a new area or commit to a new relationship, then you receive a scent message - this is an angel telling you to go for it! Angelic scents often appear to encourage you to trust your instincts. However, if you were feeling down or lonely when you smell the scent, this is your angel reminding you that you are never alone and you are loved.

Types of Angelic Scents:

Here are some of the most frequently found angelic scents that could be passing on a message from the heavenly beings to you!

Flower scents

Uplifting and fragrant, the scent of flowers is the aroma most used for angelic communication. Angelic healers say that flowers have a very high energetic vibration, which appeals to the high frequency of angelic beings. So unexplained floral scents are a sign your angel is close to you. Usually used as a message of comfort and encouragement, a floral aroma lets you know you are on the right path.

Perfume scents

Another popular method for angelic messages. A signature perfume calls a person into your mind like nothing else can. So if you sense the smell of a loved one's favourite perfume, when your loved one has passed away, this is an angel telling you that your loved one is happy and thriving in the spirit world. A message of comfort for you.

Animal scents

Angels care for animals as well as people. So a guardian angel may help a beloved pet to pass on a message of comfort to you from the spirit world. If you are thinking of a pet who has passed away and suddenly you smell the scent of his/her fur you can bet this is an angelic intervention bringing you a sense of comfort.

Location scents

From the musty curtains in your grandma's house to the detergent and sweat scent of your old school classrooms to the fresh, grassy smell of a childhood park. Scents can transport you back in time to a certain place. This place can be comforting and happy, perhaps like your grandparents' home. In which case the angels are sending you this scent as comfort, calm and remembrance.

Or location scents can remind you of unpleasant times. A job you hated, a teacher who belittled you. These scents are sent to you to spark the healing process. This experience is behind you now. But you have to face what happened and deal with it in order to move forward. Your angel is gently encouraging you to do this.

Symbolic scents

Other angelic scents are not linked to your memories but they are attempting to communicate a specific message to you. Angels communicate symbolic messages with aromatic natural fragrances, such as fruits, plants and flowers. Certain fragrances symbolise certain messages or emotions. Here are some common aromas which may convey a message from your angel:

Oranges: be joyful; be optimistic

Frankincense: explore your spirituality

Rose: be healed; take comfort

Lavender: be calm; explore your spirituality

Lemon: clear your mind and/or life of clutter

Jasmine: be at peace with your feminine aspect; try a spiritual practice.


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