12 Signs you're Spiritually Evolving

Find out if you are undergoing a spiritual transformation

Are you on the verge of unlocking your spiritual potential? If your interest in the spiritual side of life is growing and intensifying this means that you are spiritually evolving! It's exciting because you are opening yourself up to a way of thinking that can revolutionise your life by leading you to a happier and more contented existence. As you gradually explore your spirituality, through meditation or whatever feels right for you, you will begin to evolve mentally and spiritually. This means you will lift your consciousness to a higher level, enabling you to see new possibilities, recognise new ways of being and spot new opportunities to make your life better. Here are the signs that you are beginning to spiritually evolve.



1) You change while others remain

You've noticed a change in yourself. You are forging ahead with your life, eager for the next chapter. You are moving forward onto new ways of thinking and new activities. You notice the difference between your attitude and that of some of your friends, colleagues or family. These people are stuck in old ways of thinking and old patterns of behaviour. They are not moving forward. You used to be like them but now you see a new way forward. Keep it going!


2) Your intuition is strong

You used to be reticent about following your instincts but recently everything has changed. You've noticed a strengthening of your intuition. It's led you to make some good choices recently. Now, you always trust your instincts because you know your sixth sense will never fail you.


3) You think for yourself

In the past, you just accepted as true what you were told by figures of authority. Your parents, your teachers, politicians, religious leaders. You didn't question what they were saying. But suddenly you have woken up! You think and question what you are told about the big moral issues in life. You make up your own mind what is right and wrong.


4) You realise everything is connected

You've begun to understand that everything is energy. When you look around you can now grasp how nature, animals and people are all intrinsically linked. Every living thing is of equal importance in the universe. It's a wonderful realisation. Instead of feeling isolated, you feel connected.


5) You are interested in mythology, paranormal and mysteries

You are being drawn away from materialism towards the mysterious side of life. You feel intrigued by mysteries because your mind is beginning to work in a new way. You want to understand the paranormal and what it might mean for humanity. You feel driven to turn wrongs to rights, to help reunite families or help them have closure.


6) You have mood swings

Your empathy is increasing. You care more for other people. A consequence of this increase in empathy can be that one minute you feel happy - when you can help somebody. But the next moment you might feel extremely sad because a person won't let you help them.



7) Your dreams are vivid

Your subconscious is speaking to you through strange dreams. Your spirit can access your mind most easily while you are sleeping, so you will find you are receiving messages, perhaps from Spirit or from your subconscious and intuition. Don't dismiss your dreams - sure some may be nonsense, but other might have a message for you.


8) You love nature

Over the past few years, you've developed a love for nature. You appreciate the outdoors like never before. Perhaps you've taken up a new outdoor sport, or perhaps you are just spending more time outside. You realise that all animals are precious. Animals are not here to serve or amuse humans but to co-exist with respect and love.


9) You reject processed food

Junk food suddenly makes you feel unhealthy, so you're avoiding it. It's as if your body is telling you not to eat it. Instead you are enjoying fresh fruit and vegetables, locally sourced and organically produced.


10) You reject the party lifestyle

You remember the days when you partied all night, perhaps drinking too much alcohol. Now you can see how empty those times were. Surrounded by people who need substances to have a good time you could not form healthy friendships. Your life is very different now. You are turning to more spiritually nourishing activities to enjoy your life.


11) You are hyper-sensitive

You're finding you can feel the energy around people much more easily. You can sense the mood of friends and family, without them saying a word.


12) Your anger has gone

You own energy has become gentler. Your old aggression is falling away. You feel happier and you laugh more often. People want to spend time with you because you're a great person to be around!


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