How Strong Is Your Sixth Sense?

Do you consider yourself a perceptive person? Perhaps you sometimes seem to know what people are going to say before they say it? Or maybe you get strong feelings about certain situations? Everybody has a sixth sense.

8 Signs you have super-sensory powers

Do you consider yourself a perceptive person? Perhaps you sometimes seem to know what people are going to say before they say it? Or maybe you get strong feelings about certain situations? Everybody has a sixth sense. It's the ability to sense emotions, feelings or read situations. But some people are more in tune with their sixth sense. People with a stronger sixth sense have allowed it to develop by relying on this super sense and by using it, often. Trusting your sixth sense can help you to make beneficial life decisions at home, at work and with friends. Find out how strong your sixth sense is by seeing how many of the points below resonate with you.

1) You can 'read' people

Meeting somebody for the first time, you can tell how they are feeling, without them making it obvious. You're an expert at working people out. It's as if you can sense their feelings. You always seem to know what is needed from you before people ask. This ability is your super strong sixth sense picking up on the emotions and feelings of other people.

2) You see psychic signs

A strong sixth sense will make you more aware of the psychic signs and symbols spiritual forces (such as the universe/Spirit/angels) are using to communicate with you. Recurring numbers, letters, times or colors are all psychic signs aiming to give you confirmation your decisions are the right ones. So don't ignore coincidences, trust your sixth sense is directing you to notice them and think about what this message might mean for you.

3) You remember your dreams

Vivid dreams are your sixth sense helping you to communicate with your subconscious and/or Spirit. Dreams are often messages or advice. Your dreams may be guiding you towards the best course of action or away from a certain person or situation. It's your strong sixth sense that enables you to recall and decipher these dreams.

4) You know when a loved one needs you

Your sixth sense connects you to other people. This is connection is even stronger with people you love, such as family and friends. So your sixth sense might 'ping' if a loved one needs you. Signs of your sixth sense strength are when you think of a loved one, then you receive a phone call or email from them. Or if you feel a strong compulsion to contact a loved one, only to discover they are going through a tough time and really welcome your phone call.

5) You're everybody's agony aunt

Friends, family and co-workers all want your opinion on their problems. They all value your advice. You have a talent for seeing to the heart of a situation and finding the truth. You can easily recognise lies and deceit for what they are. Your sixth sense helps you to foresee what might happen so you can pass on your extra sensory wisdom to your nearest and dearest.

6) You are aware of spirits

Not as dramatic as it sounds, because it doesn't necessarily mean you can see apparitions of the dead! But, perhaps, you can sense an emotion or feeling of a person who has passed into spirit and who is connected to a living person to whom you are talking. Scents are a common way for spirits to make their presence felt to people with a strong sixth sense. So if you catch the aroma of your late mother's perfume she could be sending this scent your way from spirit to comfort you.

7) You experience deja vu

Deja vu is the feeling that you've experienced something or visited somewhere before, when you know it's impossible to have done so. Most people experience deja vu once or twice, but people with a strong sixth sense experience it often. It's a sense linked to past lives, so a place or person you've never visited or met might spark memories from a past life. If you have a strong sixth sense you'll be naturally more open to past life memories so you'll experience them more often.

8) You pick up energy from objects

People with a highly developed sixth sense can sometimes receive energetic messages from objects, such as ornaments, coins, jewellery or photographs. This psychic ability is called psychometry and those who have it can get impressions, images or information about other people from objects.


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