Psychic Vs Medium

Do you know your psychics from your mediums? With an aura of mystery and intrigue linked them, there's plenty of misconceptions about these two types of psychic ability.

Psychic Vs Medium

Busting the myths about psychic powers


Do you know your psychics from your mediums? With an aura of mystery and intrigue linked them, there's plenty of misconceptions about these two types of psychic ability. Psychics and mediums have a natural knack for using their sixth sense or extra-sensory perception (ESP) to uncover information that is hidden. Just as you can't see your sense of smell or sense of taste but you know it exists, the sixth sense picks up on invisible energy around a person, place or situation. Psychics and mediums can sense and read this energy.

So if you want advice on a problem or dilemma, or new perspective on a situation, you can ask a psychic to use their ability to read your energy and help you solve the issue.


True or False?

1) Psychics and mediums are the same thing

False. Psychics connect with your energy so they can offer insights about your life. Mediums connect with the spirit world to pass along messages or to offer advice from deceased relatives, friends, or spirit guides. So the two words describe different abilities. A psychic doesn't have the ability to connect to spirit. A psychic medium does.


2) Psychics and mediums are witches

False. Psychic powers are a talent, like musical ability, they are not connected to beliefs. People with ESP come from all backgrounds. It's a natural ability that does not depend upon your background. However, people are often drawn to the Wiccan tradition once they begin developing their psychic sense as this faith is more accepting of psychic powers.


3) You can train to be a psychic

True & false! It's a natural ability which most people have to some extent - think of your intuition: for example, when you get a strong feeling to avoid a situation. Good or bad 'vibes'. This is psychic ability. Those with very strong natural psychic ability can join groups to develop their ability.


4) Psychics and mediums can predict the future?

False. Nobody can predict the future because every choice you make changes the outcomes of the future. Psychics and mediums can help you see all the choices open to you. They can suggest action that looks beneficial for you. But they cannot tell you what to do. Nor can they tell you what will definitively happen. Your future is in your hands. But psychics and mediums can guide you towards the best choices for you.


5) Psychics and mediums are scary/dangerous?

False! Psychics are not connected with archaic notions of 'the devil'. They are people with the ability to sense energy and information. The knowledge they offer can empower you to make better life choices.


Understanding the differences

Mediums can:

*Connect with the spirit world, tuning into the energy of people or spirit beings that exist outside the physical world.

*Communicate with departed loved ones to pass on a message or to let you know they are at peace. Mediums communicate shared memories, descriptions and factual information to connect you to deceased loved ones.

*Communicate with angelic or spirit beings to guide you through life decisions, especially connected to spiritual choices.


Psychics can:

*Use their psychic ability to tune into your energy. This can tell them what you are feeling and experiencing. This psychic instinct can help them advise you on life choices and relationships. Some psychics can pick up energy from places, objects and animals, too. Psychics are not able to connect with the spirit world.

*Psychics' abilities are focussed on the present and your thoughts and feelings, as oppose to a deceased relative's message to you.



When to see a psychic

1) For advice on a rocky romantic relationship

2) For guidance on your next career move

3) For clues on how to deal with a tricky relative or friend

4) For insight on whether the house you're thinking of buying is right for you

5) For ideas on what you need to do to be happier/to succeed



When to see a medium

1) To communicate with a deceased loved one

2) To reassure yourself your loved one is at peace

3) To ask for a deceased loved one's guidance on a life choice

4) For a connection to your past

5) To access guidance from a spirit being, such as your guardian angel


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