Popular Fortune Telling Methods From Around The World

There are many different types of fortune telling methods that are popular all around the world. If you are on a spiritual journey of self-discovery you may feel drawn to exploring the mysteries of these unfamiliar fortune telling traditions.


Learning about what the future may hold can be beneficial to your self-exploration and spiritual growth.

Turkey – Coffee cup reading

Sipping an aromatic Turkish brew is a great way to relax and discover what your destiny has planned. The tradition of coffee cup reading is known as tasseography and dates back to the 16th century. Today, coffee cup reading is a popular alternative to a tarot or psychic reading in many countries. Once you have enjoyed your cup of strong Turkish coffee, the reader will inspect the muddy coffee residual that is left at the bottom of your cup.

The sediment is traditionally read by starting at the rim and following the shapes downwards in a spiral. This gives an interpretation from the present to the future. By looking at the sediment shapes and spaces the reader can translate the symbolism and give you insight into your future.

China – Face reading

In China, you can easily find a fortune teller who is willing to inspect every line, wrinkle, scar or mole on your face, in order to predict your future. Face reading is an ancient tradition that is often used in mental and physical healing practices. Readers examine the three major areas of the face – Heaven is the space between the forehead and the eyebrows, Human is the area from the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, and Earth is the lower section, down to the chin. There are also 13 divisions down the centre of the face.

Each of the three sections is examined for scars, marks or discolouration, and a positive or negative analysis is given.

Greece – Palm reading

Palmistry is a common fortune telling practice in many countries. The fortune telling method originated in China and progressed to Greece, where it became an ancient tradition. There are many different ways to read the palms. The most popular method involves analysing the lines on the hands that correspond to different aspects of life. You can learn about your love life or lifespan, and other equally important issues regarding your future.

India – Jyotish astrology

The traditional Hindu and Vedic system of astrology, known as Jyotish is a form of astrology that examines the position of the stars and planets in order to determine the past, present and future. The word ‘jyotish’ translates to ‘the wisdom of the Heavens’ and focuses on the alignment of the stars to explore personal strengths, challenges and destiny. Unlike Western astrology, Jyotish is based on the fixed, observable positions of the constellations.

The astrologer will calculate the positions of the celestial bodies and planets, based on the day, date and time of your birth.

Japan – Omikuji

The Japanese custom of Omikuji is usually found in Buddhist shrines and Shinto temples. This ancient fortune telling method involves receiving a small strip of paper that has a fortune written on it. To receive one of 12 different types of fortune – ranging from great blessing to great curse - you must first locate an Omikuji booth. Once you give a donation you can select a numbered stick and retrieve the piece of paper from the corresponding numbered drawer.

If you receive a negative fortune it is the traditional custom to fold it into a thin strip and to tie it to a pine tree, so that it can’t follow you home. Good luck and positive blessings should be carried around with you every day.



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