Archangels to the Rescue!

Archangels are powerful spiritual beings of light, high up the hierarchy of light-workers. They can bring joy, peace, protection and healing to your life.

Imagine having a stream of blessings flowing through your life. Because that's exactly what you can receive if you turn to these heavenly beings for spiritual help. Archangels are powerful spiritual beings of light, high up the hierarchy of light-workers. They can bring joy, peace, protection and healing to your life. For times when you are feeling lost, scared, unhappy or unsure of yourself, archangels can be your protectors. Ask for guidance and you will be shown the light in even the darkest of situations.



Ask an Archangel

Here's how to ask for help from an archangel.


1) Ensure what you are asking for is for good purposes only. Being creatures of light, angels won't answer greedy, selfish or negative requests! Perhaps you're looking for healing, peace of mind, protection, or new direction in life. These are all good requests.


2) Close your eyes and concentrate on your request. Repeat the name of the archangel in your mind. Ask from the heart. Be polite, gracious and honest in your words.


3) Be alert for your answer by being aware of any coincidences or signs that crop up as these may be your angelic message. Be aware that requests may be granted in unexpected ways. Make sure you act positively once you see your sign.



The Seven Archangels

Here are seven of the archangels just waiting to help you.


Archangel Jophiel

If you need a sprinkling of magical creativity in your life, turn to Jophiel, who is the patron of artists and creators. Whether you need some creative thinking to release you from a difficult situation, or whether you want to become a more creative person, this archangel will help you manifest new ideas. Jophiel cuts through negativity, ego and chaos and replaces them with joy, wisdom and order. She will help you see your problem in a new light, which enables you to solve it for everyone's highest good.


Archangel Uriel

Release your anxieties and let go of destructive emotions with the help of Archangel Uriel. Turn to him if you have a big decision to make, ask him to fill your mind with the wisdom you need to choose well. If your head is spinning with worries Uriel can help you ground your thoughts. He is the guardian and patron of animals and the natural world. Get in touch with Uriel during a meditative stroll in the countryside and do his work by caring for the earth and her creatures.


Archangel Michael

This archangel will be your protector. If you are in fear, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, let Michael cut through your fear. He will guard you against all negative influences and in times of crisis you can call on him for immediate help. Seeing the colours bright blue or violet is a sign Michael is near you.

Michael brings truth, honesty, and courage so call on him when you need those qualities to pour into your world. For times when you feel drained of energy or low on self esteem, Archangel Michael will be your strength.


Archangel Azrael

If you are grieving for a lost loved one, Archangel Azrael will help you cope with your sadness. This angel can help you if you are a sensitive who absorbs other people's emotions when trying to help them. Azrael will help you work with people without absorbing sadness or negativity. If you are at an end point in your life this angel can help you navigate the ending and move forward. This applies to the end of a relationship, releasing bad habits or emotions, and transitioning in any way.


Archangel Raphael

An angel with a soft, loving energy, Raphael is a healer. He can soothe your body, emotions and your mind to release all your deep-seated pain. A natural guide for people in the healing professions, such as nurses, carers and teachers, Raphael can lessen suffering and pain. Ask him to heal you. Patron of travellers Raphael will keep you safe on both physical and spiritual journeys. His colour is green, especially bright flashes of this colour.


Archangel Gabriel

Celestial messenger, Gabriel brings knowledge from the Divine Source. She will help you understand the messages you receive from your subconscious in dreams, or from Spirit in psychic readings, or through your sixth sense. She is also the angel of action.

So turn to her if you are lacking motivation or feeling stuck because Gabriel can help you overcome your fears and act positively.


Archangel Chamuel

If you feel like everything is going wrong for you, call on Archangel Chamuel. He can cut through the negativity surrounding you and help you find the strength to vanquish all the adversity in your life. He will smash through fear and help you cut away the habits and emotions that are dragging you down. His softer side can help you heal relationships and bring calmness into your everyday existence. If you have lost something, ask Chamuel to help you find it - whether it's an item of jewellery or your purpose in life.


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