Your Guide To Numerology

The world of numerology is one that’s rife with detail, you delivered in such a simplistic way, which makes it a fantastic medium on which to base online psychic readings or psychic phone readings.

Everywhere you look, you see numbers. If you look around yourself at this very moment, you’re bound to see numbers in some shape or form - they’re inescapable and infinitely important in daily life. But what if numbers were more than just a simple mathematics tool for calculations? Imagine numbers actually had a huge part to play in the universe’s grand plan! Well, if numerology is to be believed, that’s exactly the case! 

Numerology is defined as “the mystical study of numbers”, which at first makes it sound like an incredibly complex thing to try to comprehend, but in reality, it’s much simpler. In fact, it’s the simplicity of numerology that holds a lot of the appeal and intrigue. Just as astrology uses the planets and stars to make predictions and offer advice, numerology bases this on numbers. There is a fantastic relationship between the science of numerology and astrology, with the boundary between numerical patterns and mystical science coming together to give us a deeper understanding of the universe around us. When combined together, numerology acts as a clarifying tool to use alongside astrology, giving more detail to the wisdom that horoscopes present.

Have you ever noticed that there are lots of recurring numbers that appear in your life, but you've played it down as a simple coincidence? We've all been there, but numerology looking into the reason that these numbers are appearing - numerical repetition is a phenomenon that's been observed for thousands of years. The observation of synchronicity in numbers has been observed since Chaldean numerology, which is an ancient Babylonian practice.

Today, our numerology is more focused on that of Pythagoras, a brilliant mathematician who believed that the globe was comprised of energetic vibrations made up of numbers, which corresponded to integers that were represented by letters. This may sound complex, but when you see it in practice, it's actually rather simple. 

guide to numerology

Life Path Numbers…

To start using numerology as a life path device that can give metaphysical insights into the relationships that fuel your life, using simple calculations. All you'll need is a pen, some paper, and a calculator and you'll be able to start delving into the practice of numerology! 

If you're a beginner who's taking their first steps into reading basic charts, the ideal place to start is with your date of birth. By directing your birthday, you're able to find a root number, which is the base theory behind numerology. To find your root number, you'll need to do a few simple calculations but don't worry too much about that, they're very simple to work out. If you want to find the root number of your birthday, here's what you need to do:

  1. Reduce each number in your birthday down to a single digit (unless you get to 11 or 22, which are master numbers and should be left as they are). For example, if your birthday is 9/11/1995, you'd leave the 9 for the date as it is, as it's already a single digit, leave your 11 for the month as it is too as it's a master number, but then reduce down your 1995 to become 1 + 9 + 9 + 5 = 24, the 2 + 4 = 6.

  2. We then add together all of your numbers and reduce until we get to a single root number. In this case, it would be as follows: 9 + 11 + 6 = 26, then 2 + 6 = 8. This means that your root number is 8.

There are, however, times where you would not reduce your number any further - these cases are where your number is a single digit, or if you are given an 11 or a 22 - these are master numbers. Master numbers are seen as more intense versions of their root number and often suggest that the person may have high achievement and success in store for them, albeit in a more stressful environment. 

The number 11 reflects an intensified version of the number 2 root number, whereas 22 is the counterpart of the 4 root number. Of course, some dates will have the same room number - this is to be expected and is another intriguing factor of numerology. 

What part do letters and destiny numbers play in numerology? 

In keeping with the meaning given to each number, each letter also references a number - these are called destiny numbers and can be used as a further tool alongside the teachings of numerology, giving more insight on personality and experiences. In the case of destiny numbers, it's all about the letters that are found in your name - you'll add up each number that relates to a letter in your name, then reduce them down to a single root or master number as we did before.

Here are the numbers that relate to each letter:

1) A, J, S

2) B, K, T

3) C, L, U

4) D, M, V

5) E, N, W

6) F, O, X

7) G, P, Y 

8) H, Q, Z

9) I, R

As you can see, each letter has its own value; this enables the reader to calculate a root number or master number to assign to you as a destiny number. 

Here is an example of how you might break down your name:

In this instance, the names we'll use are Ben and Jones, which are both commonly used in the UK.

So, we take the letters B, E, and N (2 + 5 + 5), then reduce that down. In this case it is 1 + 2, which is a root of 3. 

For the surname, we do the same - we take J, O, N, E, and S, which works out as 1 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 18. 1 + 8 then gives us 9.

Finally, we take the two numbers from each name, 3 + 9, which gives us 12, which when reduced is a root number of 3. This is Ben Jones' destiny number!

Destiny numbers are important as they focus on different aspects to that of life path numbers. Life path numbers tend to reveal your greater purpose and life mission, whereas destiny numbers are focused numerology that targets your greater goals, which can be anything from career to relationships that you may find yourself tackling in the future. 

destiny number

The meanings of each number

Of course, the most important part of all of this is knowing what each number actually means! Without descriptions to inform you of the meaning, it all seems a little bit redundant, so here are the interpretations assigned to each number.

Number 1

As the first number in the series, 1 is most focused on initiation and taking action; 1 is the driving force and is all about forward motions. On their best days, a 1 is an innate leader that takes charge and oozes confidence, which makes them fantastic partners, friends and co-workers. However, on their bad days, you may find these people to be slightly bossy with an obnoxious sense of self-importance. Above all, 1 needs support from their loved ones and friends. As the old adage goes, when left alone, 1 really can be the loneliest number. 

Number 2

As you'd expect, the number 2 has a huge onus on duality and harmony. For those who find that 2 is their life path number or their destiny number, you'll find that you're astute at registering shifts of energy or changes in balance or dynamic, which could actually be a sign that you possess a psychic gift!

Number 3 

These guys are our creators - the people that keep us all entertained with their artistic prowess and incredible sense of joy and happiness. When it comes to love, 3s should aim for 1s and 6s, as they'll need someone who shares their passion for creativity.

Number 4

If you're a number 4, congratulations - you're a whizz when it comes to productivity! When it comes to getting things done, you thrive. Structure, organisation, and hard-work are your biggest assets and, should things all go to plan, you'll end up with great career prospects and healthy finances.

Number 5

Nobody loves the unknown quite like a 5 - they're all about adventure and new experiences, filled with Wanderlust and a desire to explore. To match this energy, you'll want to look for someone who's equally as adventurous when it comes to dating, so another 5 may be the best option!

Number 6

If you feel like 'Responsibility' might as well be your middle name, you're probably a 6. Sixes will be by your side when you need them and make fantastic partners for, well, everyone! These loveable guys just adore being helpful and supportive; what more could you ask for?

Number 7

When you're talking to a 7, give it to them straight - they hate being lied to or taken for a walk, and they can sense dishonesty from a mile away. On the other side, if you are a 7, this means that you've got a knack for the truth and honesty is one of your most admirable qualities.

Number 8

Eights are the most ambitious people out there and nothing gets in the way of their aspirations. When it comes to careers, an 8 works best when they're their own boss - nobody tells an 8 what to do. Due to their intense nature, it's probably best for 8s to look for 4s and 6s in terms of romance.

Number 9

Finally, we have the nines, who are some of the most dedicated and selfless people around. A 9 is often found trying to make the world a better place by attempting to protect the environment and educate those around them - this makes them wonderful teachers and nurses.

The world of numerology is one that’s rife with detail, you delivered in such a simplistic way, which makes it a fantastic medium on which to base online psychic readings or psychic phone readings. Here at Psychic Sofa, we’ve got talented readers who conduct trusted psychic readings by phone or online, so get in touch today if you’d like to discover more about what your numerology charts could mean for your future! Call us on 0905 789 1111, where calls cost 80p plus your network access charge or contact us online and we’ll help you set up a reading with a suitable medium! 


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