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About Georgina

My name is Georgina and I have been reading the cards for over 30 years, drawn to the tarot as a tool to channel into allowing me to give readings. I come from a line of French travellers and horse dealers and have a French great grandmother who reads the tea leaves. Historically the Psychic ability goes back generations and the use of the French Tarot was all consuming, dictating the daily lives of my ancestors.  I bring with me the tarot and the ability to interpret its sometimes complex meanings bouncing off of the other cards that will change and move the meaning depending on the layout of them.

I look forward to reading for you

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Giving readings to clients allows me to guide the client with the choices that are faced, and to try to bring clarity to what is sometimes a very difficult time for some.  It also has another side that will have the most positive and beneficial effect of motivating the client.  Readings are very diverse and can be drawn into any part of a clients' life.  The art of interpretation is what I love to do and it gives me the greatest of pleasure to bring my years of experience and read for you.

How are you typical of your star sign?

Free and easy with a genuine desire to help people.  I am a water carrier and I also love to develop the mind.  A love of life and animals along with the need for travel is part of my personality.  

When did you first become aware of your gift?

A very young age possibly 9 or 10 seeing spirit at that age is quite scary and also the ability to suddenly know what is going to happen next was quite disturbing at times.   It was later when I had an understanding of what this was all about that I picked up the tarot cards and used them to channel into.  Years of study has brought my gift to a greater understanding of what the tarot offers and it has many layers.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

One of my most memorable experiences with a client was when I told her that her boyfriend, who wouldn't come to live with her, would be staying an awful lot more than he had been doing and in fact I had him under the roof of the lady in a more permanent way. She rang me a month later wanting another reading because he was staying a lot more than usual and he had moved some of his things into the house. She was elated.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My experiences of spirit bring with it another dimension and if spirit are around it will show in the cards as a person coming through and maybe just acknowledging that they are around or trying to bring a message to the client. At other times it is people who are around and living that show through, coming to acknowledge or to leave a message.  It is also a gentle reminder that they would like to speak with the client.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To keep an open mind because it doesn't always bring up what the client wants to talk about.  We have many facets to our lives so it can bring into the reading many different things and people that are around us. It is important to be patient with the reading and allow it to develop.

Georgina's Availability

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What our customers say about Georgina

Please come back online, I miss you.

- Dorothy

1st January 2024

Thankyou so much ❤️

- Catherine

22nd April 2022

amazing lady , very kind and spot on didn't need to say a lot validated and gave me clarity over something that had been bothering me thank you so much S x

- sarah

19th September 2021

Wow, thank you. You got so much right. This lady is great with detail, she knew about business deals, ex’s returning, my fathers carer annoying him (lol), she got my plans right, life in general. What a lovely lovely woman. THANK YOU.

- Ann

13th September 2021

Had a reading today 19/09/20 with Georgina what a fab reading so spot on with what is going on around me.Please have a reading with this lovely lady as she is so intuned. Jackie x

- Jacqueline

19th September 2020

Great reading! Connected and felt like I was talking to someone who was very experienced.

- Lori

11th March 2020

First class reader. And accurate with the past, present and future predictions.

- Allison

8th March 2020

Excellent reader was most impressed with her reading. Will definitely speak with her again as she picked up a lot of what was happening in general with me.

- Paulette

4th January 2020

Just had a fab reading with Georgina - spot on and got the situation straight away and picked up on a lot of things - highly recommend!

- N/A

18th November 2017

Spot on reading 💕


13th May 2017

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