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I channel with Archangel Michael and my three guides for over 25 years. I read from my heart and soul and give 100%. My gift is so precious to me I truthfully want to make a difference. Coming from a very spiritual background, I furthermore connect to give you a true insight.

My grandmother was exceedingly gifted, I remember as a child sitting on her lap in the early hours to meditate with her for hours and hours. She has now passed over. My grandmother was a saintly lady who taught me so much which I will be forever grateful for and since I have and are still developing from strength to strength.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

To be able to make a difference that is what gives me fulfilment, it’s amazing how a single thing can impact someone’s life.

I feel that this is my life purpose to help people from all walks of life and when I give 100% percent, it will not go unnoticed!

I want to share my gift with people and genuinely help them.

How are you typical of your star sign?

The Scorpio sign is the most mysterious and intense sign of the zodiac and, in keeping with those qualities. I am a typical Scorpio I am hard-working, ambitious, bubbly, honest, loyal and very sensitive. I tap into voice vibrations well, as I am sensitive soul and can relate to caller needs and sense their problems. What you see is what you get with me, I will tell you what I see not what you want to hear. I am also very spiritual this is a way of life for me.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I am unable to put a time to this but it has been with me all my life, over the last 10 years it has grown significantly from strength to strength. As I meditate on a daily basis its growing, the feeling is amazing. I am learning all the time and I am very humble about my gift.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I read for someone who had financial problems she stated that she was going to loose everything her business and home and was going to be homeless. I kept reassuring her that was not going to happen. She was so distraught I really felt for her as she really wanted to believe me but situations were so bad that she could not see the light. She would call me time and time again, I would tell her the same and gave her a short angel pray and some tips.

She rang me two weeks later, completely different voice vibration to tell me that she has got a massive order from a supplier which will mean that her business and home would be saved. She rang to thank me, I wished her all the best and told her to continue believing that she will continue to grow her work overseas.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a natural gift all my life so it is difficult for me to state number of years, but have been reading professionally for over 25 years which started off part time and know devote full time.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

That the reader establishes swiftly, that they can connect with the caller and to be honest with this.

To tell you not what you want to hear but what is the truth and deliver the message compassionately.

Not to provide a counselling session but a true reading.

My Mission - Angelic Wings

1. To be able to make a difference.

2. To provide ethical, compassionate, and accurately detailed psychic readings

3. To strive to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction with up-most integrity

Why choose me?

• I have unwavering faith and trust in my ability, and know deep within my heart I have all the answers that you seek.

• It is just you, me and the angels

• I will immediately put you at ease.

• I will not ask any questions of you, yet if you have any then there is no question that won’t be answered.

• I will be very specific and accurate with my words to you.

• I will never keep you on the longer than necessary

• I have lots of life experience and am enthusiastic and passionate about my work and I will only ever give you my very best.

Soul & Spirit Psychic of the month June 2012.

Reviewed by Lilly Smith, Soul & Spirit magazine.

“ I've had numerous psychic readings over the years, but was pleasantly surprised with Angelic Wings, whose calm voice and clear description of events in my life instantly put me at ease.

Accurately describing situations within my family concerning my Dad’s company, which she thankfully predicted will be rectified – something only time will tell – she also mentioned a building I've had my eye on for a new business venture would be very successful in the near future, yielding good financial rewards and no longer remaining a dream, but becoming a reality – something I've been working towards for a long time. She also said my psychic and spiritual development will increase over the next few weeks, as will the potency of my dreams – something I've already experienced.

Archangel Michael also came through, with messages regarding my love life and new venture, so I'm very excited to see what comes to pass within the next few months.”

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What our customers say about Angelic Wings

Angelic Wings is amazing!! I spoke with her twice and she described the circumstances around my POI and our relationship. She is so empathetic, kind and communicates with spirit which is a preference and gave me messages from spirit that were incredible and true, instead of using the cards. You will not be disappointed if you call her!

- Natalie

21st May 2024

You will be fortunate to have her as a reader. She is a true psychic with a genuine connection, sharing both the good and the bad with ultimate honesty. Her insights blew me away, and I was thrilled to validate her observations. God willing, my manifestation will materialise. She is the only one I know who is accurate—no questions, no fishing, no counseling, just pure information. I feel empowered to trust my intuition and make my own choices, navigating my future confidently. Thank you. God willing, we will speak again when Gernell and I are finally united, and then I will seek your guidance once more! xXx ❤️

- Kulvinder

16th May 2024

Angelic Wings is amazing!! I spoke with her this morning and she described the circumstances around my POI and our relationship. She is so caring and communicates with spirit which i prefer, instead of using the cards. I will definitely call her back and keep her updated! You will not be disappointed if you call her!

- Sandra

15th May 2024

Lovely reader. Picked up on so much about feelings and situations and confident that predictions will come in. Really recommend calling her.

- S

14th May 2024

It was lovely to connect with you today, 14/05/2024. Thank you for your clear connection and guidance. I really appreciate you and what you do. You have lovely energy. Much Love xxxxxxx 🙏🏼💛🌻☀️💛🌻☀️

- G

14th May 2024

fantastic reader, everything spot and very clear very detailed. lovely person. helped guide me!

- Angela

14th May 2024

Hi When are you back on again always checking to see wen you will be on wanted to update my friend got in contact with me in Feb 2020 and the friendship is stronger then ever xnikki x

- Anon

25th September 2021

Just wanted to update that the guidance this lovely lady has worked out in a wonderful way.


3rd July 2019

This reader is one of a kind ! I use to have reading with this lady years ago and she was exceptionally good so I was so happy to see her here again ! She is very accurate With her predictions and delivers information with kindness and integrity, she is direct but warm in her approach, she is a real psychic which u don’t want to miss out on ! Superb quality reading ! that’s what u will get from this reader . N xx

- Annie

28th June 2019

This lady is wonderful and her guidance is superb.


26th June 2019

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