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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy being able to help people and support them through challenging times, especially during relationship problems. My guide Jacob brings light, validations and guidance to help people cope better.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am a typical Libra who appreciates relationships, everything cosy and warm about togetherness. I like peace and harmony and do not particularly enjoy confrontations. I can be witty and genuinely charming but I can also be very frank when I need to be. I adore animals.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

With a twelve house sun, I had always been aware of other energies around me and picked up how others felt but this became much stronger in my twenties and I understood it a lot more in my thirties. I could always predict things without even appearing to ‘tune in’ whilst I began to learn about life lessons and attending self-awareness courses.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Some of my most memorable moments with clients are when I pick up exact wording of conversations that have taken place. When people come back and say everything happened as I said. I remember predicting a shopping trolley would fall over at someone’s feet and whilst they would be helping the person put their shopping back into the trolley, they would get a text from someone they were waiting to hear from with good news. I really enjoy being there for people that are lonely.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have completed a lot of psychic development over the years, along with metaphysical work, chakra and energy work. I am also an Astrologer (my longest standing hobby apart from horse riding) and I have completed a Crystal course. I am a Reiki Master Usui System. I am also a fully qualified IIHHT Aromatherapist and Indian Head Masseur. I have also completed life coach training programmes with Tony Robbins, Christian Carter and Rori Raye along with money manifestation work.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The time can go quite quickly on the phone so try and focus on one particular question so you get all you need from what is most troubling you. If you just want a general psychic reading of validations and predictions that is great but if you are really stuck in your life, I can provide you (through my guide) great guidance too so you take away so much more to help yourself after you have had your reading.

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What our customers say about Morainne

I didn't get a chance to say thanks. Thank you! I'll let you know how things turn out. Pammy x


11th June 2013

Just spoken with Morianne. 30/12/12. As per other testimonials she is FANTASTIC with great validations. Thanks for the reading and advice, we got cut off before I could thank you. xx


3rd January 2013

I totally agree with the others this lady morianne is fabulous. A stunning reader so so honest. You can tell she is talented as she will tell you the truth. I felt so alone and worried and she calmed me down with her lovely voice. I could have spoken to her all day long. She is stunning. She is in same league as Pearl and Rose for me. A top reader, she is excellent. Love and light, C xxxx


5th November 2012

THIS READER IS FABULOUS. Not just because of her psychic ability but for giving you leverage as she is trained to help you see a more logical point of view for your situation. In terms of the 'is he coming back' question, she will tell you the truth and not sugar coat to just say 'yes' or yes, but not to the level you want him to. She will look at the reality. She helped me move on from someone as I had been told and waiting for a couple of years for someone by other readers and Morainne told me no, he's not coming back I'm afraid. She helps you understand where some men are 'at' and there's a balance of you changing too to get what you want from life and yourself. Best reader in terms of telling you the truth. Stop waiting and start living. I have now found love but with someone new. thank you so much Morainne xx S.


11th October 2012

I'm sorry I couldn't thank you before we got cut off, Moraine. So, a very big thank you for your insight into my situation. You hit the nail on the head regarding his personality! M x


22nd August 2012

Greetings from Rome Morainne - as you predicted - well done.


9th May 2012

Morainne is definitely one of the best readers on Psychic Sofa. Thank you so much for all your assistance, insight and good advice over the past couple of months with my work and love life dilemmas. You have been so, so truthful and it is a pleasure speaking with you. I will definitely keep in touch and keep you updated on developments in both areas. All is good now thank God and thank you. Lorna. Xxx


9th May 2012

I've just had an amazing reading with Morainne. It was the best reading I’ve had with Psychic Sofa. She was able to tune into my situation straight away. I look forward to 2012 and upcoming predictions :) Thank you Morainne.......J xo


23rd April 2012

Fantastic medium spent a full 48mins with this lady. She covered nearly everything in this time. I stayed relaxed which makes it easier for the channel to work (I know that) and she directs exact worded guidance from her guides too, if the guide chooses to step in. She has a great sense of humour too, love this lady and all her predictions came true. They came back and we're on the road to recovery. Thank you so much Morainne and much love to you. Gary x


23rd April 2012

Thank you so much for the uplifting reading, Morainne. Inspiring, encouraging and very positive! Worth every penny, a shame my minutes ran out so quickly. Love and light, satty xxx


23rd April 2012

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