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I knew from a very young age that I was gifted. I am a naturally sensitive and intuitive psychic, clairvoyant, medium and use my spirit guide to work with, I use all these skills in my readings. I work with energy and can tune into a reading straight away, identifying emotional and spiritual problems.

As a reader I do not predict as it is controlling, we all have choices and freewill, I make readings clear, honest and straight to the point. I will guide you to move through any blocks with ease. I am able to uncover emotional issues and relationship issues and help you gain the confidence again you need to make positive changes.

As a spiritual medium, I work with Angels, my spirit guide and loved ones who have crossed over, bringing messages and reassurance to help you come to terms with your loss and help you find closure and comfort in difficult situations.

Especially with love and relationship issues, money and business, including soul mates. Abby is a natural medium, clairvoyant and is always keen to pass a message from a loved one who has passed over into the spirit world, or from a past relationship.

I'm a reader that will help guide you in to your future.

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What our customers say about Abigail

Thank you Abigail. Your predictions were so accurate in a very difficult and complex situation. Today, with your amazing support and insight I had a positive breakthrough. Abigail is down to earth and straight to the point with her reading. Above all, she is kind and says it like it is. I highly recommend her...she has been a constant support for me over the past two years. Thanks Abigail. xx

- N/A

13th March 2017

A smashing second read with Miss Abigail. I walked away from the first read feeling super positive of my situation. I had to call Miss Abigail a second time to inform her that what she put out there about Jan 26 - happened on Jan 26. WOW 👯. Now I wait & figures cross that all the rest of the predictions are coming thru. Thank you from Toronto, Canada 01/28/2017

- N/A

29th January 2017

Abigail was fabtastic.. a refreshing change and the information from her guide just flowed. Really great info and I was amazed that you were able to describe the style of house he lives in and the area I'm in. That proved your amazing ability to me! Money well spent ... thanks again xx

- Ali

26th January 2017

Abigail thank u for chatting i need to calm down. U r right. Whether what u tell me comes true i appreciate ur words and psychic tune in. I need it. It has helped me. Thanks.

- na

6th December 2016

This lovely lady did such a fab reading for me. She gave me lots of validations. What she predicted came through 2 hours after I put the phone down!! The guy I asked Abigail about, got in touch with me after six months. He told me about the problems he was encountering over the past couple of months. It all seems and sounds as Abigail predicted. Look forward for the rest of her predictions to come through. Thanks Abigail. Kind wishes xx

- N/A

1st December 2016

Just had reading with this lady and have shivers all up my spine. Soon as she spoke she picked up on everything and I mean everything even things my best friends don't even know. A true gift no questions she already knew it all. Knew about my son and a crap relationship. I will most definitely let you know how I go on. Your amaxing a truly lovely lady and we'll worth the money. Speak to you soon xxx

- Bekii

25th October 2016

abigail was fantastic spot on and helped me so much wow wow thank you from jacqueline

- jacqueline

20th September 2016

Abigail has a fantastic gift, and I felt completely uplifted by my first ever reading with her this week. There were some spot-on validations I’ve not heard in other readings, and predictions in line with what I’ve been told before, but with additional and unexpected insights. It was a very nice chat as well, and I’d definitely choose Abigail again if I’m a bit gloomy. Two days later, and I’m still feeling really positive and happy about the future.

- Margaret

5th May 2016

Thank you for an amazing reading. I was really confused with my situation. You're saying to not give up on him. Hope he comes back. Will update how it's going. Love I xx

- N/A

2nd May 2016

Abigail is very in tune with you in every way! Abigail got names & details spot on & I've never known a reader to be able to be so accurate! Abigail gives you time & explains so clearly all the messages. I felt so at ease & the time just flew by! I appreciate your honesty Abigail & I feel so lucky to have spoken to you as I really felt the connection! Best Wishes Xx

- n/a

2nd April 2016

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