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About Anna Ava

Since I was a child, I've always been able to see visions in my mind, sense energy around me, get feelings about people and events and I was able to 'know' things without knowing how or why. My clairvoyant visions, clairsentient feelings and claircognisant insights are gifts that I inherited from my grandmother and from further back in my family tree. As I progressed through life, although I initially chose to follow a career path in teaching and business management, I also studied a variety of spiritual subjects and complementary therapies. In my 30's I made the transition to working full-time as a reader and complementary therapist.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I truly love what I do, and I feel very blessed to be able to do this kind of work. I focus on positive energy throughout my readings so that the readings are positive and empowering experiences for both my clients and me. It's a lovely feeling to be able to offer insights into current and future events in a way that gives hope and encouragement to everyone that I read for.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

In addition to being a Tarot Reader, I am also an Astrologer. My interest in Astrology began way back when I was just a young child, always looking at the stars in the sky from my bedroom window before falling asleep, fascinated by all things celestial. As I grew older, I started to read as many books as I could find on Astrology, and I studied to gain a qualification to practice as a professional Astrologer. From my study of astrology, I learned that we are all much more than just our star sign. Based on my exact time, date, and place of birth, I'm a mix of a Sagittarius sun sign, Pisces rising sign and Libran moon sign - so I have a blend of Sagittarian vision, Piscean empathy and a Libran ability to see all aspects of situations in a balanced and thoughtful way.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

From a very early age, way back as far as I can remember, I've always sensed things that others around me weren't aware of. It's something that runs through my family tree, so I've inherited the gifts to see, feel and know things. I was very fortunate to have grown up in a family who understood and had experience of such abilities, especially my grandmother who also gave readings from the back room of the corner shop that she and my grandfather ran together. Relatives further back in my family tree also have these same gifts.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I think all readers will share this same feeling with me that it is hard to pick out one reading over another as the most memorable. For me they are all fascinating and amazing each in their own right, but I've just cleared my mind to focus on this question and the memory of a specific reading just popped into my head - this was a reading that I did many years ago but I still vividly recall the very clear vision I had of a removal van outside the client’s property, together with a sense of knowing that she was soon to receive an offer of a new job that would require her to relocate. This lady had only recently moved into the house she was living in at the time of the reading, and she was very happy there with no plans to move, so what I was seeing and sensing seemed very unlikely - but the visions I had and the sense of knowing that this was ahead and very strong. I told the lady that I was reading for what I had seen as exactly as I could, so that she could make sense of it as the events I was seeing unfolded. Within 3 weeks of the reading, she called me back to let me know that the company she worked for had just offered her a promotion which involved setting up a new office in another part of the UK. She accepted the promoted post, rented out her recently purchased house and her company rented a house for her to enable her to relocate and set up the new office for them. She called me again once she had relocated to let me know that she was making a great success of her new job, and she loved the new location and had decided to stay there. She eventually sold her other house at a good price, and she committed to settling in the new location, so she gained in many ways from the move. So, from giving information that seemed unlikely, it was lovely to later share in her excitement and happiness as the events I had seen and sensed unfolded.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

My interests span across several metaphysical subject areas (e.g. the power of the mind, quantum physics discoveries that are making sense of abilities like mine, positive thinking and the mind/body connection - together with a fascination for things like Tarot and Astrology. Since I was a young child, I read every book I could find on all of these subjects and went on to study to become a qualified Tarot Reader and professional Astrologer. I am also qualified to practice several complementary therapies (Reiki, Nutritional Therapy, Crystal Healing and Colour Therapy).

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Be as relaxed and open minded as you can throughout the reading. Sometimes you will hear things that you can identify with straight away, other things you will hear during your reading may seem to make no sense at the time but take note of them so that as events unfold you can see where it all fits in to your life path. I also like to help people realise how much their lives, present and future, are linked to their own thoughts, environment and free will - in that sense, when I read for you I'm picking up what is there to be seen at the time of the reading, but as your own thoughts and actions change over time so too does your future path and also your readings. So your readings are dynamic and flowing, in line with your use of your free will. Most importantly, always listen to your own gut instinct - we all have this ability to varying degrees, so no matter what you hear in a reading or what the astrological trends of the moment or the future indicate, always decide what feels right for you and whether you wish to go with the flow of your life as it is or make changes in thoughts, actions or environment to alter your life path to be what you wish it to be.


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What our customers say about Anna Ava

Just had a reading with this lovely lady, sorry it got cut off and I wasn't able to extend. Thanks so much for the detailed and positive reading highlighting 2 major positive events coming through in my life hopefully soon, will look forward to talk to you again with an update! Thanks so much! K xx

- K

17th May 2020

Anna is a lovely reader, kind, calm and accurate. She was able to tell me the location I was looking at for a house move. Also the name of a friend from teenage years who used to live in that road. Thank you so much xx

- L

25th March 2020

I did leave feedback the other day but it has not been published. I am blessed to have had a reading with you, Anna, on 11 January 2020 in the early evening. What a wonderful reading it was. Intelligent, thorough, accurate and honest. You are undeniably gifted. We got cut off before I could thank you, so, thank you, thank you, thank you. Kx

- Katherine

15th January 2020

I want to thank you for your wonderful reading on 10 January 2020. We were cut off before I could offer my sincere gratitude. You are highly gifted and it was a blessing to have had a reading with you. Thanks and love, Kx

- Katherine

12th January 2020

Once again - absolutely amazing!!! xxx

- Maggie

2nd January 2020

Honestly a. Absolute angel that deserves her own platform. She is the best on here by far!!!! She is incredibly gifted, genuine, honest, sweet, empowering and not only that she just is someone worth awards in what she does. So helpful and what is needed in this world. Love Debbie xx

- Debbie

15th December 2019

Wowee!!! Simply the best reader on here, you completely blew me away. I am stunned by your brilliant gifts Anna Ava. Will be back in 2020 for an update as I just know what you have told me will happen. Thank you bright star - you shine so bright. Maggie xxx

- Maggie

24th November 2019

Top class reader.

- Allison

6th November 2019

Dear Anna Ava, I just had most amazing positive reading with you. You gave so much insight about the men I had enquired about and literally confirmed my thoughts and feelings about them. You also gave me insight about my job and career. Although things have not come into fruition at present I feel positive they will. Your energy has inspired me with hope knowing I am on the right path in this chapter of my journey, and you have helped me immensely today. You have such a beautiful energy and I feel I have left the reading with some of your sparkle. Love and light to you. Xxx . 14/10/2019

- Sonia

14th October 2019

Incredible reader so good. She picked up so much instantly.

- Louise

22nd September 2019

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