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About Azurite

I offer Cartomancy & Tarot card readings along with whatever spirit brings through as a medium. I will also connect to things that I am being intuitively drawn to such as Angel cards, Intuitive Cards, Soul and animal guide cards. Whilst tuning into their voice and energy as an energy reader.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

As a reader, I really enjoy listening to the client as they recognize and give confirmation as to who I am working within the spirit world. Making a difference for you as the questionnaire and brining you some clarity to whatever you may be going through. I love working with spirit in bringing the proof, truth, and comfort in knowing they are still around us and giving signs and feelings for us to keep going forward in our lives and live it to the best of our abilities here and now.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Having read most online readings about signs of the zodiac and studied their influence. For me personally, the first part does not resonate, and the last part about who I used to be done. I love romance like everyone else and fulfil only a small part of my sign. This being due to being on the cusp and from my knowledge being slightly out of sync with the modern chronology of time hens fitting into another sign is far better for me.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I really felt a strong link as a child yet due to religious upbringing could not do anything about this inner knowing. This took more place when I left home and then married as more inner knowing of events flowed my way in my early twenties. Followed by some many years later coming in contact with Multidimensional beings through Kathara Bio-Regenesis and the knowledge on planet of our earth histories from Keylontia. Which took place in 2008. Then followed in 2010 learning how to connect with our loved ones in the world of Spirit and my guides.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Having had a soul family group connection with this lady and realizing our past life connection as brought through In Atlantis and Kuaii where we shared a life together. She was so grateful for not only did the reading include her present-day answers to the questions she asked and her grandmother confirmed all that she wanted to know thus having more clarity. Yet also at the same time some more knowledge that resonated within herself that gave her joy in at last finding the path she wanted to grow with and then she came in touch with her soulmate now living near to her all this time. She too is now serving spirit in this way and making a difference for others.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

As an empath and with many years of experience with healing using Quantum healing. Have been privileged to work alongside hundreds of people all over the world in positive encouragement and empowering them to move on with their lives. Advising them spiritually from Spirit and through their own path of healing having qualified in how to ground oneself and protect my energy fields. Along with many other forms of healing and intuitive knowledge passed on from the Guardians, Angels, and our loved ones in the Spirit world.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

They do need to be specific to the type of questions they ask. Do their best not to interrupt whilst the reading is being taken place and listen with an open ear. They also need to be open to the answers. A lot of times we want a particular answer yet spirit will bring through what we need only for our highest best interests. So it is focusing on the journey and growing from this knowledge. Remembering we all have free will and can change our personal outcomes by doing the total opposite to the message where we may get some advice. Plus the medium, psychic is here to serve them using all of our abilities as an ongoing life's learning course.

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What our customers say about Azurite

Wow! Absolutely amazing. Never had a reading like this before. The connection and the accuracy is mind blowing. Best reading I’ve had!

- Anon

12th March 2024

Thank you Azurite for all of your help. I am very grateful. 😊

- Louise

26th February 2024

I wish I came to you sooner! I feel a lot calmer and feel more empowered in myself, I’m going to spend time with me and learn a lot more about myself.

- Nadine

22nd February 2024

Thank you so much for your help today...21st February 2024 .....6pm This gentleman is just amazing. He can look at issues in great detail and advise....... Brings me joy when I speak with him. Sets me on a positive path. I'll keep you posted Azurite. Big hug and a kiss! C

- Anon

21st February 2024

Thank you so much for your reading today 10/2/24 2.15pm superb as always, clarification on the issues I had. Extended but the system went back to the very beginning again.....round and round. Will give you a call to update you on my plans. Thank you C


10th February 2024

A most wonderful reading with this man today - joyful and uplifting - sharing codes and updates from the Guardians. This beautiful soul comes highly recommended - a rare gem in this world - thank you and blessings Tracy-Ann xxx

- Tracy

3rd February 2024

Another fabulous reading with this man. He knew he had spoken before even though we spoke last Summer. Picked up London straight away, and a surname beginning with a H lol. Explained a few things the guy around me is currently going through. Said I would be in a full blown relationship this year, he wasn't sure if it was this current guy or a new one, and that I would have a ring on my finger by Nov this year. He also knew I had phoned a few mediums to help me with my current love situation haha. He told me to step back and watch and observe, give him 4 weeks and if he doesn't step up then move on. Which is exactly what I plan to do! Thank you :)

- Anon

27th January 2024

Azurite was very good, lots of validations and no time wasting but the two Youtube tutorials he told me about sadly could not be found anywhere on the internet; I tried everything. Apart from that everything he told me was very useful.

- Trinity

3rd January 2024

Thanks so much for the in-depth reading Azurite, I got so much out of it!! Really grateful for all the tips and insights. I’ve burnt the paper as you suggested ;-) and I’m trying to detach myself from the weight of the connection, take a step back for a month, just like you suggested. It’ll be interesting to see what my POI chooses by the end of January. You said I’d know by the way he is interacting with me so I’ll update you afterwards. Thank you again for the amazing reading!!

- Anon

29th December 2023

Incredible session with Azurite. So much laughter , but also a beautiful song and amazing connection with a very evolved realm. So accurate too. Learnt a lot, whilst getting clarity on various pending situations . Predictions made, I will not only research the references shared with me but also come back to this light being when things start unfolding. For now , have a wonderful festive time, a 10000 thanks, the French Marie ;)

- marie

21st December 2023

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