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About Eileen

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to give guidance, clarity, understanding and healing to clients, so that when our conversation ends, they leave feeling happier and more aware of what lies ahead for them in the future. This gives me a lot of satisfaction, knowing that I have helped.

How are you typical of your star sign?

There are quite a few traits, sensitivity, intuition, empathic, a good listener and am protective to loved one's. I also have a lot of warm Leo in my Birth Chart, which is nice also, so I have both elements.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

The first experience I had was being aware of someone sitting on my bed at night when I was around 14 years old. This was later confirmed to me by a medium to be my grandmother, who was looking in and checking that I was alright.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A lady came to me, being very sceptical at the time. I mentioned she would change her job; she would also take in a female lodger, giving her name and giving information regarding her relationship etc. This lady wouldn't except or acknowledge any of this information. Needless to say she returned to see me to confirm everything I had said to her had come to pass. She was amazed that I had even given her the correct name of her new female lodger.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

During the twenty years of reading for people, the life experiences that I had had have only make you stronger and enable you to help others. Life's experiences bring knowledge and wisdom.

Eileen's Availability

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What our customers say about Eileen

Eileen is amazing. I had a reading with her last night, and she was very warm and caring and put me at ease straight away. It felt like time had stopped. Straight away, she got to the heart of my problems without me having to say anything, and I knew I could trust her right there and then. She was spot on with everything going on in my life, people and situations. She gave me the clarity I needed, brought peace back into my life, and gave me courage and strength. Thank you from all my heart! Happy Holidays Eileen! N.


30th December 2013

21/09/2013. Thanks again for another accurate reading. l have had many readings with Eileen and she has told me things that have come true time after time. She's a beautiful, kind, amazing woman, extremely gifted and genuine. I have had readings from other physics over the years and for me, Eileen is remarkable. She gives you names, times, dates and places. If you need answers and guidance she's the real deal. Eileen tells you what she sees, you don't have to tell her. She's brilliant, ring and see for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Thanks again, God bless you. Loads of love, Theresa Xx


23rd September 2013

I have had many readings with Eileen. She is truly amazing, very accurate and extremely gifted and such a lovely lady. I would recommend Eileen if you want an honest reading. She is spot on in everything she says and l cant thank her enough x


25th June 2013

I have been meaning to leave a testimonial for Eileen since the first reading I had with her. I spoke to her and she mentioned a few people by star sign that had come up in my reading and said she saw the number 6. She also said that a man from my past would be in contact with me shortly. 6 days later a man I had not heard from in 6 years contacted me concerning some unfinished business. WOW! I am looking forward to the other validations she saw between now and Nov. So excited! Call her you wont be disappointed.


29th May 2013

My saga has been ongoing for quite some time. Eileen has supported me every step of the way. After a few days silence from my on off partner she said I would have contact within four.... she thought 4 days....it was actually four hours. Again Eileen you are spot on.... xx S xx


7th January 2013

Think Eileen has been superb. I have been dealing with her for about 5 months. So accurate with her predictions it’s not funny, even when I doubt myself that a situation will go the way it is supposed to but from somewhere this lady is able to pull out the magic and give it the way it’s going to go. Very professional reader and diligent about what she says. Would highly recommend and for me is NO. 1... Have to say this as she has had a look each time I didn't feel confident and Eileen was able to say not to worry, she could see things turning out the way which seemed unlikely and I was delighted she was spot on!! Thank you Eileen. You are a great person to be able to see clearly and give real facts....amazing lady


17th December 2012

Had a reading with Eileen, she was able to pick up on a few important things that are happening in my life and look forward to the outcome she says is there for me. Thank you.


12th October 2012

Great Reader. very kind. Tuned in very quickly and gave validations and one of her predictions has already come true. She said my boyfriend would have a job offer on the 30th Aug and he would reject it. This happened. ( he didn't know about the reading) I now know that another better job is around the corner and can't wait for the rest of the predictions to come true. My advice is to have a pen & paper at hand as she gives you so much. Thank you Eileen, you are a very talented & caring lady


4th September 2012

Eileen has been so truthful, she told me someone would get intouch with me. She could see the number 1 and it was in 1 day ....please call Eileen you won't be disappointed :l xx


3rd August 2012

A Very nice lady, very professional in her approach and pin point accuracy. She works hard to understand and has a very good connection with you, and able to pick up very quickly on things and give you very detailed skilful information. I would very highly recommend.


17th July 2012

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