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About Heather K

I am a psychic clairvoyant who is a straight-forward and compassionate reader.  I use tarot, angel, oracle cards and other various divination tools during a reading.  I work with my guides to give validations, predictions and various paths forward to my clients.  I am also an empath, a healer, a Reiki Master and work with crystals in my daily spiritual practice.  My goal is to empower my clients and to be a support system for them when needed. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love giving readings to clients. I think each reading is a new experience for both the reader and the client, and it is an opportunity to look at the present situation and the potential future.  I work with my clients help them determine their next steps.  Everyone has a very unique situation and I feel that my job is to clarify things if they are not clear, show someone what is possible, help them to understand that nothing is set in stone given free will, and to provide my clients the information my guides give me to help them with their next step.

How are you typical of your star sign?

My sun sign is Aries, and I am a typical ram - strong-willed, direct and ready to charge forward if necessary.  My moon sign is Taurus, so I am firmly grounded and very practical.  My ascendant is Cancer so I am a care-taker, can be very emotional and have very strong empathy.  I have a strong connection to the moon and the changing positions of the planets during each astrological cycle. 

When did you first become aware of your gift?

From a young age I had predictive dreams that only got stronger and more real as I got older. I had incredibly strong intuition from my teenage years onward, but didn't do anything psychic with it. I developed as a clairvoyant later in life after becoming a Reiki Master.   All of my psychic skills came in pretty much at the same time, so it took a little time to settle-in and learn how to use each one.  I think psychics are learning every day, and by practicing professionally for a long time I’ve learned at certain times you go up a level to a new skill or ability and have to go with the flow and get back to basics to integrate back into your current "portfolio" of skills. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I had a client who within the first 2 minutes told me he had been to 3 other psychics who wouldn't do a reading for him because they couldn't pick up anything. I said, well let's give it a go, and we had an hour reading. I gave him validations and predictions he felt were very on-target, and I told him a few things that I was given for him to do to stay on his path. He left the reading very happy we had connected, and it was a very satisfying reading for both of us.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am an empath and a Reiki Master - so I focus a lot on healing and emotional connection.  I am very interested in crystals and try to incorporate them into my readings to answer questions or if a caller is looking for something new that might help them spiritually. I work with a shaman and a crystal bowl mediation healer to stay balanced.  I’ve worked with an acupuncturist for 15 years and I believe that it can be very beneficial both spiritually and mentally.  Before my psychic development, I had just "discovered" psychics so I have a good understanding of what a client is looking for when they ask for a specific type of reading.  I was trained exclusively in the UK even though I'm American and have been working in the UK on psychic lines for years. So it brings me a nice combination of the directness of an American and an understanding of the British standards for giving readings. 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It is really important to know why you are having the reading and what you want to get out of it.  Setting your intentions for what you want to accomplish is critical. Clients need to know that they have free will and psychics only see what is being shown to them at that point and that time - even if it is a future prediction.  But nothing is set in stone because of free will - so you have the ability to change your path.  Clients need to trust the psychic they are speaking to and if they don't, no one will be offended if you go on to someone else. We are here to help and if we aren't the right fit, someone else will be.


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What our customers say about Heather K

This reader is truly fantastic, a genuine soul. I'm a medium myself and Heather has given me true validations without asking any questions. I look forward to her predictions manifesting. Having a reading with Heather is an investment and well worth your money. She only speaks the truth and gets right to the heart of the matter - no wasting your time. Amazing is all I can say! so give her a chance and let her be your inspiration. L x

- lisa

20th September 2014

Just an update as per my previous testimonial dated 13/07/14, prediction come to pass. Thanks Heather will be in touch soon. A x 02/09/14

- na

2nd September 2014

Heather is good! read the testimonials.. finally got through.. and wasn't disappointed. Clear, positive, has depth, great understanding, honest and was spot on in my situation.. couldn't have asked for more.. bless you Heather x M

- Michelle

3rd August 2014

Heather you were able to describe the person I was enquiring about in great detail including his behaviours. I was truly amazed with the validations you provided, and thank you for the advice for me to let him go as I know you are right. Will update with another testimonial Aug/Sep if prediction comes to pass, which I strongly feel it will, just not sure when. Highly recommend the lovely Heather for a reading. 13/07/14. A xx

- na

13th July 2014

Amazing reader, well recommended

- N/A

26th June 2014

Really positive: I felt like she was connected to me, short term predictions to look forward to that didn't sound like a fairy tale. I hope to come back in June to repost how correct predictions were. Not disappointed at all

- Sam

30th April 2014

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