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I realised at an early age that there was more to the world and life than the eye could see and sometimes we need some help to see this other side. The side that is hidden from view. Let me help you find your answers, your light bulb moment, your new well-lit path. Because we might not get what we want in life and love but we might just find what we need .And that find could be a hidden treasure.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I am your psychic sat-nav. I love giving readings and I love to help people see that sometimes there is another way; a way forward. You can always find a way - you just need to look for your sense of direction or understanding. I get a happy feeling that this is my good deed for the day.  It is my good fortune to help someone. It is much better to help than hinder. You do not have to climb a mountain - you can always go around it. It takes a bit longer but you will get there in the end. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is shuffle my cards and pick my personal Angel card for the day….and then, because hopefully I know where I am going, I can point others in the right direction.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a Gemini, I can be light and airy and can always see two sides to the story. I also have Cancer in the mix (I was born on the cusp). I am caring and considerate and can also be down to earth. Cancer is ruled by the moon and things always look different in moonlight.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I have always been aware I had a gift. I used to see things in story books and used to get told off by my teacher for making things up instead of reading the story. My Grans friend, who used to read tea leaves, once said “you have the gift use, it wisely”. At the time I did not understand what she meant. When I was 14 I realised that the things I saw made sense and not everybody saw the things I could see. That is when the other world opened up for me and I knew I could help people.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have lots of memorable experiences with clients and not enough space to write them all down. I try and make all my readings memorable for all my clients. There is one I remember that made a huge difference to someone. A new lady came to our open circle. She was quite upset she had been given messages but I felt she was looking for something else. She did not say much but it was very clear she was upset about something. That night I kept thinking about the lady, her cleaner and a shop in the next town. The following Wednesday I spoke to her and found out she had lost a few items of sentimental value and she had suspected her cleaner. I told her to visit the shop I had been thinking about. Her son took her to the shop the following day and she luckily found her possessions there. The culprit was an opportunist thief who had sneaked in and out of her house while she was in the garden. On this occasion I helped two people; the lady who lost her items and the lady who had fallen under suspicion.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have joined in both open and closed circles at my local spiritualist church and I have also done many psychic awareness courses. I have worked with the general public all my life and have lots of life skills as well as my psychic ability. I have had lots of things happen to me on my journey through life and not all of them have been nice so if I can help people to avoid the pitfalls and guide them onto a positive path, I will do so with the best of my ability. Psychic, cards, common sense, whatever it takes!

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What our customers say about Marie

It was lovely speaking to you again you allway make me laugh. And your reading are allway 💯 Spot on. Thank you xxxx

- Susan

14th July 2023

One of the loveliest readers ever, Marie has a heart of gold, knows the situation instantly, loads of validations, one of the best on sofa, very down to earth, and I felt very much in a bubble of comfort from her, thank you so much lots of love xx

- Anon

25th June 2023

It was lovely speaking to you again. Thank you for another 100% brilliant reading. Xxxx

- Susan

24th June 2023

Thank you for a,lovely chat this morning. And I hope you have a lovely bday xx

- Mary

17th June 2023

Thank you for another brilliant reading. Your allway spot on with everything. It was lovely speaking to you again. Xxx

- Susan

17th June 2023

Established immediately a connection. Warm, perceptive and very caring. Couldn’t have asked for a better reading.

- Anon

15th June 2023

Ty on May 20 2023 for such a perfect reading. The messages hit home so well.. and your insight into what’s going on.. just amazing.. happy for that king of swords time to come!!!!

- Carolyn

21st May 2023

Very intuitive and empathetic reader. Immediately understood the issues and helped me move forwards. Highly recommend.

- S

19th April 2023

Always love my reading with Marie, very good indeed. Thank you so much Marie, hope to speak again soon, take care Sam x

- Anon

26th February 2023

Just had a reading with this lovely lady Spot on with everything she picked up. Brilliant reader. Thank you xxx

- Susan

28th December 2022

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