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As a young adult I realised that I had a gift where I was incredibly intuitive and had empathy for others. Understanding what this gift was took me some time, but with guidance from others, I channelled this gift by learning how to read tarot cards and the pendulum and connecting to my spirit guides in order to help others gain the insight that they were looking for. For many years now, I have been reading the tarot and answering questions with my pendulum to help others gain answers to questions. I love being able to do this and often get told that I have a way with words and help people with their understanding of situations that they have going on in their own lives, while being compassionate and non-judgemental.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I find it so very rewarding. Life can be difficult and can often pose so many questions that we can't understand. By giving readings, I find that I can give people the insight to what paths will be opening up to them in the future, giving them understanding on why certain situations have happened and help them to open up their mind to possibilities in order to be able to move forward and have the life they deserve. I love the fact that by reading for someone, I can help that person to gain insight into what their future can really hold for them.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

As a Scorpio, I have a very deep empathy for others. This helps me to be compassionate and understanding. I am also incredibly honest. I find that being a Scorpio and having both empathy and honesty, I can offer readings that are truthful, non-judgemental and compassionate, while still giving out the key messages of what spirit guides are wanting you to know.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a child I knew that I was different. I was more sensitive to others, more compassionate and had this sense of being able be instinctive to things happening in other people's lives. With maturity and as I developed into an adult, I realised that this was a gift, that I could hone into the guidance being offered by spirit guides and by channelling that gift through the tarot cards and pendulum, I could receive clear messages on the path that people were being shown and understanding of why situations had occurred.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A few years ago I was reading for a client who was so confused about her relationship and the relationship that her partner had with the mother of his child. By drawing some cards and connecting to my spirit guide, along with both hers and her partner’s energies, I was able to offer her some advice on effectively communicating with her partner to gain more understanding of his wants and needs and how he was feeling. She contacted me a few weeks after I had given her this reading to tell me that she did exactly what I had guided her to do and that what I had told her about his feelings and insecurities, she was able to see to understanding where he was coming from and that everything I had told her had happened. Their relationship had deepened due to be able to see what the universe was telling her and their life together was moving in the direction that she had always wanted. I did see deeper connections coming in for them and commitment. She contacted me again a few months later to say that he had proposed and were planning their wedding, just like I had told her would happen.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a deep interest in peoples behaviours and how this affects the way that they communicate with others. Sometimes, it’s a lack of understanding or misunderstanding the way in which someone says something that can cause our lives to go into turmoil. Adding this into my empathy, compassion and spiritual ability, I feel that as a reader I am able to offer people the insights that they need in order to take their life into their own hands and move forward with greater abilities to move forward and recognise paths that are there in front of them with more confidence. I also have an interest in self-healing as well as spiritual healing. The spiritual world is often very misunderstood, but there are so many forces and powers at play that we don't always realise. By connecting with that energy, it can open the mind up to many possibilities of living in a happier way.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

The most important thing is to be open minded. Even though messages that come through in the cards, from the pendulum or from spirit guides may not initially make sense, they are messages that you are being sent for a reason. With a closed mind, you are unable to understand what these messages are, which in turn can hold you in the past and cause more pain and upset. Opening up the mind and listening to the messages may not be clear initially, but they will become clear later on.

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What our customers say about Mystic Clara

Thank you Clara for my reading. You picked up on my poi, his current situation and our relationship. Thank you for advising me on how I should react, I did indeed take your advice and my intuition about the lack of communication was correct. I will call again soon!

- Sandra

28th May 2024

Had a very uplifting and positive reading from this lovely lady last night. She has a very strong connection and I found her very helpful. Thank you Clara x

- Anon

27th May 2024

Clara is great! She described my poi and our situation correctly. She confirmed my thoughts in a clear and precise manner. I will definitely call her again!

- Sandra

26th May 2024

This reader is brilliant and I’m v fussy about readers! Absolutely spot on with everything she said, no silences, great flow of information and hopeful predictions. Thank you so very much MC, Sam xxx

- Anon

14th January 2024

Thank you Clara x

- Allison

21st December 2023

Lovely speaking with you today, Clara. I was very impressed with how you connected. What you said was very accurate and I appreciate your choice of words for what's to come too. You're a strong and genuine sensitive, thank you for an excellent reading. Much Love xxxxxxx 🙏☀️💛🌻

- G

16th December 2023

Had a fantastic reading with Clara really picked up on all situations including awkward people at work! Saying they are looking for something else and I'll be getting their notice soon! Fingers crossed I will update if this happens. Love life also spot on

- Anon

23rd July 2023

I had a fantastic reading with Mystic Clara! Absolutely amazing and picked up on what was going on immediately! I recommend getting a reading from her. I’ve had many readings, and Clara is the best on here!

- Anon

30th April 2022

Absolutely amazing! Very prescient, kind, reassuring and definately one to call again.

- Trudi

30th April 2022

Brilliant reader, everything was spot on, picked up all correctly and really lovely to talk to. Thank you mystic Clara xx

- S

26th September 2021

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