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I can’t pin-point exactly where my interest in Tarot came from; it's as if it’s always been with me, but I do remember, one Christmas, being asked what I would like as a gift....and my reply was to ask for The Rider Waite Tarot Cards and a book that went with them; I was lucky enough to receive them; and I still have them to this day. I treat the cards with respect, for me it isn't a 'party trick' or an 'ego trip', as I truly believe that an experienced and professional Tarot reading can help provide clarity, enlightenment and importantly empowerment. The manner in which I read is to encourage a client to gain confidence in finding their own answers (and themselves) through the divination of Tarot. I am extremely passionate about the readings I provide, I aim to give my very best on each reading and help in moving a client forward, to get to the heart of the matter and shed light on issues that may have been lowering their emotional energy....I want a client to feel uplifted after a reading with me, and of course to enjoy the experience itself.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

A client may have been feeling emotionally lost, uncertain and unsure of themselves, issues, people within their lives so a reading can provide them with a different perspective, they leave the reading feeling empowered and listened to. They may not have felt able to confide or discuss certain issues with the people around them. A reading provides each client with a safe space, where they are not judged and can put in place ideas to move themselves forward. I like that people I have read for tell me that after a reading they feel so much more confident and clearer about things.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I have always had a huge interest in what makes people 'tick'. I always want to know why people do and say certain things, why they behave in certain ways or hold certain beliefs. I have various Counselling qualifications (Recognised within the UK) and by studying Counselling it helped me to understand certain behaviours in others. (Whilst making it clear to my clients and having professional boundaries in place, I use counselling skills within my readings to help the client get the best from a reading; through the use of open questions, empathy, and genuine rapport) so no counselling is being received, but the client benefits from my use of known counselling skills practice. I am sensitive and can be quiet and shy at times, but also don't mind a bit of flirting now and again.... typical Scorpio there! I have a real interest in Astrology and also used to be fascinated by True Life Crime.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

In my late teens, early twenties, then life takes over, so I didn't pursue it, only ever as a hobby. I would return to it from time to time and it’s something I have always loved. People then began to ask me for readings, but I always kept it quite quiet that I did readings and never asked for payment. It was the positive feedback and encouragement that persuaded me that I should possibly charge and do this in a professional capacity. I also went to a few different readers to 'compare' myself, my reading style and abilities; from my being a person who is quite good at not saying what they are good at (!)......I realised and know that I am actually a very insightful Card reader, and always keen to develop.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I have had readings where clients become very emotional and tearful and become overwhelmed, I have had readings where I have given very clear details of things that have happened within a client’s life. In honesty, once I have done a reading, its 'gone', I won’t remember it or hold onto it.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have various counselling qualifications I have studied Reiki I practise meditation The above helps with energy and being open to what is given and having a clear headspace. With the Counselling qualifications it enables me to use listening skills to provide an empathic space and to encourage a client to feel they are not being 'judged' I have also experienced extreme grief after the loss of both my parents and know what it is to feel alone, as some clients who use this service may too.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To come to a reading with an open mind, to know that you will receive clarity, insight, comfort, empowerment and also a reading is to be enjoyed. A reader has nothing to prove.

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What our customers say about Robin

Very lovely reader x

- Anon

22nd October 2023

Absolutely outstanding! thank you for an amazing reading, very gifted, Robin is so lovely, one of the best on safa . going to be very popular and very busy , i knew she would be brulliant, and she was as !! lots of love xxxxxx

- Anon

27th September 2023

oh thank you so much Robin for my beautiful reading! Robin is so gifted and very connected to spitit , she is going to be very busy on sofa, heart ot gold, very calm, very kind and i am very grateful to get a chance to have a reading with her, loads of validations, instatly knew the situation, answers any questions instantly, lots of love xxxx

- Anon

27th September 2023

Had a reading with Robin today 26/8/2023. She described the person and situation so accurately. Really pleased with the reading and would recommend her. Thank you Robin.

- Nick

26th August 2023

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