How Compatible is Leo & Scorpio?

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You have chosen to reveal the love compatibility between
Leo and Scorpio.

A relationship between these two signs is destined to be intense and dramatic, and you will find each other both irresistible and infuriating in equal measure. You are complete opposites in many ways, but you also have a lot more in common than you may initially realise. Scorpio craves love and affection, and proud Leo loves to be admired; you go out of your way to please each other, and are very loyal, to the point of possessiveness. Leo loves the limelight, whereas shy, secretive Scorpio prefers to stay behind the scenes; this could be a winning combination. You both have a powerfully intense sexual appetites and a Scorpio will waste no time moving things to the bedroom, which suits passionate Leo just fine. This combination is an extremely romantic one and if you can work through your issues together, then you'll probably mate for life.